Memorials Archive

Memorials Winter 2017


MOSBY ADAMS, from Sheila Roeder

SOPHIE, from Janice Ballinger

YELLER, from Sheila Roeder

BEAR, he was my best friend (a Sheltie) and was with me for almost 15 years, from Diane Travis

CALLIE BOO BOO, from Nancy Burton

WOOT, beloved by Molly & Steve Delappe, from Henley Gabeau

SADIE NICHOLS, from Louise Moccia

FOZZIE, my beloved dog, from Rebecca Reed

PEGGY, from Tom & Sharon Watson

SOPHIE, the most beautiful, inside and out, lemon Border Collie ever.  We will miss and love you forever, from Carole & Johnny Adams

SOPHIE ADAMS, from Marie Faulkner

SOPHIE, the most elegantly, beautiful dog, from Mollie McCurdy

BEASLEY, my sweet old boy, from Mollie McCurdy

CHARLIE, and all of the dogs that preceded him, from Joan & James Hughes

BJ, my Border Collie/Poodle mix, who gave me 10 years of love!  From Ann E. Zimmer


LUCY, NICK, CHARLOTTE, & BAM BAM, from David & Debbie Hughes

BAM BAM, beloved St. Bernard of David & Debbie Hughes, from Claude & Sandy Dull

AUSSIE, from Thomas Penn

AMANDA ROSE, I miss you so much-10 years in January feels like forever. You’re always in my heart, love Jan

JACK, from Deb Armstrong

CALLIE & DOC, from Nancy Burton

TESS & PILOT, from Claude & Michele Vincelette

JULIE, beloved dog of the Farley family, from Jeanne & Tony Russell

HARLEY HADEN, family member of Norma & Will Haden, from Clarence & Maureen Burton

MICKEY, LAYA, BUDDY & RIKKI, from Spencer & Ann Taylor

SCOOTER, CAYENNE PEPPER, & McGYVER, all who passed away this past year, from Leni Grigg

POLKA DOT, beloved Corgi of the Leonard family, from Henley Gabeau

LOLA & LEO, beloved 4 legged children of Lilian Boutros, from Stacy Reeder

TOBY& HANZI, from Cheryl Reichard

EMMA, beloved dog of Bob & Christine Holtmann, from Darlene Litten

SAWYER, in loving memory of my previous Cocker Spaniel, from Brenda Wilkinson

SARGE, from Brian Kath

KILLIAN CLEMMER, from Kathy & Clyde Ambrose

JIM, from Selinda Mandarano


INDY GOODROW, a therapy dog, who has a November birthday, from Lois Sensabaugh

ALL DOGS, and THE MOSBY FOUNDATION, to all the sick and injured dogs, and the humans that take care of them and love them. What a great job you do!  Mike Reday

PEPPER, paws crossed, from Wendy & Larry Teeter

ISABELLA, beloved dog, from Barbara Bradley

AETJE & DILLON, from Nancy Burton


MOLLY & BISCUT at Christmas!  Love, Jackson, Bodie, & Jethro

GRETA & LOKI, from Susan & Ray Clark

MARLEY, celebrating 12 years in February 2017! from John & Carol Warren

CHENJI, from Art Hoffman

DUFFY, my Bernese Mountain dog boyfriend.  Good luck to Balin, another Berner who needs surgery.  Feel better soon!  From Astra Winkler and her Mom, Sheryl

DAISY, my 9 year old German Shepherd, who came to us from a neglect/abuse situation, from Sue Solimine


HELEN SEVERS, from Jo Ann Mumma

BARBARA DAUGHERTY, from Henley Gabeau

BARBARA DAUGHERTY, from Jeanne T. Hoffman

BARBARA DAUGHERTY, who for many years kept Westwood Animal Hospital, Staunton, VA together.  A lovely lady, from Jean T. Hoffman

