Dogs We’ve Helped Archive

Gimme Shelter – Winter 2017

Junior, Tallahassee, FL

Junior, a 9 year old American Bulldog, was abandoned by his former family and rescued by a loving person who is dedicated to giving Junior the life he deserves. When he was diagnosed with heartworms, his new family appealed to The Mosby Foundation for help. Junior is now on the road to recovery and doing very well, and his family is so grateful.

Teenie, Dublin, VA

Teenie, the Beagle puppy, had adhesions that stuck her abdominal and pelvic organs together. The surgery to spay her required a delicate touch to separate the adhesions and avoid causing organ damage or bleeding. We are happy to report that with our help, Teenie received the specialized surgery and recovered very well.

Buddy, Naples, FL

As a young dog, Buddy, the Jack Russell, was found on the streets. His nder could not keep him, but his brother’s family stepped up and has given Buddy a loving home for the past 11 years. When Buddy developed two masses on his abdomen, his family turned to The Mosby Foundation for help paying for the surgery, and Buddy, who is described by his family as a true blessing, is now doing well.

Sienna, Franklin, NC

A former shelter dog who was trained to be a service dog, 9 year old Sienna, the German Shepherd, had multiple masses throughout her body. One on her left hip needed to be removed right away, and thanks to The Mosby Foundation, Sienna had surgery and is now described as “the best service dog ever.”

Lizzie, Little Compton, RI

Lizzie is an 8 year old Labrador Retriever who loves sitting on the back porch in the sun with her granddad. When Lizzie developed a soft tissue sarcoma of her leg, the only treatment for her was amputation. Thanks to The Mosby Foundation, Lizzie had her surgery and is once again enjoying her time on the back porch.


Bella, Fort Mill, SC

Bella, the 14 month old Boxer mix, was diagnosed with pancreatic exocrine insuciency, a condition caused when the pancreas cannot manufacture the enzymes necessary for digestion. As a result, although Bella’s food intake was normal, she was slowly starving. With medications and a strict diet, Bella is doing well and gaining weight.

Bailey, Mount Dora, FL

A torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in her knee caused 3 year old Bailey, a Siberian Husky, to be in continuous pain. Surgery to repair the tear and get Bailey running around her yard again was too expensive for her family. Thanks to The Mosby Foundation she received the surgery and is back to her old self once again.

Shiloh, Stuarts Draft, VA

Shiloh is a 7 year old female German Shepherd whose chronic ear infections made her miserable. The medications that were prescribed just didn’t seem to work, and cytology was needed to determine which antibiotics were needed to eradicate the organism. Thanks to The Mosby Foundation and their donors, Shiloh was treated and is nally free of


Madison, Woodford, VA

A 4 year old Chihuahua, Little Madison, needed emergency surgery because of pyometra, a life-threatening infection of the uterus. Fortunately, Madison received her surgery in time, and is back to her usual loving, happy little self.

Spongebob, New Albany, IN

Spongebob, an 11 year old Beagle, had such a large tumor on his ear that it looked like a third ear. The estimate for surgery to remove the tumor was a bit more than his family could handle, but thanks to The Mosby Foundation, Spongebob had the operation.

Captain, Virginia Beach, VA

Captain, the 3 year old Pit Bull, went to live with his new mom when her own daughter couldn’t keep him. When Captain needed bilateral ACL surgery, The Mosby Foundation stepped in to help fund the surgery. He is now doing very well, and is a much-loved member of the family.

Emily, Elkton, FL

A 3 year old Lab, Emily, was adopted earlier this year from a rescue group and then diagnosed with heartworms. With the help of The Mosby Foundation, friends and family, Emily was treated and is doing very well.

Karma, Grass Valley, CA

A Pit Bull, 2 year old Karma, had genetic defects in both knees, and as she grew, her knees could not keep up with the growth. Thanks to our help, Karma had surgery to correct the defect, and is now doing great.

Haven, Sulphur, LA

Five year old Haven, a mixed breed, needed ACL surgery. An active girl who loves to follow her dad around, Haven is once again running and playing after her corrective surgery. Her dad thanks The Mosby Foundation and the kind vet for helping him get

his girl back.

Piper, Columbia, SC

Piper is a 1 year old Golden Retriever. After many visits and tests, Piper’s vet diagnosed her with Immune-Mediated Meningitis, which is an autoimmune infection of the covering of the brain and spinal cord. Although this condition can be caused by several things, it was toxoplasmosis, a parasite, that caused Piper’s meningitis. Since she received proper early treatment she is on her way to a wonderful life.

