Hachi’s 1 Year Anniversary

11-3-15 — Today is 1yr this little handsome Furbaby was given another opportunity at life… After almost 9hrs of surgery- he has made such a remarkable recovery that he is considered a miracle!!! #ThankYouUCDAVIS #ThankYouTHEMOSBYFOUNDATION #ThankYouSheriMeyer

Fiasco Update

Fiasco had his first chemotherapy treatment Monday (11/2/15). All went well and he has minimal side effects from the treatment. He is scheduled for a second treatment November 28th. God Bless you all and the Mosby Foundation! Have a Blessed Day! Alex Baldwin Georgetown, TX

Fill the Doghouse

We would love your donation or help in volunteering on this fun day! Join us at Petco in Staunton, VA on November 14 from 9am to 4pm. All donations will help the animals!

Help for George – Mansfield, TX

Update: 9-30-15 I just wanted to give you an update on George. He is feeling a lot better after his surgery. He still is not back to normal but I think he will be with in a few days. He actually ran outside today and didn’t fall over. We are all so excited to have […]

Help for Beau – Eastpoint, FL

Update: 10.13.15 The news for Beau is outstanding and unprecedented!  Last week was a whirlwind!  We arrived in Gainesville on Tuesday for Beau’s pre-op appointment and met with the Cardio team to discuss the procedure, expected outcomes and Beau’s pre-surgery examine.  Wednesday morning the day of Beau’s surgery seemed to come to quickly, as we […]

In Memory Of Ella “Ms Gant”

I wanted to let you know, I lost Ella to bloat last Monday. I have just not been able to write until now. I miss her so badly. She went every where with me. It was 2 am and I got up and went into the restroom. Ella was very comfortable in her bed half […]

If They Could See Me Now

Augusta, Va In the quiet of an extremely cold Saturday, three Mosby volunteers, Carole Adams, Carol Jackson and Pat Grizzel, stood at the front door of a run down house. It was a rural area of Virginia that had its own code. Outsiders were not welcome, especially if they were asking all the right questions. […]

Ruby Two Shoes – San Mateo, CA

What kind of dog goes with you everywhere? The best kind, of course! And Ruby Two Shoes, a seven-pound Yorkshire Terrier, is the best kind of dog.   She’s been with Erin and her daughter, Alexis, since she was a pup. When Alexis competed in gymnastic competitions in high school, Ruby was there, cheering her […]


I want to thank The Mosby Foundation for being a bright spot in a dark time for me and my beautiful girl Coconut. Dealing with Lymphoma , and having to let it be such a big part of our lives is no way to live. We try to just look forward. Your kindness and generosity […]


Just wanted to update you on Zoey. Your group paid for her cataract removal surgery. She continues to do amazing and as you can see in the picture she helps me train our fosters. Love you guys and thank you for helping my girl!!

Quincey – Williams Bay, WI

Five years ago I went through a divorce and wanted a dog to have as a companion and to help me feel safe in my home (someone had broken into my apartment one night twenty years before while I was sleeping) since my ex was taking his dog with him. I went with my son, […]

Bear – Villa Ridge, IL

We picked Bear up from the vet yesterday. He isn’t feeling great, but he is still his sweet self and he is getting the royal treatment as you’ll see in the other pictures! Thanks to you and The Mosby Foundation for helping us get our boy the treatment he needed to live a long healthy […]


My name’s Melissa Albino and last year your foundation gave us a grant to help my sweet Cosmo! He was diagnosed with Lymphoma. We had 9 great months together post-diagnosis! But… I’m afraid I have some bad news. On July 7th, Cosmo passed away. The cancer was causing him so much pain, he had stopped […]

Wilber – Siloam Springs, AR

My emotional support animal for my anxiety attacks. He’s saved my life more than once 💕 no one can understand what it’s like to depend on another creature until you have to. And the Mosby Foundation helped me save his life two years ago smile emoticon will never be able to repay you for that.

The World To Me

In Loving Memory Of Miracle Molly Greenville, Virginia In 2008, a community opened its heart to a local family whose house burned to the ground. The couple, Eddie and Sandy Smith, survived but three cats perished, and their dog, Molly, almost lost her life, too. Curled up in a heap, singed and smoking, firefighters saved […]

Cancer Survivor: Just in Time

Valley Village, CA   Emma, a twelve-year-old Golden Retriever, was Melanie’s steadfast companion. She had been with Melanie through some of the toughest situations that life had thrown at her. When her marriage ended, Emma was the one who felt her tears.   The week her divorce became final, Melanie’s father also passed away. Again, […]