DR. JANET WINSTEAD, from Emily Branscome

SARA LEE SURRATT, from Roger & Carolyn Davis

YVONNE CLEMENT, beloved mother of Suzi, Robin, & CeCe and dogs, Vings and Chou, from Robin Clement

GEORGE S. ALDHIZER II, from Sara Ritchie

DONALD LONG & MISSY, from Shirley Anne Holler

WARREN L. HIRST, my beloved father, from Dawn Blalock

BETTY & BOB CONSTANTINE, from Jennifer Reeder

SARA STEINACKER, from Erica Stoecker

JASON SHIREY, from Susan Anderson

JASON SHIREY, from Suzanne Sirk


GAY DEEL, for her dedication to, and rescue efforts on behalf of, dogs and cats, from Pat Grizzel

I support and admire your work, MOSBY FOUNDATION, for the animals, from Janet Schlosser

EDITH VON STIEMER, from Claire Jacobsen

MARY & BILL SORANNO, from Thomas Penn

LAURIE DOWNING & CINDY ROBERTS, from Dean & Allison Humbert


LINDA & CHRIS FLEET, from Jane & Dave Cangalosi

ALL OF OUR CLIENTS at MIDDLE RIVER VETERINARY HOSPITAL, Verona, VA.  We are truly appreciative of each one of them as they share our philosophy of care and compassion for all pets.

Thank you for all the wonderful work you do for all of our canine friends.  From Kathryn A. Dobyns, DVM and staff

DEB ARMSTRONG, Merry Christmas Deb! From Barbara Breithbarth

LINDA ANDREW, from Beverly Faulkenberry

DR. STACY REEDER, from Becky Lane

LINDA LINK, from Becky Lane

PAM SHULER, from Becky Lane

Memorials Fall 2016


SOPHIE, from Janice Ballinger

BUDDY, the cat, from Lynn Reams

MOLLIE, beautiful dog of Mary Raye Cox, from Pat Ghiloni

SAHARA, so greatly missed, from Karen Hulmes

BODE MAXON, from George & Sharon Goodrow

ALL MY FURBABIES, from Jennifer Sampson

ADELE, Henley Gabeau’s beloved Corgi, from Jeanne Russell

ADELE GABEAU, from The Leonard Family

BRETTA, from Bruno & Hazel Giraldi

CALLIE, from Nancy Burton

ADOBE and McKINLEY, from Chris & Linda Fleet

SAWYER, beloved Cocker Spaniel of Brenda Wilkinson, from Carole & Johnny Adams

EMMYLOU BEAGLE, A mill rescue who fought cancer with all she had, from Lon & Vicki Soles

OSLO, from Audrey & Andrew Hutchinson

DAIZY, beloved Beagle girl of Jim & Wendy Molodich, from Lon & Vicki Soles

BEAU, MAGGIE, PUP & SHELBY SOLES, from Lon & Vicki Soles

MOSBY, JEB, SAMMIE, HANK, MAGGIE, & CALI ADAMS, from Lonnie & Vicki Soles

SARGE, beloved & missed companion, from Brian Keith

JACK, from Deb Armstrong

COCO, beloved baby dog of Donna Lovern, from Gabrielle Bouknight

MOLLY SCHOOLEY, a sweet young puppy who was such a “love” in her very short life, from Jean T. Hoffman


ALL OF THE HOMELESS DOGS waiting to be adopted from the NELSON COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY, from Flower & Ed Vankan

C.J. & INDY, from Lois Sensabaugh

TINK, a 13 year old Beagle, from Pete Dey

WONDER, beloved blind kitty, from Barbara & Jim Bradley

DEMI, who has been helped by The Mosby Foundation. From her very grateful & blessed owner, Vicki Baldwin

SCRAPPY, my miracle dog whom no one thought would live. But with love & prayers he is now 6 years old!! From Dave & Sue Solimine

