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Mosby's Mail

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion." ~Unknown



From time to time, people tell me, "lighten up, it's just a dog,"or, "that's a lot of money for just a dog."  They don't understand the distance traveled, the time spent, or the costs involved for "just a dog."  Some of my proudest moments have come about with "just a dog."

Many hours have passed and my only company was "just a dog," but I did not once feel slighted.

Some of my saddest moments have been brought about by "just a dog," and in those days of darkness, the gentle touch of "just a dog" gave me comfort and reason to overcome the day. If you, too, think it's "just a dog," then you will probably understand phrases like "just a friend," "just a sunrise," or "just a promise."

"Just a dog" brings into my life the very essence of friendship, trust, and pure unbridled joy.

"Just a dog" brings out the compassion and patience that makes me a better person. Because of "just a dog," I will rise early, take long walks and look longingly to the future. So for me and folks like me, it's not "just a dog," but an embodiment of all the hopes and dreams of the future, the fond memories of the past, and the pure joy of the moment.

"Just a dog" brings out what's good in me and diverts my thoughts away from myself and the worries of the day. I hope that someday they can understand that it's not "just a dog," but the the thing that gives me humanity and keeps me from being "just a man or woman." 

So the next time you hear the phrase "just a dog" just smile....because they "just don't understand."

~From the Therapy Dog Inc. News Magazine (C.F.P...11/10/07)






I'm writing to thank you for your contribution made to MedVet Cincinnati for Samantha, the rescue Labrador I am currently fostering. Thank you for your support and for all that you do to provide assistance to wonderful dogs in need and their families. Samantha is recovering well from surgery and will begin curative radiation therapy in the coming weeks. Please feel free to call, write, or e-mail if you learn of anyone wishing to provide a loving home for a wonderful canine!

Sincerest gratitude,
Tracy Ison & Sam
Cincinnati, OH


Thank you from the bottom of my heart! The Mosby Foundation is the best! What a great day yesterday . . . Charlie had his 6th and final Carboplatin treatment and staging was done to see where we stand. Dr. Kelly reported he is in remission - YEAH!!!! He will be on maintenance drugs for an additional four months but, for now, EVERYTHING IS COMING UP ROSES! He continues to do very well and aside from a bad bout with allergies from an early spring he is still "WOWING" the crowds. We will always be eternally grateful for your help. Please let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you.

Most sincerely,
Jill and Charlie Miller
Santa Fe, NM



Thank you so much! I just checked the vet hospital and saw the payment from the Mosby Foundation credited for the two cocker spaniels! Thank you so much for helping us to rescue and provide care for them! We have renamed them Oreo and Nutter Butter...you can probably guess who is who.:) They are both still on antibiotics for their eyes and ears as well as eye medications and ear medications. Once they are healthier, they will be going back for dental work. The girl (black and white) appears to be at least a few years older than the boy. She doesn't have much vision and little if any hearing. In spite of it all, both are just the sweetest! Thank you for all you do for so many in need! I will send some better pictures once they look a bit healthier.:)

Sending tail wags!
Homestretch Hounds
Santa Fe, NM


In mid-February I contacted your organization regarding my now 2 year old Lab mix, Bella. Because I had lost my job a few months prior, I was in desperate need for help purchasing her required medication for Addison's disease. After explaining the details of my situation and Bella's diagnosis, the very kind and helpful, Carole informed me that even though The Mosby Foundation does not typically purchase medication for animals, they may be able to help with one vial of medication this time. I have enclosed a few pictures of Bella. She is doing well right now thanks to all of you! From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank The Mosby Foundation!

Jennifer & Bella



Thank you so much for helping me and my mommy get my cataract surgery. I am so happy that I can see again. I feel like I am a puppy again. I thank God for people like you and your organization. My mommy had just lost her job when she found out I was blind due to diabetic cataracts and I needed surgery. She asked all my family, friends, neighbors and held yard sales. We were able to raise a lot of the money but not all until God sent you guys my way. I especially want to thank Susan from Mosby for being so kind and helpful in presenting my case. As soon as my mommy gets back on her feet I am going to send a donation to help with another of my four legged friends in need. Again thank you so much for your love for me and your kindness.

Forever in your debt,
Buster Hubbard & my Mommy---Denise Hubbard
Upper Marlboro, MD


Thank you Thank you a 1,000 times over. They found a growth on Maggie May's liver which was removed. About 45 minutes after closing her they had to go back in for internal bleeding which they were able to stop. She had a rough night but she came through it. I called in sick to be with her today. Maggie is moving around slowly but barked at the mailman which is a good sign. We are waiting on the biopsy. They removed about 8 pounds of fluid from her stomach and she seems to be more comfortable than before surgery. I am so happy to have my girl home with me for however long I can have her. You will always have my gratitude and a place in my heart.

Richmond, VA


Here are photos of Wrinkles, post entropian repair surgery. Dr. William Hay, DVM at Airport Animal Clinic in Charlottesville performed her eyelid surgery on May 10th (my birthday). And, what a wonderful birthday present it was! When I picked her up in the afternoon, she was wagging her tail and dragging her "Cone of Shame." Time will tell whether Wrinkles regains some vision after years of corneal abrasion, but the important benefit is that she no longer has to live with the constant irritation and discharge. It took a LONG 16 months after I adopted Wrinkles to finally find a way to get her the surgery she should have had as a puppy, but we are both very, very happy and grateful to The Mosby Foundation and Dr. Hay (and Lauren, his vet assistant) for their invaluable contribution to the comfort and well-being of this wonderful dog.

Best wishes and many thanks,
Jane Levin and Wrinkles
Charlottesville, VA


Thank you so very much for helping me with neutering my boxer, Buddy. I live on a fixed income and never seem to have the extra it takes to neuter him. We are hoping this will help with his aggression issues also. Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Cathy Miller


Thank you for everything you do! My first experience with your group has been wonderful. Every question I have had, every little simple detail, your group is on it! Thank you again for keeping me in the loop and THANK YOU for the food and treats!!!

Jodie Warlitner
Alleghany Humane Society
Board of Directors


Thanks so much for the update. The food we received was a lifesaver for our dogs. There aren't sufficient words to tell you how much we appreciate your help.

