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There are few times over the past decade that a dog’s plight has touched me as much as this one does.  What this little  2 year old dog has endured in his short life is criminal.  I would like you to know that he is in a fabulous home now, but is still in need of another surgery……….hopefully his last.  His new “Mom”, Kim, simply and completely adores this dog.  She has raised funds for previous surgeries by doing bake sales, plush puppy toy adoptions, pet paintings, t-shirt sales, jewelry sales and the list goes on.

She and Wink are on a journey of a lifetime.  They have come so far, but still need more help to get to the finish line medically speaking.  Once that is achieved Wink will become a service dog visiting their local children’s hospital and elementary schools to teach children about caring for animals and treating them with kindness.

Kim and Wink are an incredible pair……………will you help them on their journey?

1-6-17  Update:

To date we’ve raised $1,317.50 towards Wink’s surgery

1-9-17  Update:

Thanks to a wonderful cover story of Wink that appeared in the Clarion -Ledger Newspaper, Jackson, MS we are now up to $3,437.05!!  Wink is half-way towards reaching his goal.  Please help Wink receive his life-saving surgery!

1-10-17  Update:

We are now up to $4,172.05 for Wink’s fund drive!


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