MARLEY MOO, the wonderful Lab, from Deborah Armstrong


ROY & ANNIE JACKSON, my loving parents, from Carol Jackson

DONNA RAE BOTKIN, from Margaret & Charles Brand

SANDRA HARRIS, from Lon & Vicki Soles

BARBARA SIMMONS, beloved wife of Ed Simmons, from Lon & Vicki Soles

ELPIS KERASOTE, beloved mother of Ted Kerasote, from Lon & Vicki Soles

ELLEN SCHAFFER, from Carol Denison


ANGELA BROWN, an amazing woman who has worked tirelessly to help dogs, from Carol Jackson

MOSBY and STAFF that works so hard! from Sheila Roeder

PAM & ROYCE GIBSON, thanks for letting us make your pasture hay! from Michael & Susan Cromer

Memorials Summer 2016


SOPHIE, from Janice Ballinger

JACK, from Debbie & Judy Armstrong

JACK, a wonderful dog for all seasons. Much loved & much missed, from Beverly Faulkenberry

JACK, a devoted, ever lovable companion, from Barbara & Becky Breithbarth

FINDEM GARGOYLE, our sweet, funny, goofy Greyhound. A true dog’s dog, from Karin Magno & family

FINDEM, the coolest Greyhound ever. It was a true honor to know you, love Carole Adams

AMANDA ROSE, I miss you so much, love Jan Johnson

AMANDA ROSE, I miss you and love you, from Alice Mae Johnson

DIETER HUNGERFORD, from Henley Gabeau

CLOVER DYER, in loving memory of Marcella’s precious Clover, from Mollie McCurdy

BEAU WADE, thank you for always sharing your toy basket with me. I miss you. Your cousin K.C., from Barbara & Thomas Amatucci

MILO HADEN, beloved Lab of the Hadens, from Clarence & Maureen Burton

SAMMY, beloved companion of Nod & Theresa Osmer, from Rick & Jane Smith

CIERA AND CODY, two wonderful dogs whose love & antics will remain forever in their owners hearts, from Barbara & Tom Amatucci

MISSY, from David & Rebecca Francis

KATIE SCHOOLEY, sweet black Lab of Ann & Charlie Schooley, from Jean T. Hoffman

EMMA BOUKNIGHT, from Janet, Terry & Otter Riddlebarger

MABEL JOHNSON, from Janet, Terry & Otter Riddlebarger

CASEY, from Rebecca Rader

BIJOU, a sweet rescued Beagle/Basset mix girl who ended up living a wonderful life with Mollie McCurdy and her other rescued dogs, from Carole & Johnny Adams

BIJOU, my precious and loving “Bagel”, from Mollie McCurdy

RUGER, a silver lab, who was killed from being attacked by two other dogs, RIP sweet boy, from Anonymous

ROCK, beloved companion of Deb Matthews & Chey Larson, from Richard Hillelson

ADELE, faithful friend of Henley Gabeau, from Margaret Henderson


BABY GIRL & BEAU PINE, two precious dogs from your 1st quarter newsletter, from Karen Van Es

TINK, BOOTS & NEO, from Pete Dey

MARLEY, the best dog ever! From John & Carol Warren

TRIP, from Joan Eberly

ISABELLA, beloved dog, from Barbara & Jim Bradley

SARA STEINACKER, from Erica Stoecker

LENA MAGNO, an awesome, beautiful Cocker Spaniel who took a copperhead snake bite before her owner did. Thankfully both survived with treatment. LENA, you are a true canine HERO!!!


