Mosby’s Mail Archive

Mosby’s Mail Summer 2017

Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the grant for Jarvis’s leg amputation.  Jarvis had his surgery and I’ve been hoping his fur would grow back so
we’d have some cute photos to send you soon, hence the delay. It’s still a
little bald but he is fully recovered and able to resume his typical doggy
life style. Jarvis has always loved hiking, and now that he is no longer in
pain, he is even more confident during our hikes. He hiked 5 miles
yesterday! So many people were stopping to say hi to him and commend his
efforts up the steep parts.

Thank you thank you thank you!
Jenni Robinson
Fort Collins, CO


Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you !!!

We’ll get Romeo on the surgery schedule ASAP for his CCl..

 Thank you again…God bless you guys

 Mike Elliott
Northeast, MD 


I just wanted to send you guys a quick message. This is Bear. You all helped him receive his Heartworm Treatment in January. Since having his procedure, Bear has been such a happy dog! It’s as if he knows what happened and has an entire new look at life! He’s started Doggie Day Care which he loves. He enjoys going on walks, visiting the park, chasing squirrels and the neighborhood cats and he is getting over his fear of water. He still loves naps and snuggles and he has a mommy and daddy that are happy to oblige. He’s went on three big road trips and we see more happening soon! None of that would’ve been possible without you all and the help that you blessed us with. I know that Bear is thankful but I am beyond thankful. Thank you guys so much.

Jackson, MO



Dear Mosby Friends,

It has been nearly seven weeks since Wink’s last operation at Texas A&M. During this procedure, a fourth stent was placed in Wink’s right nasal passage. As you may know, Wink only has one nasal passage and it’s basically man-made. His left side was damaged so severely that it was inoperable. It continues to be blocked by hardened tissue and bone. 

Our goal for this most recent procedure was to hold the right nasal passage open and to block strictures, or blockages, from forming. Over the last few weeks, Wink has dealt with excess mucus production and mucus plugs that have restricted his air flow. Although he has had a difficult few weeks, I’m happy to report that he is improving with time. This morning, I woke to a dog who was sleeping comfortably and breathing through his nose! He is also smelling everything in sight! This is the BEST Mother’s Day gift I could imagine.

I’m excited to see what the future holds for Wink. Because of your support, he has the potential to lead a normal life. Thank you will never be enough.

Your friend,
Kim Smith
Raymond, MS


Ginger had successful surgery last Wednesday.  I got her home Friday night and she is a whole new dog.  She sure is happy to be alive.  She can lift her head again and wags her tail like the professional tail wagger she is.  She is heavily medicated three times a day and snores like a pig.  It is good to have her home again and not have to watch her panting in agony.

I can’t thank you all enough for helping out financially with this.  

Thanks again,
Holly Zepp
Washington DC


Sampson and I want to Thank You and The Mosby Foundation from the bottom of our hearts for your love and support. Sampson is back on solid food and doing much better. Personally, Sampson is more than just my companion, you might say my survival depends on him. My health and mobility became compromised by a series of chronic conditions. I’ve been in a motorized wheel chair for the last ten years. Sampson provides me with life-changing assistance so that I can maintain a productive and positive quality of life, despite my hardships. He comforts me. He makes me smile and laugh all the time. He always loves me unconditionally. As my service dog, Sampson helps to calm me down when I am having a really bad Tourette Syndrome episode. He also helps manage my Diabetes by alerting me when I have low blood sugar. He will nudge me towards the refrigerator and then watch me until I have enough juice to elevate my blood sugar level. Also, because I am deaf in my right ear and hard of hearing in my left ear, I taught Sampson American Sign Language so we can better communicate with one another. He lets me know when someone is at the door or when the phone rings. Sampson is more than just my dog. He is my family and I love him dearly. So, once again Thank You for helping me and my family.

Kenneth and Sampson Bryant
San Diego, CA



It’s been a year! One crazy hectic year but Koda is a champ, 4 ribs down and he doesn’t skip a beat. I sometimes have to tell him to be gentle when he plays with his brother but  I think that’s me being overprotective. I could never have asked for a better outcome. You would never know he had surgery. He doesn’t have any muscle spasms anymore and hasn’t had any pain in months. We go for car rides all the time sometimes just for errands, but they love it. For Memorial Day they went to their grandparents house and got to play with their cats.

I could never thank you guys enough for all the memories I’ve had since his surgery and so many more to come. 

Thank you!!!!!
Erica and Koda
Cartersville, GA



Zelda Mae received a grant last year and with your help she had the surgery she needed to remove a tumor from her thyroid gland. Its been a year since she received the diagnosis while having bladder stones surgery and 8 months since her thyroid surgery. The peace of mind we have this year with Zelda’s health is so far removed from the stress, worry, and fear from a year ago. Zelda thanks you, her kennel mate Brodi thanks you, but most of all I thank you! I had little hope that anyone would take a chance on an older dog with health concerns, but you guys did and I’m humbled daily from the hope and support The Mosby Foundation gave us!

All my love and thanks,
Sarah Miller
Sacramento, CA



We just wanted to send a special thank you to the Mosby foundation for helping us with the additional funds that we needed in order to have Zeus’s surgery!
They successfully removed the large cyst from his arm that had become such a bother to him. (The first picture is him shorty after the surgery with his cone and the second was just today after he finished running and playing with his tennis ball.)

Thanks again!
Wesley Allen & Zeus
Ashville, NC




Hello, I just wanted to thank you for your funds towards Bishop’s mass surgery.  The surgery went well. Bishop’s home recuperating.  We appreciate what you did. without your help Bishop would not have been able to receive his surgery. Bishop and I just want to THANK YOU sincerely from the bottom of our hearts…  some day we hope to be able to donate to your foundation to do what you did for us.