Ovi, Bloomington, IL

An 8 year old Pit Bull, Ovi, had a taste for non-food items like the sofa! As a result, Ovi was sick a lot and the vet said he had a very irritated stomach. Now, after medication, Ovi is back to being his mom’s best friend and support system as she deals with her own medical issues.

Grayson, Erie, PA

An abdominal sarcoma made Grayson, the 9 year old Pit Bull mix, miserable. His mom nally found a vet willing to help Grayson, but she could not aord the cost of treatment. Thanks to The Mosby Foundation, Grayson is bouncing back and doing very well.

Shaylan, Woodland, CA

An Irish Wolfhound, 4 year old Shaylan, was diagnosed with aspergillosis, a fungal infection, in her sinuses. The transnasal treatment needed was beyond the nancial resources of her family, so they turned to The Mosby Foundation. Now Shaylan is healthy again, and her six loving family members are so thankful to have their girl back.

Rugar, Eagle River, AK

In a porcupine vs puppy ght, poor Rugar lost! With quills stuck all around his muzzle area, Rugar was miserable, and his family reached out to the local re department. The reghters took Rugar to a local clinic, and the clinic contacted The Mosby Foundation for help since Rugar’s family couldn’t aord the treatment needed.Thanks to the re department, the clinic and The Mosby Foundation Rugar is doing very well, and hopefully staying away from porcupines!

Beauregard, Marion, VA

A Basset Hound, 9 year old Beauregard, was rescued from an abusive situation by his new mom. When Beauregard developed a mass on his back leg, chemo was needed. His mom worked very hard to raise the money for his treatment, but needed to turn to The Mosby Foundation for additional help. Beauregard is still receiving chemo, but so far he is doing very well, and the vet is confident that he will have a complete remission.

Gimme Shelter – Fall 2016

annie-hager2-frederick-mdAnnie, Frederick, MD

Annie, an 8 year old German Shepherd, had an anal sac infection with a possible tumor behind the anal gland. Surgery removed the gland and went very well. Thankfully, there was no tumor. Her grateful family says, “Thank you to The Mosby Foundation for making this possible for us. Annie and I are both greatly relieved and very happy.”

tessa-b-kraynak2-mableton-gaTessa, Mableton, GA

Tessa, an 11 year old Basset Hound, had a mass on her torso requiring surgery. The surgery went great, and it was a relief that she had so much extra skin since the mass was so big! Tessa is home and doing very well.

siren-chamness2-oklahoma-city-okSiren, Oklahoma City, OK

Siren, a German Shepherd puppy, had a congenital patent ductus arteriosus,(PDA) meaning that an embryonic hole between the upper chambers of his heart had never closed. This causes shortness of breath and can lead to congestive heart failure. Fortunately, surgery to close this hole is relatively simple, and we were happy to donate to this effort. Following her procedure, Siren acts just like a normal puppy. Adopted by a loving family, she is dearly treasured.

jackson-moyers-norfolk-vaJackson, Norfolk, VA

A former service dog until hit by a car, this 12 year old Beagle/Lab mix, was diagnosed with spindle cell tumor on his thigh. A common tumor, most spindle cells are slow-growing, but do not respond to chemo, so Jackson needed surgery. With financial assistance from us, Jackson had successful surgery removing the entire mass. Jackson is now running and playing like nothing ever happened.

lucy-goethe-padgett-waltersboro-scLucy, Walterboro, SC

This 8 year old hound mix had a mass on her leg that was not shrinking with chemotherapy. The decision to amputate was made and Lucy’s quality of life has improved greatly.


brady-lockhart-garland-txBrady, Garland, TX

A Cocker Spaniel, Brady had a left eye luxation as a result of glaucoma. Enucleation, removal of the eye, was required to stop his pain. His family had underestimated the pain he had been in. Now he is a changed boy, acting like a puppy again!

betty-white-sigmon3-winston-salem-ncBetty White, Winston Salem, NC

A Bulldog, Betty White had squamous cell carcinoma in her lymph nodes. Following surgery to remove the tumor, Betty White is doing very well.

