Help For Charlie – Cincinnati, OH

Sweet Charlie has a wonderful family, but unfortunately is in need of a specialized eye surgery called Salivary Transposition.  Charlie’s family has tried everything possible, but unfortunately this surgery is the last resort. The surgeon needs to move the saliva gland to the tear ducts.  If this is not done, there is a very good chance Charlie will loose her eyes. 

Charlie is a beloved member of this family who have done their best to help Charlie, but this surgery needs to be done and they simply can’t afford the cost.  Charlie was a shelter dog who was adopted into this family two years ago.  They had just lost their dog Princess and knew that Charlie would have some “big shoes” to fill…….and fill them she has!  But now she needs our help…….

 Can you please help Charlie and her family get this surgery as soon as possible?  Charlie is less than 3 years old and has a full life to live………..

Donations marked Charlie can be sent to, The Mosby Foundation, PO Box 218, Deerfield, VA 24432.  For Pay Pal donations, please donate below.

Please help Charlie live the full life she so deserves.  Thank you so much!  

Carole Adams
Executive Director


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