Einstein – Palm Bay, FL

     Thank you so much for your kind words. Einstein passed early in the morning on Saturday. He just couldn’t handle the chemotherapy. I’m going to be posting a link and asking my friends and family to donate to your organization, as you were the only organization of over 30 that even responded to my […]

Buster – Middlefield, OH

I would first like to say thank you so much for your donation. My parents are wonderful people and definitely need all the help they can get. Animals are so much a part of their lives and helping save the life of Buster will definitely help them emotionally.  Again, thank you for your kind donation. […]

Abby – Newtonville, MA

Oh my goodness!  I am in tears, and just incredibly grateful!!! Abby’s surgery is scheduled to take place on February 23rd…. I am touched beyond words by this generous assistance. Bless you, Carrie Jasper Newtonville, MA

Gracie Mae – San Bernadino, CA

I cant not express my gratitude enough for your foundations help in this very difficult time in my family’s life. I am beyond greatfull. Thank you very much I will be scheduling her surgery very soon and will let you know the date. Again I can not thank you wonderful people enough. I hope to […]

Love by Any Other Name

Love By Any Other Name The names and location in this story have been changed to protect the family’s privacy. Wayne, his wife Mary, and their 12-year- old son, Josh, had had enough. After 18 months of promises, it was time for their 28-year-old nephew, Cal, to move out. The busy family of three had […]

Beau’s New Frontier

Beau’s New Frontier Eastpoint, FL Patches of white clouds skitter across an endless blue Florida sky, high and wispy. It’s exactly the kind of sky you expect to see at the beach. You’ll find generations of family-owned markets that sell fresh seafood and brochures that boast the area has a heart as big as the […]

Zeke – Ft. Collins, CO

Update: 8-15-16 Hi there, I wanted to share an update.  Zeke is now 7 years old.  When he was 1 The Mosby Foundation along with their amazing donors allowed us to give Zeke the gift of surgery to relieve his pain caused by hip dysplasia.  The left ball joint was removed.  Zeke did great for […]

Kaiya’s Recovery

Dear Mosby Foundation, I am writing to inform you of Kaiya’s progress post surgery. We had applied for funds from you because Kaiya was diagnosed with Adrenal Cancer after finding a tumor on her left adrenal gland. Due to the tumor she also had Cushing’s Disease, which caused some hair loss, bulging of her stomach, […]

Fiasco – Georgetown, TX

Update: 3/8/16 Thank you so very much for the newsletter. I enjoyed seeing all the dogs and dog owners The Mosby Foundation has helped. Fiasco is doing very well. Before Fiasco was diagnosed with cancer his favorite thing to do was chase squirrels in the back yard He lived for that. I watched him chase […]

Jack – Durango, CO

Dear Mosby Foundation, When Jack was first diagnosed with cancer things looked grim and he was given only a month to live.  Because of loving people like you he is happily hiking, playing and living life to it’s fullest.  I just wanted you to know that you have made a huge difference in our lives, because Jack is still […]

Hachi’s Miracle

San Jose, CA The woman was gaunt with a face haggard from a lifetime of self-inflicted abuse. She stood on the Wal-Mart parking lot holding a basket of Shi-Tzu/Tibetan Spaniel mix puppies. Marie knew the puppies would be cute; puppies are always cute. But all those faces staring up at her like a bunch of […]

Rags to Riches Dogs

Hinton, WV The animal control officer called Summers County Humane Society for help. An owner had relinquished a mixed breed mother dog, part cattle dog and part hound, and her eight puppies. According to the former owner, a snake had bitten one of the puppies. Just eight weeks old, her jaw was swollen. When the humane society […]


Dear Mosby Foundation, We’d like to thank-you for your donation to Donnie & Dora Fisher, toward Ginger’s surgery. I can’t express all of our gratitude enough. She had her surgery yesterday evening, and is back at home recovering, & doing well. I helped them with a few names and numbers for helping, and you guys […]

Sunny – Pen Argyl, PA

Update on Sunny: I cannot thank you all enough for your support!  I also would like to thank Petco and Blue Buffalo for their generous donation.  Words cannot express my appreciation.   Thank you again for everything! Sincerely, Samantha & Sunny Pen Argyl, PA                

Marco – Columbus, OH

Thank you so much for your help with Marcos surgery! His surgery went very well and after 3 days in the hospital I finally got to bring him home today! He is going to be just fine and will now be able to live a full happy life! Thank you so much!