Thanks Again,
Bishop & Helena Ford 
Louisville, KY



I want to once again thank you, but over the weekend Abby’s condition got worse and the pain was to great for her . Yesterday I was forced to put her down. It was the hardest decision I have ever made. I love her so much that I or she could not go through the pain anymore . Thank you for all your help and for the willingness to help. Out of all this tragedy I have experienced in the last 3 months your foundation was so easy and kind to work with. The foundation stood out over everyone I met along this painful journey and I took great comfort  in knowing you were there for us. I’m deeply sorry things ended up this way but I know she is in heaven with her dad right now running, eating everything she can. I made the right decision for her and I.

Thank You,
Michelle Rice
Golden Valley, MN




Hurley has been wonderfully active since his surgery (removal of 2 skin masses: benign).  Your financial assistance was (and still is) deeply appreciated.

Thank you for helping my precious service dog,
Brenda Lippe
Glendale, AZ




I am so sorry that it has taken so much time for me to say Thank You but Missy’s surgery was a little longer than expected and her recovery time was longer also.  She had a total of three tumors removed and lots of blood loss.  She had to stay over night which I was not expecting.  

   I wanted to explain my relationship with her to you.  She is what I call a throw away dog.  My son was on drugs at the time he got  her.  All he ever wanted was a pit bull , but not knowing how to care for her.  I ended up with her and would not allow him to take her with him anywhere.  I did not realize what she meant to me until I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.  Now we both need each other more than ever and thanks to your generosity I now will have  some time with her.  She is 11 years old and I know that time is not on her side but she deserved a better quality of life and now she has it.   She is playful and frisky and is able to move so much better.  So again thank you!

Melanie P
Reno, NV



Thank you so much for your help with Bosco!  He is doing so well and is ready to get back to his usual routine…playing with the kids, looking out for the school bus, chasing bears, and scaring away coyotes.  He wouldn’t be the same without your help.  You all are wonderful.

Thank you!
Ryan Cassidy
Stateline, NV




I cannot thank you enough!!! We were truly running out of options.  The Mosby Foundation is a god send!!!

Thank you so much!! If there is anything I can do to help TMF, please let me know. I’m going to continue to raise awareness for K9 cancer on my new Facebook page, “Buddy’s Buds.”

Thank you again!!! You really have no idea what this means to us!!

Samantha and Buddy
Merrillville, IN




Mosby’s Mail Spring 2017

I just want to reach out and once again, thank you and The Mosby Foundation for the wonderful things you do to help animals in need.  Clearly, you and your team get great things done every day. Of all the organizations we donate to, The Mosby Foundation is truly making a difference! (Thank You!) Please accept this donation with “Thanks” from the Domino’s team!

Have a Great Day!
Ray Sellers
Commonwealth Pizza, Inc
Staunton, VA


When I went to the shelter 5 years ago, I was looking for anything but a Pit bull mix. Being so young and inexperienced, I naively believed their stereotype. But I couldn’t ignore this enigmatic creature barking in a cage with three other dogs. It was literally stifling in the Orlando, Florida shelter and to make matters worse, she was clearly sick with a cold or flu. But despite these seemingly debilitating circumstances, this particular Pit girl had devised a plan. Every time the automatic water feeder filled up, she’d frantically paw inside of it, creating showers of water flying in all directions, effectively drenching herself. She was a canine survival guide on four legs. Upon closer inspection, I found a bright, brown eyed dog gazing back at me from behind the metal wires that separated us. Her gaze revealed absolute attentiveness, intelligence, and the utmost capacity for love. In that moment I realized two things, I was wrong about Pitbulls and she (Zoey) and I would be inseparable from that moment on.

That is a very generous grant you gave us!   For the first time I feel hopeful!  We simply can’t thank The Mosby Foundation, Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo enough for helping us with Zoey’s cancer surgery.

Warmest Regards,
Ayla & Zoey Hale
Orlando, FL

Today we are celebrating Freya’s 2nd birthday.  Because of your generous help towards her radiation treatment, for oral carcinoma, we have hope that we will be able to enjoy many more birthdays with her. 🙂 

Her tumor has shrunk dramatically over the last few weeks since her treatment ended.  It’s now barely visible and continues to get smaller every day.  We thank you again so much for your help!  

Leigh, Nate, Andrew and Freya
Lynwood, WA


Bea’s surgery has been scheduled.  I’m happy and scared all at once.  It certainly will give me more time to desensitize Bea to being in a crate—she’s terrified of them.  We have some work ahead of us.  Bea didn’t have any training (this would include potty training) when I adopted her three years ago.  She was just a terrified little button!  She now only has to wear “britches” when I’m away from the house and those are dry when I return at least 90% of the time.   I’m so proud of her!  But that is just the tip of the iceberg for Ms. Bea.  This surgery will provide her with a long life to learn more exciting things, give her time to gain confidence and have long happy years.  Currently, she’s just breaking even with the amount of sad years to happy years.

Thank you SO MUCH for your willingness to help us!!  I look forward to sending you progress reports.

Hugs to you, from me and most of all, Ms. Beatrice.
Shelli Taylor  
Lafayette, IN

Thank you again for all your help with helping Raina be able to get her knee surgery! Raina is recovering well from surgery and is home and resting comfortably! This just means the world to us that she was able to get this done. Thank you again so much!

Thank you,
Lindsay Royce
Churchville, NY 


There are no words.  The Mosby Foundation is a god send!!!!!   I (we) cannot thank you enough!

Again, thank you for all your time and assistance with my Little Guy.  You made my day (and his).  All I want (since he is old and was on the E list) is for his remaining (fingers crossed) years to be comfortable, and you are helping make that happen.  This appreciation is not even scratching the surface as to what I feel.  As I stated earlier, there are no words.  I am forever grateful, to you and your board.  You are truly awesome!