Debbie Jennings
Houlagans' Rest


I can't thank you and The Mosby Foundation enough for your generous support! I love the flyer, whoever put it together did a great job! I apologize for losing it on the phone this morning. When you told me how much you were donating, I knew that Shady would be able to get her surgery. It was just an overwhelming feeling of relief that my time spent trying to find funding had finally paid off, my worry about the surgery and my excitement about the surgery. Truth be told, last night I called my best friend in the whole wide world (we've known each other since we were 5), and who works for a veterinarian in Oregon and discussed Shady's situation. Although she is a little hardened to cases of this nature because she deals with it regularly, she was more worried about the financial burden that it would place on my family and the fact that although the prognosis is good, there are no guarantees. I was seriously thinking about giving up and just making sure that Shady had a great life with the time she had left. You changed all that this morning with one phone call. I now know that I made the right choice and it was meant to be. Thank you so very, very much for helping Shady!

Melanie Gudgeon
Encinitas, CA


Thank you for literally saving my Labrador Amos' life. Thank you does not seem like enough. God Bless you. I am so very appreciative to you for the money donated for his surgery. Amos is SO happy when he walks across the room the tumor isn't dragging around. I love you guys for having the love you do for animals. Your kind heart has given us many more years to love this precious dog.

Thank you again,
Lynette Nieca & Amos
Roseville, CA



I wanted to thank everyone who helped Floppy on her way to a new life. Bonnie watched over her, got her off her chain in the pouring rain (picking up a litter of kittens on the way) and brought Floppy to me at the McDonald's parking lot in New Market. The spay and neuter clinic for sponsoring her spay and rabies shot and taking good care of her during her stay, the Mosby Foundation for sponsoring the rest of her vetting, and Barbara for picking her up at the clinic and letting her hang out at her house today until I could pick her up after work! This was truly a team effort and she is home with me now resting in her crate in the living room. My son fell asleep on the sofa so he is down there with her. I really appreciate knowing I have wonderful fellow animal lovers who are there when an animal needs help! I am taking her to her new home on Saturday and as long as the home visit checks out and she gets along with the family's dog and cat, we are in good shape!

Melisa Miller Piselli
Strasburg, VA


THANK YOU!! I really can't tell you how very, very grateful I am for your help. I am close enough to where I can make a payment arrangement with my vet to pay for the rest of the cost. I am deeply grateful not only for your financial help, but that there are kind caring people like you. We are truly overwhelmed with gratitude. I'll be contacting you shortly with Buddy's surgery date, which will be scheduled shortly. The Mosby Foundation makes the world a better place. How can we thank you enough? I am typing this to you through my tears... happy tears of course... I just got off the phone with Sharon Armstrong from Riverbend Animal Hospital, Buddy's surgery is schedule for June 20, 2012. "Oh thank you soo soooo much! I am so very grateful to you and the foundation! Someday when my situation turns around, I promise I will not forget the love and help given to Buddy and I will give it right back to another one in need.

Thank you! Thank you!!!!"
Carmen & Buddy Gonzalez
Amherst, MA


I still cannot believe it. I truly do not know what I would have done without your (Melissa Bahleda) suggestion to contact The Mosby Foundation, or their willingness to help. I realize how financially strapped all organizations are in these hard economic times, so the amount of their donation is HUGE!!!!! Now Tippy and Patches can get those nasty worms out of their system quickly and be on their way to finding a forever home. When I get back on my feet financially, and get a job, I will make a donation. It won't be much, but every little bit helps. I simply cannot express to you how appreciative I am. Thank you for all you do to help our four-legged friends.

Cathie, Barry, Tippy and Patches
Walnut Cove, NC


I want to first say Thank You big time for your assistance with my dog.  When I had no other way, I contacted a million organizations to get help. Out of everyone, Mosby was the only organization that helped me without giving me the run around.  My dog Mya is 6 years old and needed her toe removed because of a tumor.  The Vet told me $900... I had no way to pay for that.  I forgot the name of the lady that was helping me.  I think it was Beverly, but I really don't remember. I really wish I could remember so I could give her all the credit.  Because of her, the cost of the surgery to remove my dog’s toe was $400.  She questioned the amount of the surgery from the beginning and took it on herself to call the Vet and question the amount.  So after that, I called the Vet and spoke with them. For the 3 months I tried to get the money for the surgery that was $900, they actually explained to me the real cost and the surgery was $400. The $500 was all extra things I didn't even need.  Because of her I was able to finally get the toe removed. My dog was able to play, run and not focus her attention on that toe that was causing her so much uncomfortableness.  Because of the help I received, my dog has continued living without all the medication I was giving her because of the affected toe.  Now Mya doesn't even know the difference of not having four toes. She just knows she doesn't have to check her food before she eats and she doesn't have to wear her little black boot...Thank you so much and I truly hope I got the name right. If not, please forward this email and I believe she will remember who I am.  She was wonderful and she even gave me her home number because we were so close to the day of Mya's surgery. Please, please find the person that helped me and thank her so much.

Tina & Mya Rodgers
Tacoma, WA


Charlotte had her surgery and the doctor was very happy with the outcome of the procedure.  We picked her up Wednesday evening and brought her home. She must have been feeling so much better because she came in with her nose sniffing around the kitchen, looking for food.  That's the usual Charlotte. While she was injured she never searched for food in the kitchen.  We were happy to see that spark in her nose, to see the old Charlotte back.  We take her back in two weeks to get her staples out.  We do physical therapy on her twice a day.  Our biggest dilemma is trying to keep her to lay low.  She goes outside to do her business and she just wants to start running around. She is definitely ready to go for a walk!  

I want to thank you so much for the financial help you provided to us.  It really eased our burden at this time.  Is there an address that I may write to the Mosby Foundation to thank them for their gift? Again, my sincere thanks to all.

Right now she's sleeping like a log, snoring on the couch!

