Financial Aid

The Mosby Foundation would very much like to help all that apply for financial assistance however, this is simply not possible. Our program is overwhelmed with applications and has limited funding making it impossible to assist to all that apply. Additionally, funding limits us to helping one individual, family, or rescue to one time only.


We simply DO NOT have the funds for the following:

  1. Diagnostics, testing , CT scans or x-rays.
  2. General and/or routine veterinary care (examples: vaccinations, office visits, blood work, testing, dental cleanings)
  3. Treatment that has already been performed. If your dog has already had surgery, been treated, etc., we do not help with those incurred vet bills.

We are not equipped to respond to emergency situations and urge you to search elsewhere if you find your pup is in a life/death situation requiring immediate medical attention.

It is our requirement that all dogs we help be spayed/neutered prior to our providing financial assistance. In rare cases when physically possible, this can be done at the same time as the needed medical treatment IF the treating veterinarian will perform the sterilization at the same price as a low cost spay/neuter clinic. Additionally, it is our requirement that all dogs in the family must have been sterilized or are scheduled to be spayed or neutered in the near future. We understand that due to medical concerns not all dogs can be sterilized. In those cases we require confirmation directly from the attending veterinarian.

The application MUST be filled out entirely before we can consider you for any financial aid assistance.

Click here for pre-application

Additionally, here is a list of other resources that may be able to assist you with your pup’s care:

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