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Gimme Shelter – Fall 2017

Spartacus, Hastings, FL 6-year-old, Pit Bull

Spartacus was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma.  His mom reached out for assistance for him to receive chemo treatment. Thanks to The Petco Foundation & Blue Buffalo Pet Foods, he is getting the required  treatment and is getting back to his old self again!

Newman, Muskegon, MI 8-month-old, French Bulldog

When Newman was re-homed, his new mom took him for a vet check to address limping and breathing issues.  The doctor discovered a 4-6 week old fracture that had stopped his leg from growing, with the best course of action being an amputation.  Additionally, he was diagnosed with brachycephalic syndrome which was causing his breathing difficulties.  Thankfully, Newman’s new mom had the help of The Petco and Mosby Foundations to assist with his surgeries and is now on his way to a happy, healthy life!

Buddha , Winter Park, FL 7-year-old, Goldendoodle

Buddha had complications during gastric bloat and torsion surgery causing PVC heart arrhythmia and pancreatitis.  We were happy to contribute to his treatment,  and he is now stable and on his way to a full recovery!

Malachi, The Colony, TX 6-year-old, Lab/Terrier mix

Malachi was on antibiotics for a dew claw injury; however, with its location and his active lifestyle, re-injury was just a matter of time.  Thanks to our amazing donors and supporters,  Malachi can now get back to regular activity, free from pain and worry!

2Pawz, Mesa, AZ 7-year-old, Wheaton terrier mix

Blood transfusions to help with 2Pawz’s Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA) were needed,  in addition to constant monitoring and care from his mom and doctors. Thanks to Petco and generous supporters of TMF, he is getting stronger everyday!

Barney, Antioch, TN 11-year-old St. Bernard mix

Due to risk of spreading cancer cells, a swift surgery was needed to address a tumor that had developed on Barney’s anal gland.  He is thankful for generous donors who made it all possible so he can continue a happy, healthy life!

Kiki, Modesto, CA 9-year-old, Schnauzer

Kiki’s  human mom lost her husband, and they had to move in with a close family member.  Shortly after settling in, Kiki developed tumors on the right side of her torso which needed to be removed.  Thanks to the generosity of TMF donors, Kiki and her “ mom”  can begin the healing process they so desperately need.

Harvey ,The Marvelous Houdini “Love Bug” North Hollywood, CA 12-year-old Golden mix

Harvey is an assistance and therapy dog to his human mom  who rescued him at only 3 months old.  Shortly after losing their 17-year-old canine companion, Clyde, they learned that Harvey had lymphoma.  Through grants from The Petco Foundation & Blue Buffalo Pet Foods,  he is receiving treatments and getting back to his old tricks.

Mikado, Holiday, FL 10-year-old German Shepherd

Mikado’s person, a disabled USAF Desert Storm Veteran, had many personal hardships.  When he learned of Mikado’s cancerous anal gland tumor, he immediately sought assistance to save the life of his canine companion.  We were able to assist with Mikado’s treatment so that the two of them can share many more memories together. 

Precious, Washougal, WA 8-year-old Pit Bull

When Precious was viciously attacked by another dog, her jugular  vein was severed and she lost a lot of blood.  Her recovery was looking grim and the veterinarian didn’t have much hope for her survival.  Thanks to TMF donors and grants, Precous received the lifesaving surgery and  has made a full recovery. “We don’t know how we could come home without her big loving eyes and wagging tail. I can’t express the gratitude I have for all the help.  Thank you just doesn’t cover it.”

Duke, Eugene, OR 8-year-old Yellow Lab

Duke’s mom contacted TMF when she learned that he would need surgery to remove a tumor on his jaw. “Duke is doing very well! He is now 4 days post-op and hates the cone of shame. He is such an important member of our little family. Thank you so much for the grant and support!”

Shady, Garland, TX 11-year-old Blue Heeler

Shady’s mom had successfully fundraised for his chemo & radiation and just needed help with the last weeks of treatments.  His mom says “I’m so grateful to everyone that has helped me! Such an incredible blessing from the Lord to have so many beautiful people come into my life to help my sweet baby boy!”

Gracie, North Hills, CA 10-year-old Jack Russell

Gracie was really sick with an intestinal bowel obstruction and dehydration.  Thanks to our donors and  a grant from The Petco Foundation, she was able to have the surgery she needed to get back on track.

Fancy, Winder, GA 12-year-old Toy Poodle

A serious tooth infection was jeopardizing Fancy’s quality of life and the vet determined that all of her teeth needed to be removed.  She can now grin again thanks to her friends at TMF.

Bear, Spring Valley, CA 8-year-old Poodle

From Bear: “I was having trouble with my eye when my doctor determined that my third eye lid needed to be removed.  Now I am pain free thanks to my friends at The Petco and Mosby Foundations.’

Mater, Happy Valley, OR 5-year-old Corgi/Terrier mix

Mater’s chipped molar was causing him a lot of pain and keeping him from his happy and active lifestyle.  With our help, he received the treatment he needed and is back to his old self again. 

Oliver, San Leandro, CA 8-year-old Terrier mix

Oliver is doing well after his bilateral cataract surgery.  We were happy to be able to contribute to his surgery, and he is seeing much better these days!

