Help for Patrick & Nalah

  Please Help Patrick & Nalah This Family Desperately Needs Our Help The Love Story of Patrick & Nalah – Manchester, CT — Nalah is the beloved service dog of Pat McCaffrey who suffers from a multitude of profound medical issues. Sweet Nalah had a terrible adverse reaction to prednisone that has resulted in pancreatitis […]

Help for Bear – Lynchburg, VA

  1/15/16 – Update on Bear. Bear’s surgery went very well. His second leg was a little worse than his first, but the doctor was able to repair all of the damage. He has quite an extensive rehab program, but I believe that the worst is behind us and it is all uphill from here. […]

Kaiya’s Recovery

Dear Mosby Foundation, I am writing to inform you of Kaiya’s progress post surgery. We had applied for funds from you because Kaiya was diagnosed with Adrenal Cancer after finding a tumor on her left adrenal gland. Due to the tumor she also had Cushing’s Disease, which caused some hair loss, bulging of her stomach, […]

Fiasco – Georgetown, TX

Fiasco goes for his second chemo treatment Wednesday (11/25/15). He is doing very well and is the highlight of my life. The chemo makes him sick for a few days but that is to be expected. I want to thank you and the Mosby Foundation again for your donation to my efforts to save Fiasco’s life. […]

Jack – Durango, CO

Dear Mosby Foundation, When Jack was first diagnosed with cancer things looked grim and he was given only a month to live.  Because of loving people like you he is happily hiking, playing and living life to it’s fullest.  I just wanted you to know that you have made a huge difference in our lives, because Jack is still […]

Hachi’s Miracle

San Jose, CA The woman was gaunt with a face haggard from a lifetime of self-inflicted abuse. She stood on the Wal-Mart parking lot holding a basket of Shi-Tzu/Tibetan Spaniel mix puppies. Marie knew the puppies would be cute; puppies are always cute. But all those faces staring up at her like a bunch of […]

Rags to Riches Dogs

Hinton, WV The animal control officer called Summers County Humane Society for help. An owner had relinquished a mixed breed mother dog, part cattle dog and part hound, and her eight puppies. According to the former owner, a snake had bitten one of the puppies. Just eight weeks old, her jaw was swollen. When the humane society […]


Dear Mosby Foundation, We’d like to thank-you for your donation to Donnie & Dora Fisher, toward Ginger’s surgery. I can’t express all of our gratitude enough. She had her surgery yesterday evening, and is back at home recovering, & doing well. I helped them with a few names and numbers for helping, and you guys […]