Take Care and God Bless!
Mikey Bancroft
Grove City, PA


Here is a picture of Gabby the night of bringing her home. She was loaded up on pain meds and the inflatable neck cushion worked great for a pillow. I slept on an air mattress so I could keep an eye on her that night. She stole all the covers! The next day, she was doing better but still sore. The vet said it was a pretty intense kind of surgery. With all the blockage, debris, and inflammation, she was glad we did it when we did. So many thanks again and I "WILL" repay you at some point so you can continue to help other animals. I just didn't have it this moment.

Henderson, NV



Thank you so much for helping me feel better! My mom couldn't afford to fix me and my leg hurt me all the time. Now I don't have to suffer anymore! My surgery went well, and soon I'll be good as new!

Love, Buster :)
Beverly Jenkins
Madison, VA






We are so thankful for your help with Coda! It means so much to us to have support in hard times. Everyday is a challenge for us with Bailee's disability. Having great dogs that she loves helps so much, but having a sick one is so hard, both emotionally and financially. Thank you again!!! The Mosby Foundation means a lot to us!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! It’s a true blessing to have people and an organization like you in our lives.

Emily Masters,
Ben and Bailee & Coda
Blacksburg, VA





Bella has a new home. After the heartworm treatment you made possible, she has a new family to love her. They will follow up with Dr. Majure in 30 days. Thank you for giving Bella the opportunity for a wonderful happy life. I asked that her new family remember The Mosby Foundation when choosing organizations to donate to. I forwarded your information to them. I will also be a "furever" donor. You gave Bella a new "leash" on life. Thank you!!!!   Look how happy they are!!!!!
Melanie Johnston

Madison, MS





I wanted to send a quick progress update on Macy. Her surgery went great and her staples were removed this week. The vet says she looks great and told her to go and have a wonderful life. We are waiting for the water to get warmer to take her swimming (she seems very interested in the water). She loves hiking!

Since her leg has been removed she moves with so much ease. She no longer acts like she is in pain all the time. She seems SO happy!

Thank you all so much! I will send more photos and updates as she continues to improve.

Natasha Teasley
Durham, North Carolina



I thought you may enjoy a short video of Jefferson "playing"!


He was the Beagle with the deformed feet that you helped. It is time for us to find this great Beagle Boy a new home. Will keep you posted.

SouthEast Beagle Rescue



My dog Mom tells me she reached out to many organizations for help with my bills.......(whatever that means) but you were the only ones to help us. I know she worries about me a lot and I was happy to hear that you helped her to stop worrying for a little while. I know she appreciates it . Well thanks again for helping my Mom. Time for a nap now.


Ginger (and Kelly)
Providence, RI


Words cannot express ow humbled and overwhelmed I am at this moment. Thank you seems like so little......but thank you. My son's birthday is this weekend and this is the greatest present we could have prayed for! I will be calling the vet as soon as I get this off to you to schedule Kristl's surgery. Attached are 3 picture's of Kristl from this week, and one of my son labeling our homemade dog treats that he's been selling to raise funds for her surgery.

In His Service,
Rickki Wallace
Marengo, OH






Hi! We just wanted to say thank you again for helping us with our puppy Lita. Since her first vet visit she has done great. She has put on weight and grown all her hair back. We were behind on getting her to the follow up visit because I had to be put in the hospital for complications with the pregnancy and then our baby was born premature and is in the NICU in a city an hour away. SO as you can imagine that made getting Lita back to the vet a little harder. But the vet was understanding and worked withn us and she was seen this week. He said she looked great and was pretty much good. He just wanted her to go on one more round of liquid meds just to make sure. We also want to thank you for helping us get our male dogs fixed. Lita just was in heat and it was such a relief not to have to worry about them getting her pregnant. They even seem to be happier dogs. Our largest male seems to be a different dog since he was fixed. He plays with toys for the first time in a long time and even plays with her now. Thank you again for all your help. You have no idea how much we appreciate it and how much we needed it!

Thanks again, Megan Sharpe
Statesville, NC


I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for all your help and willingness to help my family. I have called the vet and scheduled the surgery for Daisy. Thank you again for your willingness and help that you have provided for my family. I will forever be thankful for all your help.

Thank you,
Kristina, Roy, Haley, Joseph, and Daisy
Salem, VA


At 12+ years old Handsome Winston under-went surgery to remove his leg and a growth on his eye. Your generous support helped make this happen and we all want to thank you. He is such a wonderful, good natured little guy and he has adopted remarkably well. Thank you for donating so generously and so freely. It was a tremendous help at a difficult time. Winston is on the road to recovery and doing well in his foster home.

Best to you All,
Elise Ayers
Brookes Haven Animal Resuce
Bluffton, SC


I wanted to write to you after speaking with you tonight and let you know how much I appreciate your support, time and grant for Fossa's care. It means so much to me, as it is a first step, and reminds me that there is hope.

Fossa is my protector and my emotional support right now. I am hoping we will have a few more years together. These past 3 years as a victim of the stalker, (my former student), have been a nightmare and had a devastating impact on not only me but Fossa. I feel as though her illness was impacted by this. I just do not want to lose her now, but am hoping to have some time to make her life better, and share happier times with her. I also do not want to think he took away not only years from me, but also her.

Again, thank you so much.
Warm Regards,


My daughter has been such a big help in taking care of our injured animals this summer.  I believe that our cat (that survived the pit bull attack) and our Nala have done so well thanks to her love.  After Nala had her hernia repair surgery, my daughter started sleeping on the floor to be near Nala.  Nala usually sleeps on her bed, but we are under strict orders from the vet to keep her as still as possible (so jumping up on beds is out of the picture).

 Thank you so much for The Mosby Foundation's generous donation!!

Rebekah Branka
Hemet, CA


Thank you so much for helping the rescue obtain funds for Theodore. Many of us, including myself, donate our own time, money, etc. for these wonderful dogs. To have others help us and see what we do means a great deal. It also allows us to help more dogs and with the economy we have been very busy. Both of mine are from the rescue. My first Shar Pei was given to me in 1979 and I never stopped loving them. Please thank everyone connected with The Mosby Foundation for all of their hard work. It does pay off, and Theo is at home and recovering to prove it!

Again thank you to yourself and everyone at The Mosby Foundation. All of you ROCK!