Roxie Valentine McGrath2, Franklinton, LA
Roxie – Franklinton, LA

Roxie is a 1 yr old Boxer who had luxating patellas, a condition where the kneecaps slip out of place, preventing normal knee movement and causing a lot of pain. After her surgery, Roxie did very well, and is on her way to being her normal bouncy, wiggly, energetic Boxer self, with no more limping or pain.

bellarue-stumpf-washington-paBellarue, Washington, PA

Bella Rue is a 12 year old Miniature Schnauzer who needed surgery to remove a tumor on her lung. After surgery, Bella Rue did well and is living the good life in a family with two other dogs, eight cats and a duck! Follow-up testing results are due soon, and everyone hopes that she will prove to be cancer free.

orson-bratly2-reseda-caOrson, Reseda, CA

A retired seeing-eye dog, Orson the German Shepherd has lymphoma, a type of cancer that is not curable but can be treated to allow him to live a longer life with his new family. The treatment is very expensive. Thanks to The Mosby Foundation, Orson is receiving treatment and making his family happy. He is giving and receiving lots of love and living a wonderful life.

savannah-shipman3-middletown-nySavannah, Middletown, NY

Toy Poodle, Savannah, had rectal polyps that needed to be removed. After being rejected by several other foundations, her person contacted The Mosby Foundation and was ecstatic to receive word that we would help! Now free of the polyps, Savannah is doing very well and is just about back to her old self.

madge-shorter-new-york-nyMadge, New York, NY

Madge, a Cocker Spaniel had several mammary tumors. Because her person is in a nursing home temporarily, Madge is being fostered by friends who care a lot about both of them. Although Madge needed two surgeries to remove all the tumors, she is now doing great and is just waiting to be reunited with her person. Madge and her foster family say, “Thank you to The Mosby Foundation and all your donors for all of your help.”

sally-folkers-cedar-falls-iaSally, Cedar Falls, IA

This 11 years old Golden Retriever had a cancerous mass on her shoulder. During surgery, the vet got good clear margins and feels very good about the prognosis. Hugs and doggie kisses to The Mosby Foundation from Sally and her grateful family.

willow-bentley2-tacoma-waWillow, Tacoma, WA

Foxtails, a grass-like weed, were plaguing Willow, a young Pit Bull/Border Collie mix. Embedded foxtails can burrow into the lungs, brain or spine and lead to death in a dog. Obviously the foxtails needed to be removed and we were happy to be able to contribute to this procedure. Willow is now doing very well, and watching out for foxtails!

sam-engels-huntington-beach-caSam, Huntington Beach, CA

A Rat Terrier mix, Sam is 6 years old and had bilateral cherry eye, which is actually a prolapse of the third eyelid. While it results in the eye protruding and is unsightly, it can also become very uncomfortable, and can lead to scratching of the eyes and then infection or bleeding. After surgery to repair the cherry eyes, Sam is back to his feisty self. His family says, “Thank you to The Mosby Foundation and your donors. Our boy is back.”

rocky-nelson-newport-ncRocky, NewPort, NC

Rocky, a 1 year old Plott Hound, was found abandoned by the side of the road, apparently hit by a car and left to die. He had a fractured knee. The local SPCA waited for him to be claimed, but no one seemed to be looking for Rocky. After 5 days, they released him for adoption. The man who had found him on the road looked into Rocky’s eyes and immediately adopted him. With our help, Rocky’s knee was repaired and now Rocky and his dad are inseparable.

haven-morris-sulphur-laHaven, Sulphur, LA

The five year old mixed breed, needed ACL surgery. An active girl, Haven is once again running and playing after her corrective surgery. Her dad thanks The Mosby Foundation and the kind vet for helping him get his girl back to being active without pain.

marley-roney2-lebanon-tnMarley, Hermitage, TN

This two year old Yorkiepoo was diagnosed with blastomycosis and histoplasmosis, both caused by inhaling fungus spores commonly found in the soil around lakes and rivers. Fortunately, they were treatable with medications. The Mosby Foundation contributed and now Marley is doing much better. His proud mama is very excited about his recovery progress.

mitz-avery-cleveland-ohMitz, Cleveland, OH

Mitz is a very excitable Chihuahua/Min Pin mix who leapt from her person’s arms and fractured her forelimb. The Mosby Foundation helped with the surgery. Now healed, Mitz is back to running and playing and being her old self. Her person has learned to hold her tighter so she can’t jump down!