Thank you,
Meg Ryan
Phoenix, AZ


I just wanted to let you know that Cirrus had her surgery and I’m very pleased to report that surgery went very well, and she’s doing great! In order to remove all traces of the mammary tumor and perform a hysterectomy, she was in surgery for 3 1/2 hours. Dr. Lashley said she did fine with the anesthesia
and her heart rate was strong and steady throughout the operation.

I cannot express the deep appreciation and relief I feel as a direct result
of the help you wonderful folks at the Mosby Foundation are giving us. Thank
you doesn’t begin to say it… Nevertheless, THANK YOU!!

Jennifer & Cirrus
Belleville, IL


Good Saturday morning! I hope you have a great weekend! Your call certainly blessed us yesterday! I would like to let the board members know how much we appreciate what they have done. Because of them and their generosity, compassion and heart, Precious will be able to get the vet care she needs in both February and March. She is my Precious, my sweet senior girl who, since starting this medicine, has begun to feel and play like she did years ago. That makes all the trials and worry worthwhile knowing she will live a full, quality life because of this treatment. We are grateful for The Mosby Foundation, their donors, and to Darlene. We want to pay it forward when we re-coop from all that this year has brought us so far.

Sending love and hugs to all our new friends and family!
Tammy & Precious
Mansfield, AR


Thank you for your generous donation towards my dog Penelope’s surgery!   These are some pictures after the removal of 3 masses. 

Thank you!!!
Ruth Clausen
Warpide, WV



I cannot begin to express my heartfelt appreciation to The Mosby Foundation.  The past 10 years has been incredibly difficult for us with significant medical issues, extended unemployment and the loss of our home.  This is the best thing to happen to us in a long, long time.  My God bless you all!

Forever grateful,
Mesa, AZ


Thank you again for the help with Cooper’s surgery……I am so grateful!  He is doing pretty good, aside from all the “snot”!!!  He means the world to me…and you have something to do with that!! 

Katie Brinker
North Saint Paul, MN



I’m picking up Callie from the vet, and I just want to say THANK YOU again. You don’t know how appreciative I am for you and The Mosby foundation! You all are heaven sent!

Tiana Smith,
College Park, GA



We are very grateful for your assistance towards Kona’s surgery. Your organization is amazing and we cannot wait to share progress photos with you. My husband is so happy to know Kona (his service dog) will be able to work for him again soon! We cannot thank you enough! 

Thank you Mosby Foundation!!!
Savanna Williams
Creola, AL


Hi!  I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping Raven.  You will never know how much this meant to me, but especially my daughter.  I am going to try and repay your foundation a little at a time when I could. Have a wonderful weekend!

Beth Collette
Mokena, IL



I was looking on-line and saw a site down the list of hits for The Mosby Foundation, and I saw a rating site for non-profits.  You guys got nothing but 5/5 stars and some wonderful comments about how much you help, how sweet you are, how you follow up, how you make suggestions for other support, how quickly you get back to people when they first contact you —  things I experienced, too.  It all makes a difference, especially when people are so worried about their furry friends.

Thanks for being there.

Nancy Coates
Mission, KS


Hi…Wanted to thank you and the foundation for your financial help with Buddy getting his surgery.  Although it was delayed a week, needed a sonogram to pinpoint the parathyroid gland with the growth, he is recovering well.  Was dazed and confused a few days after the surgery but is getting back to normal.   I have posted on Facebook about his surgery and mentioned the foundation, requesting if anyone would like to donate to please go to your website.  Not sure if anything will come out of it but I hope so.  Once again I can’t express enough how we are so grateful for your kindness and financial support.  Buddy is smiling and feeling much better.  A happy dog makes for an even happier owner.  Looking forward to the day we are able to maybe help someone else out. 

John and Buddy Walls
Annandale, VA


Thank you so very much — you have made our day!!  

Chase is doing wel, though we still have to keep him completely immobilized, but he’s handling it like a champ, even though I know he must be so tired of sitting in a carrier all day.  He loves his potty break walks, though he is a holy terror with his cone, running into everything and everyone in his excitement at simply being able to MOVE. 

Thank you again, our family appreciates everything your organization has done for fur babies as well as all you will do for them in the future. 

Take care,
Lynelle Medley
Muskogee, OK


Words can’t express my gratitude! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Coco had her surgery today and is doing well. I will be eternally grateful for your foundation’s help. I know of one donation to Mosby Foundation made because I told my story and I hope many more to come. If my circumstances ever change you will be my first thought. I keep you in my prayers.

Coco also said to tell you thank you for helping her!! 🙂

Debra Trevino,
Las Vegas, NV


Thank you so much for helping me and my baby, Buttons, to get the care he desperately needed. I was so overwhelmed yesterday when I spoke to you. I am so very grateful. Without you my baby would not have been able to get his care. Your organization is wonderful and what you do for our loved fur babies is absolutely amazing! I am glad that I had the pleasure of speaking with you, maybe one day Buttons and I could meet you.

With much gratitude,
Virginia Chavez
Harrisonburg, VA

Mosby’s Mail Winter 2017

This is the best news! Thank you so much for pledging Zelda this grant. I couldn’t be more grateful and humbled by this!

With the warmest thanks,
Sarah and Zelda Mae
Sacramento, CA



It’s been over a year since we discovered that Trudy needed her eyes removed. You folks were instrumental in helping us through these surgeries and I wanted to let you know how vastly Trudys life has improved since removing the source of all her pain. She is a confident

little dog and runs with wild abandon through the fields of Northeast CT, as if she had not a care in the world. Her lack of vision has not slowed her down; in fact the absence of pain has turned her into quite the social butterfly

Thank you for what you did for us, and what you continue to do for pets everywhere.

