The Passing Of A Loyal Contributor

Recently, Ellen Bond Schaffer passed away from a courageous battle with ovarian cancer. She was only 65. An animal lover all her life, Ellen was a horticulturist who had an affinity for creating beauty wherever she went.

True to her love for animals, Ellen asked friends to donate in her memory to her charity, The Mosby Foundation. In life, as in death, Ellen continued to demonstrate her caring for animals. Her friends have honored that request, and their generosity has been truly remarkable. 

Sometimes God winks, even in death. He gives us a gentle, playful reminder that love is love. Whether itís in His creation of a dog, a cat, a young boyís hamster, or a human being; love is love.

Thatís why weíre honoring Ellenís beautiful spirit, her love for all of Godís handiwork, and her desire to keep giving even after her passing. She, like the therapy dog, Armani, loved without asking questions.

Thatís why weíre re-naming the Armani Memorial Cancer Fund to the Armani/Schaffer Memorial Cancer Fund. What better way to honor Ellenís love of animals, especially dogs?

With 50% of dogs over 10 years of age now contracting this deadly disease, the challenge of treatment is even greater. We encourage you to contribute to the Armani/Schaffer Memorial Cancer Fund. The need and the love have never been greater.

All donations to this fund will be used to help dogs battle canine cancer.

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