SUE SCHROER, from Mark & Peg Carty

JOHN A. MORRA, a devoted animal lover and my Dad, from Karin Magno and the employees of Northrop Grumman Corporation, Charlottesville, VA

AVANELL EWING, from Bev Grimes

MAJOR JOHN PELHAM, from Heather Harris

RAY BONACCI, from Louise Moccia


The hard working STAFF OF THE MOSBY FOUNDATION, from Sheila & Ray Roeder

DEBORAH ARMSTONG, for rescuing JACK and giving him the most loving home any dog or person could hope for, from Barbara Breitbarth

JENNY BREITHBARTH, as JACK’S second Mom giving him loving care extraordinaire, from Barbara Breithbarth

EDITH VON STUEMER, from Claire Jacobsen

KAREN BRACKEN-PENLEY, and all the dogs she has loved and cared for including Guiding Eye dogs, from Karen Van Es

Memorials Spring 2016


ROSIE, as always, my sweet girl, from Marilyn Ross

SOPHIE, from Janice Ballinger

MOLLIE NEWTON, from Jane Cangalosi

MYSTERY, my beloved cat of 12 years, from Ann Zimmer

DAWG, beloved family member of Bill,Amy, Beth, Zach, & Graycie Smitherman, from Lonnie & Vicki Soles

CHIP & GREY GHOST, from Virginia & Robert Callihan

GUS, beloved Yellow Lab companion of C.A. & Maureen Burton, from their friends, Jane & Rick Smith

LUCY, much loved dog of Sandy & Jim, from Dianne DeMay and Jeff Scott

HOMER & OSA, from Wendy L. Cross

BARBIE, my beloved dog, from Dawn Blalock

JODY, beloved mare of Pam & John Schnake, from Henley Gabeau

PADDY, our mischievous pal. We know your parents are going to miss you terribly. What fond memories we all have. Love, Segen, Wally, Jacob and Emma Holtmann

MOLLIE, whose original owner was Allison Ritchie, from Webb Lutz

CHELSEA, LOUIE, & MOKEY, from Malinda Eavers

SARGE FOSTER, June 2013 Mosby calendar dog, from Connie Spitler

FOZZIE, my beloved dog, from Becky Reed

LADY & LUCKY, our two best dogs, from Carol Childress

LILY BETH LEWIS, from Bruce & Crystal Vandercook

CHESTER, our beloved kitty, from Barbara & Jim Bradley

JEB, beloved companion, from Jennifer Sampson

BOSLEY, my precious old blind beagle, who somehow survived many years wandering the roads, and finally came to me. I have never had a sweeter dog, from Mollie McCurdy

BOSLEY, a wonderful rescued blind beagle boy who had the best life for the last 3 years with Mollie McCurdy. You will be greatly missed, from Johnny & Carole Adams

MEGAN, my sweet dog who’s been gone for 10 years, from Audrey Hutchison

TIMMY, lost way too young with CHF, from Dave & Sue Solimine

SWEET SAVANNA, in our hearts forever, from Wendy & Larry Teeter

BREEZER ROBERTS, from Bruce & Crystal Vandercook


HEATHER, RAGS, RED, RIP, from John Marlowe

SWEET ROSIE, I’ll never stop missing you, from Marilyn Ross


SARA GLENN, my special great-aunt, from Melisa & Robert Byrd

LILLIAN CLANCEY, from Mollie McCurdy

JOHN ALOYSIOUS MORRA, from Courtney & John Tierney

JOHN F. BURKE 1920 -2010, from Shirley Anne Holler

JO ELLEN EMSWILER, from Sheli Rhodes



MRS. BOBBI CREMEANS, from George & Sharon Goodrow

ADRIENNE FINNEY, from Wendy L. Cross

HENLEY GABEAU, from Keedie & Kyle Leonard

ANGELA BROWN, from Carol & Peyton Coyner

Memorials Winter 2016

In Memory of Dogs

SOPHIE, from Janice Ballinger

DONALD, beloved dog of David & Gail Brown. He brought so much joy to our lives in the short time we had with him. We love you Donald Dog, from Patty & William Morrell

DONALD, the wonderful Aussie heart dog of Gail and Dave Brown, from Carole & John Adams

DONALD, such a sweet Mama’s Boywill be missed forever, from Gail & Dave Brown

DONALD, wonderful companion of Gail & Dave Brown, from George & Sharon Goodrow

DONALD, from Lois Sensabaugh

BITSY, a special, sweet, rescued beagle girl of Mollie McCurdy, from Carole & John Adams