Gimme Shelter – Summer 2016

Rocky Osbahr, Barnegat, NJ
Rocky – Barnegat, NJ

Rocky is an 8 yr old Chihuahua from NJ. Because his surgery was done at a hospital two hours’ drive from his family, they stayed with him throughout the surgery, which went very well. His family is so grateful to The Mosby Foundation for helping their boy.

Millie Poling, Fort Lauderdale, FLMillie – Fort Lauderdale, FL

A 5 yr old German Shepherd from Ft Lauderdale, FL, Millie has only three legs and uses a cart sometimes, but she is very active. Now, however, she needs ACL surgery. The Mosby Foundation has contributed toward Millie’s surgery, and her mom is now working to get the rest of the funding.

Maggie Booker2, Taylorsville, IL
Maggie – Taylorsville, IL

Maggie, a 2 year old Pit Bull from Taylorsville, IL, had chronic ear infections that made her miserable. In May she underwent a lateral ear resection, and is now able to live a much happier life. Fortunately for Maggie’s family, the vet also trimmed her nails, which normally requires five people to do!

Hershey Noble, Grand Rapids, MI
Hershey – Grand Rapids, MI

Hershey is a 13 yr old Pointer/Lab mix from Grand Rapids, MI who had a malignant melanoma behind his eye. Thanks to The Mosby Foundation, he received surgery, which successfully removed the tumor. Hershey had lost some weight, but his grateful mom is fattening him up again, and says she and the vet are very happy with the outcome.

Cedric Tello2, Lancaster, CA
Cedric – Lancaster, CA

Cedric, an 8 yr old Pit Bull, was an unexpected addition to his mom’s life when her son moved out and left Cedric. Initially uncertain about taking care of him herself, Cedric’s mom now calls him the love of her life and her only companion. When this gentle boy developed a large growth in his armpit that was very uncomfortable, his mom turned to The Mosby Foundation for help paying for surgery to remove the growth.

Tinks Dunn, Levittown, PA2
Tinks – Levitown, PA

Little Tinks, an 11 year old Toy Fox Terrier, had a mass on her paw causing her a lot of discomfort and pain. Thanks to our donors, surgery to remove the mass was performed on 4-13-16. Tinks is feeling so much better now and is able to romp and play with her “sister” without any pain. Her owner was extremely appreciative of the help we were able to offer.

Buggie St. Laurent,
Buggie – Candia, NH

A 12 yr old Puggle (Pug/Beagle mix) from NH, little Buggie had tumors in his mouth and two legs. The Mosby Foundation helped with the cost of his successful surgery, and Buggie and his mom are back to their normal lives again.

Roxie Valentine McGrath2, Franklinton, LA
Roxie – Franklinton, LA

Roxie is a 1 yr old Boxer who had luxating patellas, a condition where the kneecaps slip out of place, preventing normal knee movement and causing a lot of pain. After her surgery, Roxie did very well, and is on her way to being her normal bouncy, wiggly, energetic Boxer self, with no more limping or pain.

Rocky Manderson2, East Point, GA
Rocky Manderson – East Point, GA

A 4 yr old Pit Bull, Rocky had bilateral entropion, meaning that his eyelids turned inward, making his eyelashes scrape on his corneas, causing constant discomfort. The irritation can also lead to loss of vision. The Mosby Foundation helped pay for his surgery, and his family is so grateful for his relief.

Otto Bragg, Fort Lee, VA
Otto – Fort Lee, VA

Otto is a 2 yr old Malinois/Shepherd mix. Neglected and abused in his previous home, Otto was adopted from a shelter and then found to have heartworms. His new mom and dad, both Army MPs, are stationed in two different states, and Otto lives with his mom in Fort Lee, VA. With our help, he received treatment for the heartworms, and his dad is eager to see how well his boy is doing.

Gambit Moynihan4, Charlottesville, VA
Gambit – Charlottesville, VA

Gambit is a young Jack Russell Terrier mix who was diagnosed with a rare, potentially fatal blood condition caused by a reaction to medication given for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Treatment consists of six months of blood transfusions and steroids. Gambit has begun the therapy and is doing well, although he has a long road ahead. His mom is so happy, and so thankful that The Mosby Foundation was able to help her boy!

Dezzie Kramer, Denver, CODezzie – Denver, CO

Dezzie is a young 8 month old German Shepherd from Denver who was born with two heart malformations that would have severely restricted her activity and could shorten her life. After surgery to correct the issues, Dezzie’s family reports that she is doing beautifully. “My son and I could not bear the thought of losing her. She is an integral member of the family.”

