Sherman – Moses Lake, WA

Update: 10/23/17

We are so EXCITED to share an update on Sherman Gepherd the Service Dog He is celebrating day 6 after a very successful surgery! The doctors said everything went as planned and he is on his way to recovery! Thank you so much to all of our generous donors who helped this guy receive his carpal valgus limb deformity surgery so that he can live out a happy and healthy life!! This photo was taken after he received his pink Pasco Police badge! Wishing him a speedy recovery!! ❤️🐶❤️


Hi Folks,

This one has touched us deeply. This woman and her family have gone through so much in only a few years following a horrific car accident caused by a drunk driver. Now, unfortunately, their service dog needs our help. Sherman is a Shepherd who needs surgery for Angular limb deformity (Carpal Vulgus) in order to avoid amputation. He is extra special in that not only do his ankle bones bend right and left, they also bend up and down. This family has spent all the funds they have following the accident and they now need help getting this done for their special boy Sherman. Because he is a working dog, Annette takes him to the local dog park every night so he can just run and play with all the other dogs. He is in so much pain he has started snapping at their other animals and simply wants to lay around loaded up on anti-inflammatory meds and pain medication. With this surgery, he is expected to regain the full use of his leg and finally be out of terrible pain.

This family has been fundraising and also set up a GoFundMe page. They are doing all they can to get Sherman the help he so badly needs. Will you help this family and their precious dog? They need our help.

Please send your donations, marked “Sherman” to The Mosby Foundation, P.O. Box 218, Deerfield, VA 24432. For PayPal donations, please donate below.

Thank you all so much for helping so many dogs and the families that love them!

Carole Adams
Executive Director/Founder