BITSY, a sweet, cute, darling little soul who had been terribly abused and neglected. In loving memory to Bitsy who gave me 7 years of delight, from Mollie McCurdy

MISSY & CLARA, my beloved companions and friends my 4 footed furry family members, from Eleanor Pages

SOPHIE, from Janice Ballinger

HANZI & TOBI, who taught US the true value and strength of unconditional love, from Jim & Cheryl Reichard

COOPER, Corgi of Henley Gabeau, from Jean Hoffman

KAYLA, from Juanita Carter

ROCKY, beloved companion of Grace Garey, from Louise Moccia

MISSY, beloved companion of Sarah Cheverton, from Traci Zimmerman

GRETCHEN, dear companion of Shelley Aley, from Traci Zimmerman

PACO, beloved dog of Lois & Mark Leinkram, from Richard Hillelson

OLLIE MARTIN, from Pat Harrington

OPIE HEIZER, beloved chocolate lab of Susanne Heizer, from Henley Gabeau

FLETCH, smart, handsome, loved Border Collie of Ginger Taylor, from Carole Adams

BRADIE, sweet girl, you were a good girl and your Mom & Dad adored you. The Magnos

MOSBY & PETUNIA, my precious dogs, from John Perlman

BOB McGUIRE, a friend to all and a loving companion to his family-we’ll miss you, from Pat Harrington

BOB McGUIRE, a loving companion who will be greatly missed, from Dave & Gail Brown

LADY, from Audrey Hutchison

MONA LISA, in loving memory of our Mona Lisa who you helped in 2014…..Bless you Mosby Foundation! From Sina Rogers

MAGGIE MAY, our beautiful, sweet lab/pit mix who suddenly passed away in November at age 8 from visceral hemangiosarcoma. We miss you terribly, from Carrie Dean

ERDA, a dear dog that was much loved by her parents, Wayne and Mark, from Traci Zimmerman

KILLIAN, beloved companion of Anita Clemmer, from Katherine Ambrose

LCB, dearly beloved cat of Jean Hoffman, from Jeanne Hoffman and Bobby Whitescarver

PAIGE, beloved Border Collie of Joe Shomo, from Jeanne Hoffman and Bobby Whitescarver

LADY, a very special and beloved Doberman of Roger & Carolyn Stribling, from Linda French

MAGGIE, beloved companion of Jeff Litten. We will never forget her special howls,Love, Bob,Christine, & Darlene

MOOSE BENGEN, in memory of MOOSE, please help someone in need. I wish I had more since I believe so much in what your foundation does. My heart is still broken and I miss my boy every day.

7-10-10 — 4-27-15 was way too young. From Donna Bengen & Moose

AMANDA ROSE, I miss you so much everyday, you’re always in my heart, Love, Jan Johnson

BELLE SCOTT, beloved companion of Emily & Dave Stott, from Pat Harrington

MAGGIE, from Mary Steele Ferguson

COOPIE ARMENTROUT, the sweetest girl who we will always miss and never forget, from Erin Armentrout

CHANCE, beloved pet of Patty Warren, from Kay Pfaltz

RILEY MARIE, my beloved fur baby, from Melody Pannell

VERGIL, beloved companion of Deborah Murray, from Brenda & Gary Murray

NIKKI, my sweet girl; I miss her the most this time of year, from Dianne & Ian Edwards

EVA McDONNELL, a wonderful, dear dog, who was loved dearly and will be missed deeply, from Traci Zimmerman

MOSBY ADAMS, a sweet innocent boy and all of the others, from Janet K. Schlosser

MOSBY, JEB, MAGGIE, HANK, SAMMY, & ALL THE OTHER RESCUED AND LOVED DOGS, of Carole & Johnny Adams, from Lonnie & Vicki Soles

BAM BAM, CHARLOTTE, NICK & LUCY, from David & Debbie Hughes

SOPHIE, dear, sweet Sophie, the best dog a family could have! Love Bob & Christine

ROCKY, SHASTA, & LUCKY, from Merle Phillips

MICKEY, LAYA, BUDDY & RIKKI, from Spencer & Ann Taylor

MAX, my wonderful dog, from Allison Claudet

HAPPY DYER, beloved companion of Marcella Dyer, from Mollie McCurdy.