Natalie Langlois
The Nat Pack

Great news! Sasha is just wonderful. Dr. Fidel came out so happy and showed me the CTs. The tumor seems to be gone, which is something she never saw before. She said it is as if it was never there. She did not expect it to shrink soooo much to the point it is so hard to see anything. She also said it could have been a meningioma, which radiation treats well, but ever that well. Her muscle tone and weight is back.

My wish was to save her and to heal her so I never lose her. My wish came true! Time for a road trip and one more thing done on our bucket list.

I am so thankful and so happy I have no words.

If you are looking for anyone to work there with you I would be thrilled to be part of your foundation which helped my Sasha through her battle with life!

I love you so much! Shae and Sasha Bellingham , WA


Ohl Thank you so much You have no idea what this means to Percy and our family. Your donation will be used for Percy’s second cancer treatment. I will keep you updated on Percy’s rog ess so you will know what you contributed to this little guy’s life!

Best regards,
Newbern, VA

I cannot thank you and The Mosby Foundation enough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Such an amazing thing yall are doing for people who are frantic and worried about their babies!

I promise to make sure to return the favor and pay it forward as best I can! In fact, I’m eyeing a Mosby Foundation calendar.

Thank you so much.

Thank you, thank you, Savannah and Piper Columbia , SC


Mosby’s Mail – Fall 2016


Thank you for your help so very very very very very very very VERYmuch. Today is my lucky day! I just called the dermatologist because I wanted to confirm Kona’s eye ulcer had healed enough for surgery. Thank you for your help so very very very very very very very much.

Deanna Devaney
Roslindale, MD


dante-reininger-gulf-breeze-flA million and one thanks! Dante & I would like to thank you once again. Your kindness meant the world to us. He is managing his chemotherapy very well & you have given us much hope.

Susan & Dante Reininger
Gulf Breeze, FL


Dear Friends,

We are in receipt of and are very grateful for your recent and very generous donation of $1,985 to our humane society’s flood relief and recovery efforts. With your support and the help from around the country, we were able to rescue more than 500 animals from peril. In addition to our rescue efforts on ground, we also provided these much-needed services to the hardest hit communities.

• Set up food and water stations to keep animals alive until we could rescue them

• Operated a pet food band to support families and their pets

• Established a Relief Center for Pets in Amite, a mere 45 minutes from the disaster zone

• Warehoused more than 80 pallets of donated food and delivered them to impacted shelters, rescue groups and individuals

Once more, thank you for contributing to these life-saving efforts and allowing us to help thousands of animals in need.

Sincerely and gratefully yours,
Jeff Dorson
Executive Director
Humane Society of Louisiana



I am so happy to see Sasha being full of life every day and how you helped my baby make it to be alive today. There has never been a day since that I don’t remember and thank God for all the help He sent me through Mosby.

We are doing well, I got a good job finally, so no more sleeping in motels, friends homes, and my car in order to save Sasha. This was a new journey experience for me and has changed my life.

I rented a house for my babies and I am happy when they are happy. I will make an appointment to recheck Sasha for an update on her progress. Sasha is so energetic, so funny and happy to be alive!!!!!

We send you our love!
Shae and Sasha
Seattle, WA


I am horribly remiss in the timeliness of this note. Thank you for the assistance your organization provided to Magnus for his eye surgery. All went well, and he is recovering nicely. I could never have had this surgery done without your generous gift.

June Easton
Eureka Springs, AR



To the Angels of the Mosby Foundation,

Thank you so much for helping us to fund some of Lola’s surgery for her broken jaw. She has a long recovery, but made it through surgery & is expected to make a full recovery. We cannot thank you enough for your quick response to our cries for help. We thank you all so kindly for all that you did to help us, as well as others in our situation.

With our love & God’s blessings,
Sasha, Alrie, Landrie, Lola Doodle, & our entire fur baby family
Mesquite, TX



Madge joined the Heavenly Posse in the sky this afternoon. She can now run, play and wiggle that little tail into infinity. (Her cancer returned rapidly and in 6 days went to the brain..she was never in physical pain).

Special thanks to the Mosby Foundation for making these last 6 months full of joy and fun for Madge and all who love her… May we continue to carry on her sweet legacy of joy/love.

Marie Faulkner
New York, NY



I wanted to share an update. Zeke

is now 7 years old. When he was 1 The Mosby Foundation along with their amazing donors allowed us to give Zeke the gift of surgery to relieve his pain caused by hip dysplasia. The left ball joint was removed. Zeke did great for many years and then this year needed this same surgery done on his left hip. I am so happy to say once again he is back to his playful self.

Christy Mascarenas
Greeley, Co



I finally can sit down and give you an update on Lizzie. She’s doing very well.

She’s making progress every day. The first few days she was still groggy from the anesthesia and pain medications. She’s slow and steady to go outside. Her appetite is great. She is alert and is very aware of her body. She manages to get up and down. I had a few days off after the surgery day so I felt very good to be with her all day and observe and just be with her. While I am at work, my Dad is here and they are such great buddies, he gets her outside to do her business with no problems. She tells us how far she can go.

Yesterday was glorious and she picked a spot on the porch to rest where the sun was beaming down. I took a seat and joined her, and to just be able to sit there with her was magical. We wouldn’t been able to do this without The Mosby Foundation’s support. I am so forever grateful.

With all our love and gratitude,
Lizzie and Kate
Compton, RI


On behalf of the staff and students of House of Hope, we thank you for your donation for the surgical costs for Titus. His operation was a success and he will be coming home soon to stay with foster parents while he recovers.

While our focus and mission is to help our students break the chains of addiction, Titus is also a part of our “family” and your donation helped to ensure that he received the medical care that he desperately needed.