Amanda Gober
Red Bank, NJ





We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for the assistance you provided to little Ikey. He is doing beautifully! New x-rays taken today showed that part of his esophagus has returned to a normal size and the area of the surgery looks really good. He is eating well and now weighs twenty pounds! The vet believes that he will continue to improve, but even if he doesn't get any better than he is now, his quality of life has improved 100%. It is a joy to watch him eat and not have to struggle with swallowing or keeping his food down. He is such a happy puppy and can now focus on the things all puppies should --- playtime and naps.

Thank you all for making a difference and saving his life. We'll keep you posted on his progress.

Tracy L. Treen
Chair, Board of Directors
Rockbridge Dog Rescue, Inc.
Lexington, VA



I just want to thank The Mosby Foundation for your help with Misty's surgery that she had this past Monday. It was such a kind and gracious gesture on your part. The people out here like Kathy at RUFF and Penny Adams from Concern for Indigent Animals are impressed that a number of organizations from back East stepped in. .Thank you for your big, beautiful hearts.

Dr. Madsen told me that the growth was quite large and really wrapped her right paw in a bandage that looks like a cast. It comes off this Friday and she gets her stitches out on August 1st. I am watching over her. She has been sleeping a good bit.

Just know that when I get this “break” in my career and everything turns around I will be more than happy to return the money to you and hopefully donate more.

Thank you so much.
Melanie Hoyt
Desert Hot Springs, California



I wanted to thank you for your graciously offering to help with money for my dog Poppy's leg surgery. You guys are amazing! Thank you again!!

Sara Britt
Long Beach, CA








Sadly, Munch has been diagnosed with cancer once more. It's spread to his face in his jaw and in the lymph nodes in his neck. He is now in palliative care with Novox and Amoxicillin. We're awaiting a tissue sample diagnosis but are pretty sure it returned much faster than anticipated. He will be leaving us shortly, I think. He knows nothing except a delight in going outside and playing as much as he can with his toys. He tries so hard but his balance is leaving him as the infection creeps up into his lymph nodes in his neck which affects his inner ear. We all gave him the best chance he had an no one anticipated this so soon as there was no evidence of the cancer having metastasized. The vets really thought the amputation would buy him a minimum of an additional year if not many, many more. Munch is such a brave soul and we will miss our three-legged hopper dearly.

Please let your group know that, despite Munch's impending death, their work is so valuable to animals like him. To have even a chance at life was worth the risk of going ahead with the amputation.

Carolyn Derkatch


I cannot thank you enough for your generous assistance with Jack. It sure took much of the worry off my shoulders and it made me feel great knowing there were helping hands out there. He is doing fine and goes back to the vet tomorrow for suture removal. He's using his leg more and more for bearing weight and continues to test it by hopping back and forth while on leash trying to play. I try to keep him calm and subdued, but it's getting harder and harder to do. He is to be kept in close confinement until at least mid May. Wish me LUCK!!

Kind Regards,
Laura S.
Yadkinville, NC


I would like to thank The Mosby Foundation for the generous donation and fundraising effort for my dog's surgery. Night is home & doing very well. She's hard at work re-learning to eat and seems to be getting the idea but needs practice. Meal time is quite messy right now. :-) Again, thank you so very much for the donation & fund-raising efforts on Night's behalf. Words alone will never be enough to express the gratitude I feel.

Kindest Regards,
Jeanne Harrsion
Winchester, VA


Just wanted to give you an update on Izzy and to thank you for helping us. We are thrilled to report that Izzy got a clean bill of health from Caremore Animal Vet in Augusta, GA. She is now heartworm free and begins her heartworm pills in three weeks. We could not have helped Izzy without your assistance and that of Happy Tails Rescue. We are trying to contact Happy Tails to make arrangements for Izzy to be put up for adoption. We are hoping that soon she will be placed with a family that not only loves her as much as we do, but that can also afford to give her the proper vet care she deserves. Again, we thank you for your kindness and hope to repay it in the future. You do wonderful things for wonderful dogs.

Best Regards,
Azure Stilwell,


I hope that you remember my Barney, me and how you helped him. Today at 4:15pm I have to put him down. Needless to say, I cannot even function. My baby no longer eats, takes his medicine or walks well. He is starting to suffer and I will not allow that. Please pray for him and thank you for everything you have done for him. I will make it up to you.

I hope that God will help me and my Barney find peace and be free from suffering.

Again, thank you for your help and your kindness through this horrible period of my life.

Best wishes,
Donna S.
Oakland Gardens, NY


Mia is up to her regular weight and the limp is gone!!! She runs and plays and enjoys her new owners, you would never know anything had ever happened to her.... She is truly an amazing dog and SO lovable too.... Thank you!








Thank you so much for your donation for our sweet, sweet Carrie so she can continue getting the medical care she so needs. I love this girl more than life itself and wish that the tables were turned. But through your generosity, she'll be able to get the vetting that she so desperately needs.


Thank you soooo much!
Kim Carter

Rosewell, GA.




Hello, my name is Laurel and I work in the LifeLine grant program with United Animal Nations. I just wanted to say thank you for being so generous with Betty Dixon and helping with Tanner's care. We've helped as well and it looks like Tanner is going to be able to get his second ablation. Betty is such a sweet lady and was so immensely grateful, so I thought I'd pass the thanks along with some of my own that we were able to work together to help her with Tanner.


Thank you for all you do!

Best Wishes,

Laurel Meleski

Program Assistant

United Animal Nations
Sacramento, CA


Hi Folks! Here is a post -surgery of Munch, now 3-legged and loving being out of pain. You can see he's happy because that wagging tail was so fast it blurred on the picture. Thank you SO much for your assistance in helping me get the surgery done. Smiles and hugs from both of us!


Carolyn Derkatch
Poulsbo, WA  


Thank you, again, for your help with my little guy. He had his surgery today. Unfortunately, the vet (who is excellent) said his eye was “exceptionally difficult”, and she isn't quite happy with the repair. She was very nice and very honest about it. She said he may have to have it done again at a later date, at no charge. Very nice of her to do that. I'll see him tomorrow as they are keeping him overnight.


Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Jeni & Dash
Wilsonville, OR


On behalf of the Board of Trustees, we sincerely thank you for your contribution donated to A Pathway to Hope.  Your generous support is greatly appreciated. All proceeds from this donation will go specifically towards the expenses of our latest mom Gili and her ten pups. Your contribution makes it possible for us to save Gili and her pups so they will be readied to find their forever homes when it is time. After being so deeply touched by Mosby's story, we decided to name one of her puppies in his honor. Thank you again for your support.


With thanks from “all of us” at A Pathway to Hope,

Amy Hofer, President

A Pathway to Hope
North Haledon, NJ


We recieved a touching letter from the SPCA Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (Africa) regarding Johnny Walker...

click on the image below to read more......


Los Angeles, CA

Wow! What a beautiful and generous gift for "Momma", as we are currently calling her! This will go a LONG way towards her goal and we are truly grateful. Even though she is probably a mix (I'm thinking maybe Kelpie), she tugged at our heartstrings so much that we had to try to throw her a lifeline. She sure seems to have weathered some hardship, so we're glad that we'll be able to afford to rehabilitate her. Generally, "unknown" entities like Momma take longer to place,  as they bring baggage from their sad pasts with them. I hope that's not the case with her, but no matter what, we will help her find happiness.

Many thanks again for this wonderful gift.

Maria, Volunteer
German Shepherd Rescue Orange County


Dr. Boyce called and talked to Mr. Coleman concerning Boots treatment. After talking to Mr. Coleman, he seems very happy about Boots' recovery. After anesthesia, x-ray, IV cath/line fluids, surgery, and in-house medications, Mr. Coleman's bill was nearly $1,000.00. Mr. Coleman, as you know, has limited funds.

The dog had extensive and terrible injuries to the pelvis and both rear legs,  but made remarkable progress. While it's unlikely this dog will ever return to a state of perfection, it became apparent Boots could be a functional and satisfactory pet if something could be done about the right rear leg. There was extensive damage to the right coxofemoral joint and it was extremely painful. Amputation of the right rear leg would not have been unreasonable. Mr. Coleman declined amputation, so a femoral head ostectomy (FHO) was performed by Dr Adcock on the right femur. So far, the results are quite encouraging.
Because of the educational value of this case, the obvious good qualities of the dog, and the commitment of the owner to care for the dog in the future, Dr. Boyce agreed to treat Boots for whatever your foundation will pay. This practice is committed to avoiding economic euthanasia and finding alternate paths to high quality care for our financially challenged clients. We certainly appreciate your organization's assistance in attaining this goal.
If there is anything we can do for you, please feel free to contact us.
Best Regards,
Johnathan Nowlin, EMT
Office Manager
Boyce-Holland Veterinary Services
Stuart, VA
(Editor's note:  We work with veterinary hospitals all over the United States, and we are extremely grateful for the few wonderful veterinarians that have the  belief and practice  of "avoiding economic euthanasia for their financially challenged clients". KUDOS to the compassionate, generous staff of this Veterinary Hospital,  Boyce-Holland!)


Dublin, VA

This is a picture of the little puppy Teak with the broken leg, for which you paid for her treatment. We took radiographs, put her under anesthesia, splinted the leg, and sent her home with plenty of pain medication. What a sweet pup! The owners had known that the puppy was hurt for several days before they requested treatment because of their very tight money situation. You folks do absolutely wonderful things for animals. We are so glad that you have chosen to help so many animals.

Thank you,
Emily Smith
Community Animal Hospital


Davenport, IA

I am humbled beyond words, for your help for my dear Hunter. Hunter and I were at Animal Family last night for another PCV. His hematocrit is holding from last Friday's transfusion at 21%. He is feeling MUCH improved over Friday night when I truly thought he was dying. His eyes were rolled back in his head, and he was unresponsive. God does answer prayers, and I felt his presence with us that night. When Hunter stood up in the euthanasia room at the animal emergency center you could have heard a pin drop. He isn't ready to leave me yet. He and I have a story to tell of faith and hope, and we are going to tell it!

It is because of compassionate people like you all that there is more hope in our world. Hunter's bills since this journey began not quite a year ago have topped $7000. There are no words to thank you enough for your help. Please know how thankful we are!

Debbie & Hunter   


An important part of the Grand Home Furnishings philosophy has always been improving the quality of life for all citizens in the communities in which we live. True to this philosophy, Grand Employees weekly contribute a portion of their earnings to the Grand Benevolent Fund.  Your organization has been selected by Grand Employees as a recipient of these funds. Through Grand's Benevolent Fund and the Grand Happiness Foundation we are proud to partner with you and support you in your efforts as you strive to ensure a higher quality of life for our neighbors, family and friends. 

Wishing you and your organization much success in 2011,

Colleen Price, Gary Siron, & Elsie McCool
Waynesboro, VA



I just wanted to thank you wonderful people on Thanksgiving from Chuck and myself. He has really bounced back following his surgery, and is eating well, has gotten his voracious appetite back LOL, and loves to take walks for 45 minutes at a time, pretty good for an old man who will be 18 in January! We remember you in our prayers every night, and I hope you continue to help others as you have helped Chuck and I, and that you get help in your efforts to do so. Thank you again! Barbara Turner & Chuck



While searching the internet for assistance with veterinary care for my search dog, I found your website. I have never sent a letter like this, but I am truly touched by Mosby's story. His life was exceptional from his extraordinary good fortune in being found and loved by Carole, to his unusual grace, love and tolerance for all species, to his service as Staunton's goodwill ambassador and a therapy dog who touched the lives of many. Also extraordinary was his hideous murder—shocking, cruel, and tragically untimely because Mosby had much more to give in his life. I am very glad that the person responsible for this crime was apprehended, tried, and punished to the extent that animal cruelty statutes would allow.

Please let me congratulate you for celebrating Mosby's life in such a positive way. His legacy lives on through your offer of giving rescued dogs a chance to be another Mosby, and through the inspiring message of hope and love. My family is unable to donate at this time—we are saving everything we can get for surgery for our own dog (not rescued, but selected carefully from a responsible breeder for traits that would make her the wonderful search dog she has become). As people who believe in the power of our relationships with dogs—what they can teach us, how much they give us, and what we  owe them in return—we hope to support your cause in the future. For now, though, please accept our heartfelt appreciation of Mosby's unique qualities, and yours.