CODY, beloved dog of Rabiah Seminole, from Mollie McCurdy


BUCK, beloved dog of the Scott Landale family, from Ron Livingston, Jr.

BUCK LANDALE, deeply loved Yellow Lab of Scott, April, Tessa & Eliza, friend & mentor to Ted & Pukka Kerasote, from Lonnie & Vicki Soles

BEAU, MAGGIE, PUP, & SHELBY, beloved dogs of Lonnie & Vicki Soles, from Lonnie & Vicki Soles

MERLE, who with his forever friend Ted Kerasote gave us MERLE’S DOOR, from Lonnie & Vicki Soles


In Memory of People

JOELLEN EMSWILER, she was a great friend to so many people and pets she will be missed by all who knew her, from Kathryn Dobyns & Hunter

TOMMY EAVERS, from Malinda KayeEavers

MARTIN L. PALMER, JR., from Bev Grimes

TRACEY ROGERS BOWEN, from Judy & Bobby Rogers

RAYMOND A. GRANDSTAFF, WW11 VET, from Heather Harris

DAVE & COLLEEN SURRATT, from Lonnie & Vicki Soles

GINDA COLLEEN, beloved daughter, from Lonnie & Vicki Soles

In Honor of Dogs


NIKKI, our beloved dog, from Jane Cangalosi

OTTER, TERRY, & Janet’s Yellow lab, from Scott Klager

LULU, from Pamela Gwathney

WONDER, beloved kitty of Barbara & Jim Bradley

JOSIE ANDERSON, from Mary George

PAIGE & GRACIE GEORGE, from Mary George

SAWYER, my Cocker Spaniel, from Brenda Wilkinson

In Honor of People

TODD & KELLY DEAN for all the compassionate & loving work they do, from Gail & Dave Brown

CINDY ROBERTS & LAURIE DOWNING, from Dean & Allison Humbert

GOD BLESS YOU ALL, from Marilyn Ross

WISHING ALL OF YOU a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year! Thank you for all you do, from Vicki Walter

THE MOSBY FOUNDATION, for all you do! From Michael Reday

GINNY WARD, from your staff at Daikin Applied….Merry Christmas!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! To ALL OF OUR CLIENTS at Middle River Veterinary Hospital, Verona, VA. We are truly appreciative of each one of you as you share our philosophy of care and compassion for all pets.

Thank you for all the wonderful work you do for all of our canine friends. From Kathryn A. Dobyns, DVM and staff

KENT & VICKI SCARRATT, from Robert Scarratt

GINGER TAYLOR, from Margaret Brandel

CAMERON & BETSY ELLIS, from Elizabeth Ellis

BILL & SUSIE GILBER, from Lynne & Dan Gilbert

Memorials Fall 2015

In Memory of Dogs

DUDLEY “DUDDLES” KNAPP, a dear dog very much loved and missed by his wonderful family, from Traci Zimmerman

PRINCESS & MATTIE SMALL, from Mary & Paul Small

SOPHIE, from Janice Ballinger

MAGGIE ADAMS, you were the sweetest, kindest, toughest little Border Collie in the world.  We love you and miss you every second of every day, love Carole & Johnny Adams

MAGGIE , a dear sweet Border Collie, from Mollie McCurdy

MAGGIE , in loving memory, love, Susan Aronson

MAGGIE, from Beverly Faulkenberry

MAGGIE, beloved Border Collie of Johnny & Carole Adams, from Dave & Gail Brown

BEASLEY,  my dear sweet Beagle, from Mollie McCurdy

BEASLEY, a much loved and very sweet Beagle girl of Mollie McCurdy, love Carole & Johnny Adams