Thank you again for your support and may God bless you as you continue to help others.

Malcolm Mosley
City of Hope International
dba House of Hope of Florida
Wildwood, FL


Carl is doing well. Not a fan too much of the extreme heat, so he’s been lounging a lot lately. But who isn’t?! I hate the heat, too, so he must take after me. He is not loving the adjustment to normal management food after his surgery, so I am still trying to find the right food that suits his physiology and also is one he likes.

Overall, he seems to be quite happy, healthy and playful! He’s been taking a liking to all the new dogs he’s met at the new park.

I just bought my first ever hat (city spirit!) and since I’ve never had one, he keeps looking up at it as if it is some monstrous appendage atop me that doesn’t belong. He tries to often knock it off my head. The other day, I put it on him. He seemed to like it 🙂

Hope you are well!
Bill Fishback,
Kirksville, MO


This is a precious dog that we helped to battle cancer. Rest In Peace Sweet Max.

It breaks my heart to inform you that today July 14, 2016 another wonderful dog lost his fight with cancer. His name Max Veras. The best dog, companion and friend. He died surrounded by his mommy, his step-daddy, his 3 sisters but most of all surrounded with love and the warmest feeling a living being can have that he left this earth in peace.

Max was everything a pet parent could ask and have. But cancer took away everything I wished for him. Thanks for giving me the best 10 months ever. Your donations, help, hopes and best wish did that. Now Max left a legacy of unconditional love and his foot prints will be marked in our hearts for the rest of our lives. This is not a good bye, but I will see you soon and I know you and all my other pets will be by my side when my time comes to cross over and we will be whole again. Rest in Peace my beloved Max.

Kenia Veras Gonzalez
Bronx, NY



Mosby’s Mail Summer 2016

Oreo Sewell4, Lynn, MA

I thank you for your help with Oreo’s double eye surgery. He is so
content now & no longer suffering. He & my family thank you for making it

Thank You,
Hope Sewell
Lynn, MA

Aurora Krouse, Drums, PA

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that Aurora’s surgery went well. She had a huge mass removed. The doctor said she never saw anything like it. They sent it to the lab to find out what it was and to see if it was cancerous. She will get her stitches out in 14 days. She seems lively and happy. Thank you again for all the help from you. God Bless you!

Love Lisa and Steve
Drums, PA

Cody Moclock2, Allentown, PA

OMG!  Thank you so much.  Words cannot express how happy I am for my furbaby Cody!.

Again, thank you so much. It is greatly appreciated!  Cody thanks you too.

Allentown, PA

Boots Pask2, Garden City, MIBoots had her 4th treatment of CCNU last week. Her dosage had to be lowered because of how low her blood count dropped. Her blood count still dropped with a lower dose, but they countered that with antibiotics.  They tried to slightly increase her dose and her blood count plummeted. She went on antibiotics and her count got much better. Overall she is doing well. No evidence of regrowth and she is eating normally and acting fine. She still likes to play and cause trouble. She gets a bit of nausea around day 3-5 after chemo but that is normal. Reglan helps that. Thank you again to The Mosby Foundation for their donation for Bootsie’s care.

Tracey Pask
Garden City, MI

Dillon Cota, Scarborough, ME

Thank you so much for your generous donation! We truly appreciate The Mosby Foundation’s generosity and support through this time. We will be forever grateful for the opportunity you have given to help save our beloved dog, Dillon.

His breed is actually an American Staffordshire Terrier but the vet associates him with the pitbull breed as well.

Again, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for The Mosby Foundation’s support and donation! The world is very fortunate enough to have a foundation like yours to help those who need it.

Thank you,
Kristie McNall
Scarborough, ME

Flea Drennan, Cedar Park, TX

Well, Flea’s check up went really well. Dr. Jill said everything looks good and that he could return to having crunchy treats by Saturday, and in fact she gave him a bag of some of their yummy homemade ones. (She was able to save his very back “chompers”)

Again, I can’t thank you guys enough. You literally helped save my “Little Man’s” life.

Little Man is Flea’s nickname because he acts just like a little gentleman all the time.

Karen & Flea,
Cedar Park, TX



Update on Dezzie, who has severe PDA and a severe issue with a pulmonary valve. I had Dez at the dog park yesterday and she played in the water while running with her dog friends.   Such a big difference since her surgery .  A rottie mix is her bff.  They have such a good time together.

Many thanks-
Michele & Dezzie Kramer
Denver, CO


Just wanted to say hello and let you know that because of The Mosby Foundation and your donors, Fiasco is doing great!!!! He is finally putting on some of the weight he lost after surgery and chemo.
Thank you and have a blessed day!
Alex & Fiasco
Katy, Texas

Hershey Noble5, Grand Rapids, MI

Hershey’s eye and tumor were removed April 27. The tumor was malignant melanoma. We are hoping and praying it was contained within the eye and bone that they removed. He has lost weight. We are hoping it was because he was miserable and in pain. He has lost another 1.1 lbs in the past two weeks. It’s a watch and wait game for a bit. I’ve been boiling chicken, beef, rice, potatoes, etc, and adding it to his food, as well as a muscular- improving crushed supplement I sprinkle on top. Sometimes he eats well; other times not. He wants to walk all the time, maybe restlessness, maybe just happier and feeling better. 🙂 Well, he is for sure feeling better!
Many thanks and God bless you all,

Karrie & Hershey
Grand Rapids, MI


Oh my gosh!Boy does this bring tears to my eyes. Dunk and I are forever thankful and we are looking forward to a healthier future. Thank you so much for such a great gesture, restoring my faith in humanity.