Debbie Rosch and family


Official Duke Dog Mascot
James Madison University

Harrisonburg, VA.

I wanted to e-mail you again just to show my gratitude for working with you and the rest of The Mosby Foundation & Partner's Canines last weekend as the Duke Dog. You all were so helpful and enjoyable to work with, and the “doggie bag” of treats and toys were thoroughly enjoyed by my friend's two dogs that I help take care of.  The show (Pet Dog Fest) seemed like it was a big success. Once again I was glad to be able to help you guys out.

Thanks again,
Henry L.


Ricky Bobby
Vermillion, SD

Northern Plains Boxer Rescue is very grateful for the donation that was made to help with the medical costs of our sweet boxer boy Ricky Bobby. He is a true success story for our rescue and it is through the generous donations from people and organizations like yours that make it possible for us to continue to live out our mission to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home all boxers in need.

I am enclosing a picture of Ricky Bobby with his new family. His story was heart-wrenching and he had a tough, long road to recovery, but recover he did. His family attended our 1st Annual Boxer Walk that was held in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on Sept 25th and posed for this picture especially for your organization. They absolutely love him and the feelings are mutual.

Again, NPBR would like to thank you for everything you did to help Ricky Bobby recover and have a second chance at life.

Cheryl Burrell


Johnny Walker
Mandeville, LA

We would like to thank you for your very generous donation towards the Johnny Walker case at Louisiana Veterinary Referral Center. One of our surgeons, Dr. David Kergosien, performed the operation on Johnny this morning and Dr. Kergosien has donated his time for this surgical procedure. Johnny is stable and resting comfortably. On behalf of the owners of Johnny Walker and the staff of Louisiana Veterinary Referral Center in Mandeville, LA, we graciously thank you for your donation to his care and recovery.

Trish Monie,
Louisiana Veterinary Referral Center


Orange Park, Fl

Thanks to you and so many other caring people, HoneyBear had surgery on both legs today. It simply would not have been possible without your donations. We reached 92% of our surgery goal and I am so grateful and humbled by the kindness shown to our abused rescue dog. 

Thanks again everyone, including new fur and feather friends too.



Cherryview, NC

The Mosby Foundation was so generous to grant Bubba aid in his war with cancer.  He made a very courageous stand, fighting the battles with surgeries and chemotherapy.  His strong will and determination gave us the privilege of sharing another six months after the initial diagnosis.  Even though the cancer ultimately won, his courage through it all was remarkable.  We will miss Bubba very, very much!  Thank you for all you did financially and also your prayer support to sustain his life and our family.

George & Linda Ferguson



We just wanted to thank you for all your help in getting Duke neutered. Also for helping to arrange transportation for him to get him to the clinic. We are starting to see some improvement in his behavior (with potty)! He did very well with the surgery last week and is starting to act like his self again. We appreciate all you've done for Duke, our family and other families.

Duke Baldwin-Jarrells and his family


Cary, NC

I just want to thank you again for all your help and thank The Mosby Foundation for their help. We have a wonderful puppy now. She has been keeping me very busy! This has been a big week for her. She took her 1st walk outdoors, has learned to sit & shake, and is almost fully housebroken! She enjoys playing with her toys, especially her kong toy and taking naps with Mom & Dad!

Thank you!

Note: Miley had parvo and almost didn't survive!


Arizona Chihuahua Rescue

Meeko is all ready to go up for adoption. We have had several inquiries for her but they were not good matches for them or her.

Arizona Chihuahua Rescue and Meeko and I would like to Thank You and The Mosby Foundation again for all you did for Meeko.

Sharon Cook/Foster Mom


Why These Jail House Dogs Rock
Johnstown, CO

Just wanted you to know that this was THE most well written report on the concept of dogs and prisoners that I have ever read! Similar programs have been in existence for years and many articles and reports have been written on the topic. Susan's wording, clearly outlined the many aspects of the value of this program to both the prisoners and the animals. Most important is the 'reclaiming of their own soul, life and humanity'. So many complicated feelings, issues and experiences create a criminal...and then a pair of yearning, lost, and frightened eyes break through and make a miracle! This is a talented and capable writer.

The article should be filed...posted...and available for reference to all who work with animals.

click here to read the story on our Rescue News page.....

Roseanna Ponturo

Editors note:  This is in reference to the lead story in last quarter's Mosby's Mission, “Why These Jailhouse Dogs Rock”.  We too feel blessed to have Susan Vincent as our staff writer!



I just wanted to thank you all so much for everything. I realize that our dog’s problem was small compared to some. Yet, you helped us out. Dixie got her stitches out two days ago and is doing great. Her ear is now permanently droopy, but it gives her more character. Thanks again for all you have done. We are in debt to you.

Jessica Lawson


Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Words cannot express how thankful we are for your donation. The relief we received when we no longer had to see Zeke in daily pain was tremendous. He has had quite a journey throughout his short life, but he is our second child and we will do anything we can for him. Unfortunately all of our love was not enough to pay for the surgery he so desperately needed. Without your kindness we could have never helped him the way he deserved. Zeke just had his 1st birthday and had quite the party. He had many guests both 2 and 4 legged, wrapped gifts, treats and goodies, and of course we had to sing happy birthday!! We are so, so, so grateful!

Christy, Sam, Zoey and Zeke


Dublin, VA

I'm writing on behalf of the doctors and staff at Community Animal Hospital in Dublin, VA! We're writing to thank you so graciously for the funding towards the treatment of “Demon.” He was a very sick, little puppy and with the granted funding, you allowed him to receive treatment. He's doing so well!

We're attaching a photo of the little guy on his last day here with us. Thanks again for everything you do. You are a lifesaver, in more ways than one!