Bella Craver, Shenandoah, VABella – Shenandoah, VA

Bella, a 9 yr old German Shepherd/Whippet mix, has hemangiosarcoma, a type of cancer more common in German Shepherds. Although Bella’s vet has said he cannot help her, the family has not given up on her, and they are exploring treatment options with canine oncologists. Her mom said she will “host the biggest yard sale I’ve ever had” to help with costs if she finds someone who can help her Bella.

Cooper Brinker, North St. Paul, MNCooper – St. Paul, MN

Cooper is a 6 yr old Lab who had aspergillosis, a fungal infection often associated with exposure to hay, grass and dust. After a very rocky post-operative course that lasted almost two weeks, Cooper’s mom reports that he is finally back to his old self, and is full of energy. While it will be a while before the infection is completely gone, the vet says the worst is over and it’s all uphill from here.

Tasha Eggebroten, Grand Rapids, MITasha – Grand Rapids, MI

Tasha, a 9 yr old Goldendoodle, is a service dog. When Tasha developed a mass on her shoulder, the family turned to The Mosby Foundation for help with surgical costs. They say that she is doing great now, and they truly appreciate the assistance.

Gimme Shelter Spring 2016

Henry Green, North Charleston, SCHenry – North Charleston, SC

Henry’s mom went looking for the smallest puppy at the local animal shelter, but she came home with Henry! A Mastiff mix, Henry was diagnosed with mast cell tumors, but thanks to our great partners at Blue Buffalo and Petco, Henry will soon be able to have his tumors removed.

Sky Flipping, Galloway, NJSky – Tinton Falls, NJ

Sky is a beautiful 9 year old Siberian Husky who is a much-loved service dog for her guardian, Angelia. Sky had bilateral cataracts when Angelia came to us for assistance with the cost of surgery. With the help of The Mosby Foundation’s donors, Sky got her surgery, and her vet has given her a 90% chance of restoring her sight. We all hope Sky is back at work very soon!

Obie Nease, Woodbridge, VAObie – Woodbridge, VA

When Obie was adopted, he had a limp, and one day he just screamed and fell down. He was diagnosed with a luxating patella, which means that his kneecap slipped out of place. Obie’s mom has medical problems herself, and could not afford Obie’s expensive surgery. The Mosby Foundation referred her to a low cost clinic, and with help from our donors, Obie was able to get the surgery he needed to be able to walk alongside his mom for many years to come.

Buster Palcsik2, Middlefield, OHBuster Brown – Middlefield, OH

Buster Brown is an 11 month old Great Pyrenees diagnosed with osteochondritis in both shoulders. A cartilage problem primarily seen in young male large or giant breed dogs, without surgery, Buster would surely become lame. Thanks to The Mosby Foundation, Buster Brown’s surgery is scheduled for this spring.

Simba Van Zyl4, Plam Harbor, FLSimba – Palmdale, CA

Simba is a 3 year old male Shiba Inu mix who was found as a stray three years ago. A broken tooth was causing him pain and discomfort, but his family’s home had been destroyed in a fire, and they were living in a motel and unable to afford the care that Simba needed. The Mosby Foundation and Red Rover combined forces and were able to finance his tooth removal.

Trudy Langlois4, Woodstock, CTTrudy – Woodstock, CT

Trudy is a 10 year old Shih Tzu whose fur was so matted when she was rescued that she was unable to walk properly. Trudy also had glaucoma that was so severe that it could only be compared to a constant migraine. Once her eye is removed, our hope is for a spring filled with joyful walks and long naps.

Bear Selimos2, Gainesville, FLBear – Gainesville, FL

Bear’s dad is a part-time student who got Bear from a friend. At his first vet visit, Bear was found to have severe gingivitis, a mass on his eyelid and heartworms. Bear’s dad sold his own blood plasma to help pay for some of the vet care that Bear needed, but reached out to us for help with the heartworm treatment. Bear will be started on a course of antibiotics followed by two injections of Melarsomine, which will kill the adult heartworms.

