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  Dogs In Need

If for some reason the surgery for a particular dog doesn't occur within 60 days, the funds donated for that surgery will go back into our general fund to help the next dog in need.  Thank you for helping us help all these dogs in need!

Click on the following dog's name for updates.
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Street Dogs

Caribbean Street Dogs

UPDATE 7-4-14
Street Dogs UpdateStreet Dogs UpdateFinally I delivered the second check, see pictures attached. The lady with the pink blouse is one of the activist that helps with the cause, I invited her to be there to have more transparency.

I spoke to Dr. Riply yesterday, because I was referring a rescued puppy that was beaten by two humans and broke his skull then dumped him in the trash, its in arpet...and she said that the bank told her it takes 25 days to clear the check, is this correct.

UPDATE: 6-19-14


We raised $3,000 which was equally divided between ARPET and La Rinconda, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for medical treatment of street dogs. Here is a picture of Maria Lugo-Silvero (left) who originally contacted us for help, and the wonderful hospital staff at ARPET.  Dr. Lourdes Ripley (middle) and his staff help all of these poor homeless animals receive the medical care they so badly need.  Maria then puts the dogs into adoption once they are healed.  As Maria told me at the beginning, "how can we leave them (dogs & cats) down, when they are down on their knees?"  No truer words were ever spoken.

Again, your contributions will help hundreds of street dogs.  There is also a wonderful new spay/neuter mobile van assisting in the pet over- population problem of these street animals and owned pets who's owners can't afford to get their animals altered.   Thanks to Humane Society International!


UPDATE: 4-4-14

We are still working hard for our animals, as we need to educate our communities regarding the respect and treatment of dogs, cats, horses or any other animal they own. This past Sunday we had a our First K-nine marathon (it was only 1 Km.), so it was a nice get together with animal lovers and to socialize the law and other rescuing tips, We got to meet the some faces behind the effort to save and treat street dogs.

Thank you very much for your support, only by knowing that we have people listeningto us is very strenghting. Best regards, Maria


Thank you all so very much for opening your hearts to the desperate need of dogs living in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  As you can see by these photographs, these street dogs live a horrific life.  This small group of rescue warriors is doing an incredible job with very limited funding.  We are very grateful to be able to raise a total of $2,485.70, plus The Mosby Foundation will add another $514.30 to the fund-drive for a total of $3,000.   Although we have officially closed this fund-drive, if anyone would like to contribute to this on-going project they can use the pay pal button on our homepage and simply put "Street Dogs" in the memo section.  100% of your donation will go directly to the veterinary hospitals helping save these dogs.

Again, thank you so very, very much for your wonderful support!


These are two of the lucky street dogs that have been saved. Once they receive their medical care they will be put into foster homes and then be put up for adoption. This rescue in Santo Domingo does an incredible job with hardly any financial aid. They work with several incredible vet hospitals that help them help these dogs.

Please if you would like to help these dogs, and dogs just like them, make a donation today by using this paypal button. 100% of your donation will go directly to the vet hospitals helping these lost souls and others just like them. Or send a check made out to The Mosby Foundation, PO Box 218, Deerfield, VA 24432. Please be sure to mark your donation "Caribbean Street Dogs", so 100% of your donation goes to the street dogs of the Dominican Republic.

To date we've raised $2,485.70

ShoshanaUPDATE  2-22-14
Shoshana has received vet care and she is now ready for adoption!

UPDATE 2-18-14
Animal Balance Organization, an organization that helps with Caribbean animal welfare groups has been working with Pets Breeding Control, helping with sterilization. Also, Zeuterin an injectible sterilization for male dogs is being considered. Please read about Zeuterin which became available on 2-17-14!

A quick update on the street dogs in the Dominican Republic.

1. 4 doctors from Europe are arriving this week in Santo Domingo, and along with Pets Breeding Control Foundation, they will spay/neuter 400 street dogs and cats.

2. The Humane Society International contacted Maria on Feb 5th to offer their assistance.

3. To date we've raised $2,080.70 to be used for medical treatment for these critically sick, injured and abused dogs.
Maria told me the following (at the bottom) which I would like to pass on to those of you who have helped and are helping.   
To everyone who has helped or is helping I thank you so very, very much!  They need our voices so they can be heard and helped!

UPDATE 2-5-14!
"Thanks to all of you whom have heard us and identified with our problems the Humane Society International,  has contacted me Today!! Hope this is a beginning of a well needed change of mind of our locals, and for them to start respecting our animals. — Maria

This is a one-time fund-raiser we are doing for these dogs and dogs just like them. We will update information as we have it. The drive will run from February 1, 2014 and end April 1, 2014.

If you would like to help a street dog, please use the donate button above, or mail a check marked "Street Dogs" to The Mosby Foundation, PO Box 218, Deerfield, VA 24432



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