Emily L. Smith
Office Manager
Community Animal Hospital


I wanted to tell you how Molly is doing. She is really doing well. She is walking again and seems out of pain. I know she may still have pain on her other hip but I believe she feels so much better. I am so grateful for your help and getting her surgery. She will need 2 more surgeries in the near future, but because of her recent surgery that you all helped with she is doing really good. I am so glad her pain has been lifted because she was terribly miserable. I am just in awe of how she is doing. Her personality is able to shine now. She is a talker and will greet you at the door with a little howl. And she also lets you know when she is hungry. She is a very gentle dog and has taken her place at home now.  :-)

Thank you so much,

Karen & Molly


West Manchester, Ohio

A special “thanks” to The Mosby Foundation for assisting me in my vet expenses for Thumper and Crusher! Both of my little ones are home recuperating from their accident. Update on their condition: Crusher still has no vision in his left eye but there is still some chance that it will come back at least partial. Thumper is now walking in a straight line. All the swelling in her brain is gone and she has vision in both eyes. I have not found out who put my little ones in danger but I do forgive them and miracles do happen....both my babies are alive and that's what matters. Thank you again Mosby Foundation for your assistance.

Dana T.


Baton Rouge, LA

Johnny is the sweet and gentle two and half year old Walker Hound dog. He was lured from his porch by 3 young children who then, proceeded to beat in his face with baseball bats, breaking his jaws. Thanks to your financial help, he was able to have the surgery to fix his beautiful face. He is now a happy and smiling dog who lives with his 5 canine siblings and wonderful human family, Kevin, his wife, and 3 children who love him dearly. He is one lucky dog. All of us who cared so deeply for Johnny and his recovery will be eternally grateful for your generosity.

Most Sincerely,
Susan Aronson


I wanted to thank you personally, for the help you provided my dog Candy to have the testing she needed done on her liver.  Thank goodness, that they think everyting looks great. You helped provide me with much needed piece of mind though by helping me to get the proper tests to determine that her liver looked good. They are going to keep an eye on the enzyme levels by checking her blood every 3-6 months. I am so happy that she is alright and that your wonderful Mosby helped to create such a wonderfu foundation. I read his story and it was just so sad that someone could do that to him. When I am able I will be sure to donate back as much money as I possibly so we can pay it forward. Candy is the air I breathe, she is what I live for. She saved my life and became my service dog after I became disabled. She is also a therapy dog who goes and helps Santa at the children's hospital dressed as an elf. She is more popular than Santa if you can believe that. I just don't think I can express in words how thankful I am to you for helping me to make sure my baby girl is still in good health.

Brad, Candy, n' Chucky


Kent, Washington
Poor little Toto, a 4 year old Terrier mix started having dark bowl movements, stopped eating and started shaking.  After the veterinarian ran some blood tests and put Toto on prednisone they wanted to do a diagnostic test for Addison's disease.  Toto's owner, who is on disability and uses a walker, tried to sell her mobile home and move into her van in order to raise the funds to help her dog. But because of the economy, she couldn't find anyone to buy it. She contacted The Mosby Foundation for help and we were happy to be able to help Toto and her guardian.  Toto was diagnosed with Addison's. Now she has to have a monthly shot but is doing so much better!

UPDATE: Thank you so much for all your help!  You were able to save Toto, and I will be forever grateful.  She is not up to par yet, but I pray she will be soon.  Every now and then she plays with the cat’s toy ball.  It's one of those that bounces in different directions each time it hits the floor.  Toto loves to throw it up in the air, letting it bounce on the vinyl, then tries to catch it.  So fun to watch!  She's getting a little fat with her good appetite.  When she wants to eat more, she'll whine & knock her bowl around the kitchen floor til I give in.  Thanks again for everything!

God Bless!  Keep up the good work!

Vanice D.
Kent, WA


Morgan's Gift Of Life
Tulsa, Oklahoma

"Lap up," Chris says, and without a moment's hesitation, Morgan, his German shepherd, obeys.

Morgan is a service animal but she's the most unusual service dog you will ever meet. Most service dogs are trained to help the physically disabled to experience greater independence. These selfless dogs help the blind have greater mobility. Men and women with spinal cord injuries rely on service dogs to be their hands and feet. These dogs are trained to assist their owners with all the daily living tasks we take for granted.


UPDATE: Morgan is still doing well.  She and Chris are attending school.  There have been a couple of times that bursts of pain returned to her.  So far, having her rest for a couple of days has done the trick -she's not even using pain medication.  Dr. Rochet is prepared to do the surgery should the pain become intractable but we are hopeful it won't be necessary.  Sad news, the golden that was earmarked as Morgan's successor developed a virulent form of cancer that developed quickly.  Within just a few weeks of finding the first lump, she was euthanized. We don't know what will happen at this point about finding Chris's next partner.  We may even consider “owner training” with the help of our dog trainer if we can find the right candidate since the organization we were going through almost exclusively trains labs........a breed Chris doesn't have an affinity with. 

Once again, please know how much we think of you and your willingness to help Morgan. 

Take care!!

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Editor's note:  Morgan & Chris were featured in our Winter 2009 newsletter.  Chris was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome (a mild form of autism) and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  Morgan is his wonderful, loyal service dog.


Lovable Limpy (aka Jason)
Elizabethtown, NC

     A rescue group found this mixed breed pup at a shelter. His leg was horribly broken and never healed properly. They contacted us for help. The veterinarian determined that he would be a happier dog with the leg amputated and The Mosby Foundation helped to pay a portion of the surgery cost.  Now renamed Jason, this little guy is recovering well and waiting for a chance at a forever home.

UPDATE: I wanted to give you a HAPPY UPDATE on Jason (AKA “loveable Limpy”)...  This sweet darling boy was adopted today!  It seems unreal that exactly 50 days ago Jason was rescued from certain death from a shelter in North Carolina.  His injured leg was heartbreaking, especially knowing that he suffered for so long with that injury and never having medical care.  A few days after his arrival in rescue my awesome vet, Dr. Rice, amputated his rear leg and put Jason back on a path to health and well being.  Jason is such an inspiration – his loving spirit warmed my heart every day that he was here!  Jason is going to be SOOOO loved in his new home!  His Mom, Barb, seemed very thrilled to have Jason join her family.  He definitely seemed at home today when I dropped him off! 

