Help for River – Cortland, NY

I’m truly sorry for sending out all of these special fund drives, but these surgeries are very expensive and all of these dogs are in critical need of having them performed. River is a truly adorable and very much loved family dog. She had a very unusual complication occur during a simple spay and now is facing a life changing surgery. She simply can hardly breathe.

This surgery is very hard to perform and only a few veterinary hospitals have the capability of performing this surgery, thus making it very expensive. This wonderful family has spent all they had, $6,000, for the first surgery that placed a temporary stent in her nose, but now she is in need of a permanent stent.

River is a therapeutic dog for the family’s youngest son who has autism and addisons disease. Please help River get this surgery she so badly needs……….she is only a 1 year old puppy and has her whole life with this loving family!

For online donations

For checks, please mark it for River, and mail to The Mosby Foundation, P.O. Box 218, Deerfield, VA 24432

Thank you for your help and support. All of us at The Mosby Foundation wish you a wonderful and healthy New Year!

1-6-17  Update:

To date we’ve raised $1,067 towards River’s surgery


1-15-17  Update:

River still needs your help. To date, we have raised $1292. Any contribution is greatly appreciated

1-23-17  Update:

TO DATE WE’VE RAISED $2,982.  River still needs your support!  Please help! 

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