Zoey Hale5, Fuquay Varina, NCZoey – Varina, NC

When Zoey’s mom went to the shelter 5 years ago she was looking for anything but a Pit Bull mix, but then she saw Zoey. A Pit Bull mix, Zoey was baking in a cage with three other dogs, and was clearly sick. Despite her initial misgivings, Zoey’s mom felt that Zoey was “the one.” When Zoey developed a mass on her foot, her mom reached out to The Mosby Foundation for help. Thanks to Petco and Blue Buffalo, the love affair between Zoey and her mom can continue.

Rudy Crews3, Richmond, VARudy – Richmond, VA

Rudy, a 10 year old Chihuahua mix, was a rescue dog who had been confined to a crate for most of his life, because his previous family said he barked too much. His new mom adopted Rudy 1 1/2 years ago, and he has become her beloved companion and “a real blessing” in her life. Rudy had severe bladder stones when his mom, who is disabled and mostly bedridden, asked us for help to pay for surgery. Thanks to The Mosby Foundation, Rudy is happy and healthy once again.

Swamper Allgood, Mocksville, NCSwamper – Mocksville, NC

Swamper is a 2 year old Lab mix who had a large ranula (a cyst-type growth) under his tongue. Because of the size and location of the ranula, Swampers was referred to a specialty clinic; however, his mom decided to have the surgery at Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, because the vet school is less expensive. We wish Swamper a speedy recovery.

Bear Pierce2, Villa Ridge, ILBear – Villa Ridge, Illinois

Bear was found running loose with a broken chain. Despite repeated pleas, no one claimed this handsome boy, so the woman who rescued him decided that he would make the perfect playmate for her three young sons. Bear was taken to the vet for a check-up, and was diagnosed as heartworm positive. The Mosby Foundation was able to help his family with treatment so that he can run and play with his three best friends in his new forever home.

Gimme Shelter Winter 2016

Zeke Willing Martin, Portland, ORZeke – Portland, OR

Zeke is a 10 year old Golden Retriever who had a mass on his right front paw. We are happy to report that Zeke had surgery, thanks to The Mosby Foundation, and the mass was not malignant. He did have a toe removed, but he is recovering well and is already walking better than expected. He’s really doing great, but he HATES the E-collar!

Koda Vongphrachanh2, Memphis, TNKodaMemphis, TN

A 2 year old Siberian Husky, Koda was running loose for two months before his new family decided that he needed to live with them. During his first vet visit they discovered that Koda was heartworm positive. He received the first of two heartworm treatments but his owners could not afford the second injection. With help from The Mosby Foundation, Koda will receive his next treatment right before Christmas.

Miley Strakey, Waynesboro, VAMileyWaynesboro, VA

Miley is a seven year old Lab mix who is the service dog for an autistic boy. When Miley was diagnosed with a tumor on her leg, getting her surgery was a top priority, but the family could not afford it. Thanks to The Mosby Foundation, not only did Miley get her tumor removed, but she also had a split tooth removed. She came through her surgery with flying colors, and is now on her way to recovery.

Mr. Biggs Ivery, Riverdale, GAMr. BiggsGrayson, GA

Mr. Biggs, a 2 year old American Bulldog, was put out of his family’s home to run loose. Picked up as a stray, his microchip was read and his family contacted. Sadly, his former mom said that she set Mr. Biggs loose rather than see him continue in their current abusive home situation. Mr. Biggs was quickly adopted but then found to have heartworms. He is currently undergoing treatment and is expected to make a full recovery.

Ginger Fisher WAynesboroGingerWaynesboro, VA

Ginger is an 8 year old Dachshund whose dad said that her adoption fee was “the best $50 he ever spent.” When Ginger was diagnosed with gallstones, her family couldn’t afford the needed surgery, so they turned to The Mosby Foundation. On admission to the hospital, Ginger was so ill that the the vet said she only had a few days left to live. Ginger’s surgery was a success, and she will be able to give her disabled parents many more years of love and companionship.

Angel Prince3, Fairmont, WVAngel – Fairmont, WV

Angel is a 9 year old Maltese who had several growing mammary tumors, causing difficulty with urination and bowel movements. In addition, neither Angel nor her sisters were spayed. Thanks to The Mosby Foundation, Angel had surgery to remove her tumors, and she and her two sisters were spayed.

Fiasco Baldwin2, Georgetown, TXFiasco – Georgetown, TX

Fiasco is a 7 year old Mastiff/Pit Bull mix diagnosed with a tumor of the right mandible (lower jaw). Fiasco’s dad was able to afford the surgery, but needed help with chemotherapy. We were happy to be able to help, and  Fiasco received his first chemo treatment in early November. He tolerated the treatment well with minimal side effects, and we wish him total remission of the cancer.