Dunk and Mel
Clifton, NJ

Sasha Morgan3, Seattle, WA

Hello my angels!
Sasha is great and was seen by her regular vet, Dr. Earls last weekend as
planned. She is doing fantastic, no symptoms. She is very alert and normal
again, feisty as usual and crazy playful! We have to be seen for a CT
scan and hopefully there is nothing else left in there other than her pretty
‘End of April it was my birthday and all I had asked God for long ago was my
Sasha with me, and He gave me that! We had an amazing time in Bellingham,
went swimming, running, sitting together watching the sunset and just being
all together with her siblings. Mother’s Day was a delight! I am so blessed
and thank you for all you did for my girly! We love you so much!!!!!!!
You were and always will be our angels, until the day we pass on over the
rainbow, me as well, so thank you!!!
I will be in touch again for updates and continue for life.
I have been through so much all together the last few months. My life
changed from a very stable successful life to homeless, broke, cold, hungry,
alone and scared. With no one around but far away friends. By some miracle I
am still going and my baby girl is alive and well! Please pray she continues
to live much longer and we receive good great news in July.

Much love!
Sasha and Shae
Seattle, WA

Bubby Collins3, New Albany, IN

Bubby had 7 teeth pulled out,  a cyst taken off his mouth, and was neutered. No cancer or any other issues and he has a clean bill of health! We thank you so very much for giving us the grant to help in our time of need. Thank you for being my baby’s angel!

Here’s some photos of little man!
New Albany, IN


Roxie Valentine McGrath, Franklinton, LA

Roxie is currently four days post-op. She is doing extremely well
considering she just had an intense surgery. Roxie and I are forever
grateful for the help we received from you guys. We definitely couldn’t have
done it without y’all. I’m expecting her to be back to her bouncy, wiggly, energetic boxer self in no
time. The Mosby Foundation has been a blessing sent
from above and we are extremely appreciative of y’all. With the help of
y’all Roxie has a chance to have her own happily ever after with no more
limping or constant leg pain.

Again, thank you so very much!
-Roxie Valentine & Caitlin
Franklinton, LA


Thank you so very very much for your pledge in helping the love of my life and my only companion my boy…Cedric…He has a good gentle soul and is so  goofy…He loves life……He means so very much to me…You are angels on earth…Thank you….and God Bless…

Marie Tello

Lancaster, CA

Maggie Booker, Taylorsville, IL

I can’t thank you enough for the chance The Mosby Foundation has helped give Maggie a chance for a better life without so many ear infections. I’m praying this surgery (lateral ear resection) will take care of all the ear infections, but even just cutting the number down would help too. At any rate, things should get better regardless. And The Mosby Foundation helped make that a reality. Thank you.


Hugs and doggie kisses,
Nancy and Maggie
Taylorsville, IL

Baby Girl Crooks5, Jasper, MO

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help with this surgery for Baby Girl. She is recovering quite well and I will be taking her back in a week to have the drain tube removed and check up on her progress. I am truly grateful for your donation to help get this taken care of where she can have a more healthy life! Thank you again for all your help!

Heather Crooks
Jasper, MO

Shadow Foster3, Klamath Falls, OR

Thank you so very much for your generous donation to my Shadow !!! This means a great deal to us, and you are a wonderful blessing . Please continue to keep Shadow in your thoughts and prayers as she will undergo her surgery for the mass on her jawbone tomorrow, and pray for a quick recovery as well. Again thank you so very much for helping her . She is a wonderful companion and she makes me smile and my heart happy daily . She is the best decision I have made and I can’t thank you enough . God’s blessings to you all as you work daily to make the lives of people and pets in need better. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts !!!! 🙂

Jody Fuller
Florissant, MO

Kia Porter, Littleton, CO

Kia went to Planned Pethood Plus yesterday for her follow-up check up with Dr. Jeff Young. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done to contribute to Kia’s surgery.  I was crying for three days before the surgery.  I had half of my family and friends saying to put her down – that I had given her a good long life and needed to focus on me to improve my situation; while the other half were saying to give it a try and see if it worked.  I made an appointment with Dr. Jeff that day before the surgery.  I wanted his opinion and would trust whatever he told me.  He looked at Kia, who had suddenly had a perk of energy when she saw all of the other dogs. Dr. Jeff told me that she was still healthy – just getting old – and to get her in to surgery.

At her re-check Dr. Young said Kia has recovered nicely.  She has to take medicine for the rest of her life for her leaking but, as he put it “she is just getting old.”  Thank goodness that is all – we can now continue to grow old(er) together!

Wishing you much success in receiving contributions to help others in need and again, thank you for your consideration and prompt attention to our situation.

Best Wishes,
Kim and Kia (woof!)
Littleton, CO

Rosie Speas2, Sandy Hook, VA

Joey, Rosie and I want to thank The Mosby Foundation for your generous donation towards Rosie’s TPLO surgery…As you know, the surgery is very expensive and we are very grateful for your help.  Due to my husband’s heart attack in August 2015 and then two unexpected surgeries in June, we were blindsided by Rosie’s injury.  As a long time rescuer, we are SO aware of how limited funds are in the rescue community, so THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!

Rosie’s surgery went well, and we brought her home on Wednesday, June 22nd and albeit she did exhibit some pain, she faired well through the night and seemed to be ready to hit the ground running the next morning…Obviously, we can’t let her do much of anything for 12 weeks, so it is going to be a long, challenging summer!

You are an amazing and compassionate organization and we intend to donate every dime back and then some as soon as we are back on our feet!

Casey Speas
Sandy Hook, VA

Cedric Tello2, Lancaster, CA

Thank you so very very much for your pledge in helping the love of my life and my only companion my boy…Cedric…He has a good gentle soul and is so  goofy…He loves life……He means so very much to me…You are angels on earth…Thank you….and God Bless…

Marie Tello
Lancaster, CA

Mosby’s Mail Spring 2016

Meesha Castle2, Toledo, OH

There are just not enough words of thanks that I could speak for your generosity in helping with the surgery for Meesha.