It is with all your support that Jason was safely transported to me, had his surgery, and found a home.  I wanted to thank you all for helping out this little pup that was truly deserving.  Thanks again – you are all WONDERFUL!

Take care,

Barbara Tilton ,Director

Ditty Dats & Dogs Rescue

Martinsburg, WV


Quinlan, TX
This Cocker Spaniel mix was rescued by a police officer who found her in a cage at a school bus stop.  The dog was transferred to a private rescue group who had her evaluated by their vet.  Cloie was diagnosed with “cherry” eye and severe “dry” eye.  Unfortunately, Cloie’s dry eye was not responding well to medical treatment, and the vet advised referral to a veterinary eye specialist.  The eye specialist performed surgery to correct the cherry eye and better control the dry eye.  The Mosby Foundation contributed toward her surgeries and she is recovering at the rescue facility while she awaits a forever home.  Update:  Cloie has been adopted by a wonderful family!

UPDATE: Thank you for your pledge and payment to KCAAP for Cloie's eye surgery. After a rough start, her eye finally began to heal and the surgery was deemed successful.

Last week we received an inquiry about adopting Cloie and the home sounded perfect. With joy and sadness, she went to her forever home. We loved her but a family, including 2 cats, can give her what we dreamed of for her.

Without the financial support and your personal guidance, this would not have happened.

Thank You!
Allan, Karen, & Cloie
Quinlan, Texas

(editors note: Cloie was in AKC Rescue, a wonderful rescue located in North Texas)


Blacksburg, VA

A two year old mixed breed, Coda became suddenly blind from an acute onset of glaucoma.  This disease causes intense pain, and she needed to have surgery to remove both eyes, so she could live a comfortable life.  The Mosby Foundation made a contribution toward the cost of surgery, and Coda is now at home with her family and coping well with her disability.

It has been two years since Coda's surgery for complications from glaucoma. It seemed like a tough decision at the time, but with so much pain, and blindness from glaucoma, it was the right decision to remove her eyes.

We are so thankful for all the help we received from you to make Coda's surgery possible. With Ben being a police officer, we have limited income and our daughter Bailee has cerebral palsy, so I stay home with her and this has put a great deal of financial stress on our family. Without your help we couldn't have made this possible. You have given a great life back to Coda and our daughter Bailee, who thinks the world of her favorite four legged friend! Coda runs around the yard, wrestling with her buddy Maddy, leaps off the deck, and doesn't let anything slow her down. Bailee insists Coda smells all the flowers she picks too, and Coda is always a good girl for Bailee. She is so happy and now pain free too! We were very concerned for her being blind, but she has proven that eyes to a dog are just a mere accessory.

Thank you again for giving so much to our family (both human and canine),

Ben, Emily and Bailee Masters
....Coda and Maddy too

UPDATE: We wanted to thank you for helping with Coda's surgery. She is a wonderful 2 year old golden retriever mix that had glaucoma (unknown to us when we adopted her from Angels of Assisi last year) and needed to have both eyes removed to alleviate the pressure and the pain. Because of your help we were able to make this possible for her. We have a 20 month old baby girl, Bailee, with cerebral palsy. With her condition we have unexpected medical bills. Also because of the cerebral palsy, only my husband works and is on a small salary as a police officer, while I stay at home with Bailee and do her therapy with her and take her to her doctor's appointments. We would love for Coda to come help out in Blacksburg at the booth if she is allowed or for any other events we could attend. She is a wonderful dog and we are so thankful for your help so we could help her.

Thank you very much!!!

The Masters Family
Blacksburg, VA
Ben, Emily & Bailee


CHURCHVILLE, VAThis 2 year old female Boxer got a surprising new lease on life when her owner was evicted from the house where she was living.  The landlord found a very sick Jasmine, adopted her and had her treated for parvovirus and a respiratory infection.  The Mosby Foundation helped to pay for part of her treatment, and Jasmine is now doing well and LOVES her new family and her new life!

UPDATE: I want to thank you and The Mosby Foundation for what you did for our boxer Jasmine.  She is such a happy girl now and had it not been for your intervention she would not be with us today.  Thank you for all the encouragement and long talks on the phone when we were in such a panic as to whether we were going to be able to save her.  Thank you for your assistance with the vet bill, which was enormous in view of the fact that she had Parvo and kennel cough when we finally did get her.  When she first went to the vet she weighed 25 lbs (18 months old).  Jasmine now weighs 55 lbs which is her max weight.  She is in a loving environment with an older Golden that is slowly making up with her.  She has behavior issues that we are working on, she takes long walks every day and is such a joy for my husband and I. 

My hat is off to you and all the wonderful work that The Mosby Foundation does and thank you so much for your support,

Karen G.
Churchville, VA.


BLUFFTON, SCThis approximately 10 year old female Beagle was abandoned and taken in by the local animal control.  She was about to be euthanized when a rescue group responded to a call for help.  They took her to a veterinarian for evaluation, who determined that she was healthy, except for bad dental disease and severe eye disease.  A veterinary eye specialist determined that she was blind in both eyes, and that removal of both eyes would be necessary to relieve her pain.  She had the eye surgery, dental cleaning and was spayed.  The Mosby Foundation helped to cover a portion of these cost and is so pleased to hear that Willow is getting along wonderfully well and is very happy!

UPDATE:  Willow is just amazing! She will come into the middle of the living room and flop down on her back, waving all four legs like a cockroach, and start to howl -OOOW OOOW- and the puppies come running to play with her. They all pile on her, one to a leg and she trashes them around. I will get pictures of this act. In the yard she runs and never hits anything - she follows other dogs and I suppose she can hear plus smell where they have stepped. We have a blind diabetic dog coming in from Tennessee this month. His owner is elderly, ill and unable to care for him so we are going to, and he may go into our Seniors for Seniors program. He may be a good companion for Willow, although she gets along so well with all the others she is never lonesome. Willow THANKS AND BLESSES everyone who helped her!

Karen Wilkins
Marantha Farm, South Carolina



A Heartfelt letter from the Humane Society of Shenandoah County, Virginia
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