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London 3I want to thank all the fine people at The Mosby Foundation and their wonderful sponsors and contributors for helping my dog London for the operation she needed. She is a 10-year-old rescued Golden Retriever my husband and I adopted from Dallas-Fort Worth Golden Retriever Rescue two years ago. London is the sweetest loving girl anyone could have as a companion. She loves kids and all animals especially the small ones. London is not my pet rather we are her humans and proud of it. She had a mass in the front of her mouth and had six infected teeth that needed to be removed. London was having a difficult time eating and was in pain.

London 1Have not been for the generosity of the The Mosby Foundation we would not been able to afford to have the mass and teeth removed. Now she is doing great and can eat without any problems and acts like a puppy. We can tell she feels much better and enjoys playing with her sisters: Mija,a Chihuahua, and Misty, a Pekingese, who are also rescued dogs.  Once again thank you from our heart and soul!

Mark & Laura Richardson

Thank You’s


Today is an exciting day! It’s Libby’s Chemo Graduation Day!
Thank you so much for your support!

— Matt and Lacy, Orange Park, FL

Thanks from Sybil and BillyBilly

First let me thank you again for The Mosby Foundation’s generous grant to help with Billy’s surgery.

Surgery took an hour longer than they had anticipated, but went very well. Billy came home last night and even though on medications was whining a lot during the night (We have him in a kennel in the bedroom with us to keep an eye and ear on him.) He drank and ate last night and again this morning. I was able to give him pills (antibiotics and pain meds) in a few pieces of cheese…so that was taken care of without stressing him. I sit and talk and sing a silly “Billy Billy” song to him….He tries to wag his tail but the discomfort stops him after a moment….Breaks my heart.Billy

Attached are pictures before we went to the hospital yesterday (Billy knew something was up and was very nervous the whole way there as if he could tell something different was up….) and after the surgery this morning.

I am glad it is over and am just awaiting pathology from the University of AZ Veterinary Diagnostic Lab…really good place…within 5-7 days. Hold a good thought for this poor baby.


AletrisThanks from Michelle and Aletris!

Thank you so much for your donation and support. You helped Aletris start her Cancer treatments. We are so very grateful. We love what you do.

Tuesday Aletris had her first Immunotherapy Injection for the Oral Malignant Melanoma she was diagnosed with recently. She was a brave and courageous girl. We are back at home. I am staying brave and courageous as well. Thanks to all the love and support. Keep it coming.

Within all this with her health and mine…We are still working on a lot to get through all this and move closer to family and friends. So all the good thoughts,vibes, visions, prayers, love and such are asked of and welcome. Thank you….more please!!!

—Gerlach, NV

CaliCali is doing good 🙂 she is still in some pain, but I have noticed her using her leg a little more than she has for the past 6 months, so I am sure once we go for her follow up to get sutures out and get exercises she will be back to normal in no time.  Thanks for helping us so much!!!!  We could not have done it without the Mosby foundation.  I am enclosing a picture taken last Friday when she came home. Thank You! — Ashleigh & Cali, Staunton, VA


Thank you from Jack and our family for your help! — Jack Ofiara, Amsterdam, NY

ZoeHello Mosby! Just dropping by to say hi and let you know that Zoe is doing great! It’s been 4 weeks since surgery… Her doc is great and gives her a new color cast every time! Saw himZoe today and he thinks she will be in cast for 4 more weeks, then if X-rays look good she’ll wear a soft wrap for 2 weeks, then remove the plate and wear a hard cast for 4 weeks and then she’ll be done! It’s been a long journey, but she’s been stylish all the way! Thank you again!! — Stefanie San Angelo, TX


We are so thankful and overwhelmed by The Mosby Foundation!  The gift of life from total strangers is just breathtaking and restores one’s faith in humanity as a whole. He isn’t just a dog, and you believe in him, and us.  We are clearly on the right track. I said it before, THANK YOU ISN’T ENOUGH!! — Kristy & Aspen, Maumelle, AR — Note from Mosby………Aspen is going in for a total hip replacement on Thursday 1-22-15.  Please wish him well!

Hi Mosby! I wanted to say thank you again for helping me pay for Dakotas surgery! She is doing pretty good since I picked her up. I attached a couple pictures of her! Thank you again! — Samantha, Manhattan, KS

Dakota Dakota DAkota
Brick Brick Brick

When Brick was very young, I thought he was strangely lazy; he hardly walk, didn’t jump around.  By the time he was about 7 months, it was clear something was wrong. At ten months old Brick was in constant pain, walked with small careful steps, and whimpered all the time. After consulting two Vets, x-rays, we were referred to a specialist who said it would be best for him to be put down soon if we didn’t get one of his hips repaired. We gathered all our resources but came up short on the down payment.  This is where Mosby came in; thankfully you donated the remaining due and the rest is history! Brick is now a very active, bouncy, happy boy;  He plays the way he should have as a pup.  Thank you.
Carin Stein
Caldwell, IdahoChloe

Just wanted to let you guys know Chloe had her surgery and she is doing excellent! The vet removed three rather large stones a little smaller than a marshmallow and like two very tiny ones. I have attached photos of her and the stones. I would again like to thank the organization for donating the funds towards her surgery. Words cannot express how grateful we truly are. It blew my mind that total strangers would help me out. You guys have restored my dwindling faith in the generosity of mankind. I will forever be grateful.

With a heartfelt thank you,
Rhonda and Chloe
New Orleans, LA



Jeanne & Liv
Costa Mesa, CA



Dear Mosby Foundation, I will always be grateful for your help with ridding Sadie of heartworms. Sadie is such an awesome friend to me, she is as close to perfect as can be. Without your help, I don’t know what we would have done. Take care, and thank you for your compassion and mercy. — Gwen & Sadie, Savannah, GA



AspenWe wanted someway to show you just how much we appreciated all of the help in saving Aspen’s life! His rehab has been pretty intense, but he is now out of pain, stronger, and so much happier!  Darlene, you are a special person working for a special organization and we were lucky and blessed to fall under your angel wings when we needed it most! — Thank You! Kristy & Aspen, Maumelle, AR


Aspen Aspen Aspen