BEASLEY, from Beverly Faulkenberry

BEASLEY, beloved Beagle of Mollie McCurdy, from JoAnn Mumma

CODA, loved by Bailee, Emily and Ben Masters, from Vicki Walter

SNOOKS COYNER, leaving a lasting impression forever, from Wendy & Larry Teeter

BAILEY BICK, from Barbara & Tom Amatucci

MOLLY KOHLER, a dear and very sweet girl loved by all, from Pat Harrington

MOSBY ADAMS, from Sheila  & Ray Roeder

MOSBY ADAMS, love Jan Johnson

COOPER, a Corgi, HOWE GABEAU, the “Handsome Prince”, from Henley Gabeau

COOPER GABEAU, from Ray & B.J. Blunt

COOPER, dear friend of Henley Gabeau, from Margaret Henderson

COOPER, beloved companion of Henley Gabeau, from Jeanne T. Holtmann & Bobby Whitescarver

SADIE, my cat who passed away 8-7-15 at the age of 18, from Audrey Hutchison

SADI, LILLY, SAM, K.C., ROXI, AND RAMBO, from Sue Dunlap

MOLLIE, from Webb Lutz

OUR LOVED ONES, from Ronald Yucas & John DeForge

COTY, from Angela Schulte

TEAZER, LIB & DOC, from Nancy Burton

ELLIE, with love, from Uncle Ron Hiserman

CASEY, beloved dog, from Jim & Barbara Bradley

COSMO, my handsome orange tabby who passed away at age 6 of a very severe bladder blockage. My Blue Tick hound misses him terribly, from Dave & Sue Solimine

TORQUE, the beloved friend of Ted & Nancy Mooney, from Henley Gabeau


DAISY DEARTH, love Jan Johnson

CAMDEN DEWITT, from Louise Moccia

SOPHIE, from Janice Ballinger

MITZI, from Rachel Hughes

LUCY RUSSELL, beloved companion of Jeanne & Tony Russell, from Henley Gabeau

ANNA BELLE YATES, from Roberta & Wayne Dietz

ORION MEAD, a loving, lifelong companion, from Syvia Baldwin

BERNIE DEY, best beagle ever, from Pete Dey

In Memory of People

FRANK LARSON, from Richard Hillelson

FRANK LARSON, from Chris & Jill Shand

FRANK LARSON, from ManTech International Corporation

KATHERINE HARMON, from Rob & Mary Ashby

CASEY CARRIKER, from Bev Grimes

EVELYN HOTCHKISS, from Rona & Stuart Eisen

RALPH DEY & BERNIE,  from Pete Dey

MRS. ELEONORE CHERNOFF, by Sharon A. Whisten

In Honor of Dogs

MARLEY, our GREAT dog, from John & Carol Warren

In Honor of People

ALL OF THE MOSBY STAFF, from Sheila & Ray Roeder

ROYCE & PAM GIBSON, in thanks for letting us make their hay, from Mike & Susan Cromer



DR. KATHRYN DOBYNS & HER STAFF, MIDDLE RIVER VETERINARY HOSPITAL, VERONA, VA for ALWAYS stepping up; in this case, taking care of Beau, featured in your Summer Newsletter. Thank goodness for people who really care! …..Mike Reday

BEVERLY FAULKENBERRY, for fostering and adopting sweet Beau, from Mike Reday

With unending appreciation for all that you do at THE MOSBY FOUNDATION, from Elisabeth Arvin

CAROLE ADAMS, who has given so much of herself for so many years with the help of all of  Mosby’s wonderful volunteers, from Marilyn Ross

ANGELA BROWN, from Anne Frank

ANGELA BROWN, from JoAnne Maynard

CLAUDETTE J  TROUT,  from Barbara Wallace

CLAUDETTE  TROUT, on her 80th birthday, from Betty Gentry-Metzler