Reese, Chesapeake, OH 10-year-old Dachshund

The Petco Foundation & Blue Buffalo Pet Foods grants and our generous  donors made possible the removal of a tumor.  Reese is now  on his way to a full recovery.

Mack, Ravenal, SC 4-year-old Dachshund mix

Mack received treatment for heart worms thanks to the generous donors of The Mosby Foundation! We have encouraged his human mom to please keep him on heart worm preventive in the future.

Coco, Williamsburg, VA 7-year-old Beagle mix

Coco is recovering nicely after a large mass was removed from her belly.  Her mom is so grateful for the assistance she received from TMF so her baby can feel better again!

Help For Charlie – Cincinnati, OH

Sweet Charlie has a wonderful family, but unfortunately is in need of a specialized eye surgery called Salivary Transposition.  Charlie’s family has tried everything possible, but unfortunately this surgery is the last resort. The surgeon needs to move the saliva gland to the tear ducts.  If this is not done, there is a very good chance Charlie will loose her eyes. 

Charlie is a beloved member of this family who have done their best to help Charlie, but this surgery needs to be done and they simply can’t afford the cost.  Charlie was a shelter dog who was adopted into this family two years ago.  They had just lost their dog Princess and knew that Charlie would have some “big shoes” to fill…….and fill them she has!  But now she needs our help…….

 Can you please help Charlie and her family get this surgery as soon as possible?  Charlie is less than 3 years old and has a full life to live………..




Help for Dunkin – Clarksville, MD

Little Dunkin is a precious beloved member of a wonderful family and is in dire need of surgery.  Dunkin was born a pseudo hermaphrodite, meaning he has both female and male reproductive organs despite being born a boy.  Because of this he suffers from recurrent life-threatening urinary tract infections.  Dunkin has been through 3 surgeries and numerous rounds of antibiotics. Unfortunately, these approaches have proved to be only a Band-Aid.  His doctors recommend a pre-pubic urethrostomy and are optimistic that this surgery has a 75% chance of success.  Without this surgery Dunkin’s infections will become more and more resistant to antibiotics until they take his life.

Unfortunately Dunkin’s family simply can’t afford this life-saving surgery.  As Aimee tells us, “Dunkin is the happiest and most loving little dog, and we can’t stand the thought of losing him. We are running out of time to save his life, and we really need your help!”




Help for Balin – Solana Beach, CA

Balin Update:  1-30-17 

Hi, Carole! Sorry for long reply, I wanted to do good photos and videos of Balin…

thank you so much for your kindness and wariness. Balin is doing pretty well. Every day we going to a Dog’s beach and he makes his muscles stronger. Two days ago he again handled home stairs, so we proud of him!


Balin Update:  1-3-17 

(Unfortunately Balin was in such bad shape he needed to have surgery immediately.  We were not able to raise the $15,000 to have both hips replaced at the same time, so the funds raised paid for an FHO……….please see the note below from Balin’s Mom)

Happy New year!))

Balin had surgery last Thursday at Specialty Hospital in Sorrento Valley, San Diego. In the end, the doctors decided the best option for him was a 2-sided femoral head resection, FHO. He had both sides affected so badly, that with one-side THRs (Total Hip Replacement) he wouldn’t be able to stand. When they did the surgery, they confirmed this, as he had really bad arthritis. In a good case, this surgery will be sufficient. In the bad case, we might have to return to THR option in a year or so. Cases like this are described in vet literature.

Well, he is home now, pretty weak and on three drugs. He is doing ok though, we have 5-minuted walks three times a day, supporting him with a sling. The surgeon said he’ll improve dramatically over the next few days and we’ll probably do physical therapy so he learns to walk again.

Thank you so much again for your support!)


Please meet Balin, a handsome Bernese Mountain Dog puppy rescued from a terrible breeder in Russia.  This puppy isn’t even a year old and is in need of complete hip replacement surgery on both sides.  The surgeon tells us that with this surgery and proper veterinary care Balin will be able to live a long, healthy, normal dog’s life.  Currently, he is in such pain that he is dragging his feet every step he takes and wearing away the nails and causing severe bleeding.  Maria tells us that Balin is fantastic, smart, loyal, and a great companion.  They consider Balin their other “son.” Unfortunately, his condition is getting worse with him growing and gaining weight.  He can barely walk…………

This family has been terrific, adores this dog, and has worked so hard to raise the funds so badly needed for Balin.

Will you please help Balin walk again?   He is so close to having the life he deserves…………No amount is too small. We need your help to make this possible.



Help for Ryka – West Enfield, ME

12.19.16 – Fund Drive Closed

Please check back for Updates.

Ryka is a beautiful German Shepherd pup that turned one year old in October. Unfortunately, as shepherds are too often inclined, because of some breeding practices, Ryka has severe bi-lateral hip dysplasia and is in a tremendous amount of pain. Ryka was rescued after her new mom, Sheila, saw her on a site when her 3rd family was trying to rehome her due to not being able to afford the care she needed.

Sheila and her husband desperately need our help so they can offer this puppy the life she so badly deserves.

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