I was devastated when her injury occurred because she was protecting the family.  Post Surgery update is she has mobility in her leg again and is starting to put some weight on it for short periods of time, But boy does she miss her daily walks….  As the surgery is extremely expensive I would have done everything possible to get her what she needed.

Your donation took a part of the worry away, and Dr. Molly Bopp of Highpoint Veterinary Hospital took the stress and worry away by doing the surgery.  My baby is recovering daily and will soon be back to almost full pre- injury status.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart…
Tracie Castle
Toledo, OH

Sasha Morgan, Seattle, WA

I am forever grateful for all you kind words, your calls, your immediate attention and your ‘Yes’ for my Sasha! I have written a thank you for you and your foundation on Sasha’s Gofundme account.

I have  let Cooper’s Legacy know of your donation as well. They also helped today so that was great to have both of your great foundations in memory of Mosby and Cooper. God rest their beautiful hearts and give them lots of playtime over the rainbow!

Today was good. Sasha went in for CT scan and we follow treatment all week for 18 treatments.

I will keep you all posted during her treatments and how she is doing. I pray my baby girl does fantastic and she gets healed and well. I can’t wait to take her swimming again!

All my love always!
Shae and Sasha
Seattle, WA

GRACIE Mae McKey, San Bernardino, CA

I cannot express my gratitude enough for your foundation’s help in this very difficult time in my family’s life. I am beyond grateful. Thank you very much. I will be scheduling her surgery very soon. Again I cannot thank you wonderful people enough. I hope to repay this kindness and donate when I have available funds to do so.

Thank you very much!
The McKey family
San Bernadino, CA

Shadow Foster3, Klamath Falls, OR

Thank you guys so much for the support you gave to Shadow. The surgery was difficult due to the excessive amount of scar tissue but Shadow was strong and handled the procedure very well. Instead of a long road of empty hopes and prayers, Shadow is now on the road to recovery.  Your organization is so kind and being able to help such a sweet dog fills the heart with joy.

Thank you so much!
Sonia & Shadow
Klamath Falls, OR

Bonnie Roth, Corona, CA

Thank you so much for your generous grant. This will go a long way in helping us extend Bonnie’s time with us, and every added day with her will be a gift from you and your organization. Frankly, we were fearing a sadder outcome, making the good news all that much more joyful to receive. Thank you again, so very much.

Russell, Valerie, Bonnie and Bixby Roth
Corona, CA

Tuk Martin6, Vero Beach, FL

Hi!! Tuki had his eye surgery this morning and did awesome!!! He woke up from surgery just as spunky as he was when he went in ! I really want to say a huge thank you for your kindness. Without you this wouldn’t have been possible. Tuki says “I may have less parts, but my momma loves me even more!” Thanx again!!

Love, Jenypher ~n~Tuk Martin 🙂

Vero Beach, FL


Tucker Abilucea2, Katy, TX

I’ve got some bad news but also some good news. Tucker has had a small setback due to an infection in his leg but we are back on the road to recovery and his prognosis looks very good! In January we noticed he was licking his right leg where he had surgery, and our vet told us he had an infection, possibly due to his body rejecting the plate and screws in his leg. So over the next few weeks we tried two different types of antibiotics, which helped for a little while, but he continued trying to licking it afterwards. Unfortunately, he had to have another surgery to remove the plate and screws, surgery took place on February 18th and he’s now back home on cage rest. He’s got five small holes in his right front leg so we’re taking things very slow for a little while. I want to thank ya’ll again for helping my little guy and I in our time of need! We were very blessed to have so many kind people contribute to our fund and making the orthopedic surgery possible for him.

God Bless you all,
Katy, TX

Bear Jaffee, Lynchburg, VA

Bear’s surgery went very well. His second leg was a little worse than his first, but the doctor was able to repair all of the damage. He has quite an extensive rehab program, but I believe that the worst is behind us and it is all uphill from here. He is still in the hospital, but I am hoping that he will be able to come home today. Words cannot express how thankful I am for The Mosby Foundation. The generosity and kindness your supporters have given to Bear have meant the world to me.I really want everyone to know that there was a point when I had lost all hope that Bear would have any kind of recovery, but soon he will have full function in both legs and be able to play with his friends. It’s been such an incredible blessing! All of the tears and worries are gone now and I am filled with nothing but joy and gratitude. THANK YOU with my whole heart!

Forever grateful,
Lynchburg, VA

Luke Chitwood, Rocky Mt., VA

This is Luke and Gracie, our Heelers. We love these two. Gracie misses her brother very much. I’m so thankful we are able to get him fixed and home. Thank you so much. They are my babies. I can’t express how much I appreciate you and the foundation.

God bless you and thank you,
Jamie & Joey Chitwood
Rocky Mt., VA

Walter Gojkovich, Sierra Vista,AZ

I am so excited!! It’s SO tough asking for money and I never would have except I got sick too and had brain surgery. So I just needed to overcome my pride and ask. I am so grateful your organization was able to help! The vet said when Walter went under anesthesia his heart rate was higher and when they removed the eye it went to normal. She said that happens because even though they have surgery it still feels better to get the glaucoma eye out. He was a bouncing dog this morning like nothing
happened! (I am a paranoid pet parent and he doesn’t seem to understand why
he can’t play with the others and has to walk on a leash to go pee).

Thank you again! And of course Walter says thank you!
Sarah & Walter
Sierra Vista, AZ

Beau Pine5, Eastpoint, FL

Susan Vincent, you have an amazing talent for writing! Beau’s story is beautifully expressed and written. Thank you so much for telling his story! Thank you again for taking the time to feature Beau and thank you to The Mosby Foundation for helping to save Beau’s heart! Beau is doing well and we are so thankful to be able to share this holiday season with him. Life is such a precious gift!

Merry Christmas,
Eastpoint, FL

Elvis Peralta, Hemet, CA

Just an update. Thanks to your help, Elvis is out of surgery and recovering well.  Already trying to play ball even with his cone on his head.  The lump was not cancerous!!!  We are so happy and thankful for your help!  You have a great day.

David Shea & Elvis the Rat Terrier
Hemet, CA


Paris Bidwell2, Baltimore, MD

Thank you SO much for your assistance!! Paris and I really appreciate your support! Paris is doing great. She was even able to walk herself out after surgery. Thank you so much for helping her walk again! Please tell everyone at Mosby thank you!!

Kristin  & Paris
Baltimore, MD

Abby Jasper, Newtonville, MA

Oh my goodness!  I am in tears, and just incredibly grateful!!!

I am touched beyond words by your generous assistance to help our Abby.

Bless you,
Carrie Jasper
Newtonville, MA


Words cannot express how much my family and I appreciate you and the foundation for your support, kindness and help. Trixie is now in her third week of radiation with one more week to go.  Thank you for being there when we needed help because it was and is much more appreciated then you will ever know. Thank you for being that comforting and reassuring voice especially when it seemed like all hope was lost.  I will always remember how nice and compassionate you are.

May God’s blessing be with you and The Mosby Foundation.

With sincerest thoughts, thanks and appreciation,
Hilda Jackson
Olympia Fields, IL

Flea Drennan, Cedar Park, TX

Oh my gosh! That is such wonderful and AMAZING NEWS! You’re so awesome!

I cannot believe how blessed I am to have such help for my little guy. He is the most precious guy in the world to me, and I think I would literally shrivel away & die without him in my life.

I am so grateful I cannot even find words to describe how I feel.

Thank you SO MUCH just doesn’t seem to be big enough words. lol

May y’all at your foundation have many blessings come to you too.

Thank you again & again & again,
Karen Drennan
Cedar Park, TX

Max Veras, Bronx, NY

I am very happy and grateful that Max has only 3 more cancer treatments to
go.Thank you to The Mosby Foundation and their sponsors to give back these
beautiful monuments of love and happiness.
Thank you!

Kenia Veras Gonzalez & Max
Bronx, NY

Einstein Worob2, Palm Bay, FL

Thank you so much for your kind words. Einstein passed early in the morning on Saturday. He just couldn’t handle the chemotherapy. I’m going to be posting a link and asking my friends and family to donate to your organization, as you were the only organization of over 30 that even responded to my application for help. I hope you guys can continue to do wonderful things, and help people avoid the pain my family is going through.

Thank you,
Aaron Worob
Palm Bay, FL

Coco Kokkinis, Annandale, VA at VA Tech Vet Hosp.going to surgery

Virginia Tech has assigned a student to update me twice daily on Coco’s status and progress.  As of today, she is able to support herself on her front legs with the assistance of hospital staff supporting her rear legs with a harness.  Yesterday morning she could not support her front legs. This morning she improved on a test the staff does by pinching the nerves along her spine to determine her ability to feel superficial pain.

Without the funds you provided through The Mosby Foundation and your assistance in securing additional funds via the Sergei Foundation, Coco would not be alive today.  Even with four pain medications, Coco was still in a substantial amount of pain.  I was filled with sadness as I was prepared to put her to sleep on Friday if I was not able to secure emergency funds.   Miss Coco and I will be forever grateful.

Attached is a photo I took of Coco just before she was wheeled away to be prepped for surgery.  I look forward to sending you a picture of her standing on her own and emailing you a link to a video on YouTube of her finally walking again.  Her recovery is expected to take six to eight weeks.

With much gratitude,
Maria and Coco
Annandale, VA

Gwen Montes2, Santa Ana, CA

Once again I would like to thank you with all your help. It was a great blessing. I pray that your foundation continues to receive funds to help families and individuals with their beloved ones.

Yours truly,
Josephine Montes
Santa Ana, CA

Angus Velasquez. Tucson4, AZ

Hi there! So Angus got his stitches out and is recovering very well from surgery. We will have to stay on watch for future episodes but he is happy and bouncy and full of life again! Literally it seemed like the day we picked him up from surgery he was already feeling better!! We cannot thank you all enough for helping our family get him back on his feet!!

Kristen Velasquez   (photo of Angus)
Tucson, AZ

Tinks Dunn, Levittown, PA

Thank you sooooooo much!  You have me in tears over here.  I am seriously elated!  This is the best news I’ve received in such a long time.  Thank you!!

We just scheduled surgery for Tink…..  Again, thank you so much!  Tinks & I appreciate your generosity!

Love love love,
Nicole Dunn  🙂
Levittown, Pa

Sahara and Cagney Hulmes, Succasunna, NJ

Thank you so much for the money you donated.  I dropped off Sahara this morning for round 2 Chemo. I have to say that your foundation is great, you’re easy to work with and you do help people out.

I have submitted other requests for assistance and you have to complete a long application and then the next day they tell you they don’t have any funds. It would be nice to do that before you spend the time completing the long application.

Sahara is the one in the yellow hat and Cagney is my certified therapy dog.

With Love and Kisses,
Karen & Sahara
Succasunna, NJ

I would first like to say thank you so much for your donation. My parents are wonderful people and definitely need all the help they can get. Animals are so much a part of their lives and helping save the life of Buster will definitely help them emotionally. Again, thank you and your donors for your kind donation. Have a great weekend!

Michelle Palcsik
Middlefield, OH