Kizzy NagelKizzy – New Orleans, LA

Kizzy was born to a fighting-dog breeder, but didn’t have the temperament to fight, so she was dumped at a cafe. She was  then taken home by a young man who loved her, but never cared for her properly. Kizzy ran away and was hit by a car, which broke her leg at the hip. Untreated, her leg withered, and she developed a severe limp. In September, Kizzy was rehomed and finally given vet care. The Mosby Foundation helped pay for a surgical procedure, and soon she will be pain free and able to use her back right leg again!

Troublez Carr, Beaverton, ORTroublez – Beaverton, OR

Troublez is a 12 year old Mini Schnauzer who is genetically predisposed to periodontal disease. She only had eight teeth, but four needed to be removed. The infected teeth, besides impacting Troublez’ quality of life, could be dangerous to her heart because she has a murmur. Troublez‘ mom is disabled and depends on Troublez to be her comfort dog. As soon she got the good  news that our  Foundation would help  with the extractions, she scheduled the surgery.

Max Btonx NYMax – Bronx, NY

Max was diagnosed with multicentric lymphoma and needed chemo. His mom couldn’t afford the treatments and feared that the only alternative was euthanasia, but decided that there was no way she was going to let her companion, her friend and a member of her family go without a fight. She found a temporary solution to pay for a few treatments while she looked for other funding. She then  turned to The Mosby Foundation for help.  Thanks to the Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo providing us with a canine cancer treatment grant,  Max is now undergoing chemo and expected to make a full recovery.

Tara Salemi, Bradenton, FLTaraBradenton, FL

Tara was diagnosed with a cardiac chemodectoma, which is a rare benign tumor that can grow large enough to stop the heart from beating. Her dad, who is blind, researched and found that this type of tumor responds well to a form of radiation that is very precise. Tara only needed three treatments, but this type of radiation was only available in NC. Tara and her Dad traveled from FL to NC where she received the treatment she needed.

Digame Jones Phoenix AZDigamePhoenix, AZ

Digame is an 11 year old SharPei mix diagnosed with a mast cell tumor on his inner left thigh. Although first it was thought that amputation would be necessary, after treatment which helped to reduce the swelling, the mass was surgically removed safely without the need to amputate the leg. Surgery was performed three days before Christmas and Digame is recovering at home with his grateful family.

Lulu Jorgensen4, Jacksonville, ORLuluJacksonville, OR

Lulu was adopted from the Southern Oregon Humane Society and was recently diagnosed with a corneal dermoid cyst, which is a mass in the eye which causes irritation and which left untreated can cause blindness. The treatment for this condition is a keratectomy to remove the abnormal corneal tissue. Lulu received her treatment in early December and is seeing the world clearly through eyes that are no longer irritated.

Hook Slater, Las Vegas, NVHookLas Vegas, Nevada

Hook is a four year old Chihuahua that was adopted from the Animal Foundation of Las Vegas.  Hook’s mom was able to afford the $30 adoption fee but the other requirement for adoption was that Hook must have his teeth cleaned within 30 days of adoption.  Thanks to our generous donors, Hook will be flashing his pearly whites during the holiday season.

Autumn Forbing, Bay City, MIAutumnBay City, MI

Autumn is a ten year old Golden Retriever diagnosed with cellulitis of the tail and initially treated with medication. Unfortunately, the tail became necrotic and amputation was recommended. Autumn was in considerable pain after surgery but is responding well, soaking up a lot of love and attention as she makes full recovery.

Obie Nease Woodbridge VAObieWoodbridge, VA

Obie was adopted by his forever mom during a “clear the shelter day” at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter.  Obie’s mom noticed that Obie had a limp from the time she adopted him, but one day Obie got up to follow her to the kitchen and he screamed out and fell down.  He was diagnosed with a luxating patella , which means that his “knee” got stuck out of place. 

Obie’s mom has rheumatoid arthritis and epilepsy and was unable to cover the costs of this expensive orthopedic surgery.  While the original estimate was $3000, the staff at The Mosby Foundation directed her to a low cost clinic in Richmond which routinely performs this surgery for $995. 

With help from our donors Obie was able to get the surgery he needed to be able to walk alongside his mom for many years to come.

Simba Miller Palmdale CASimbaPalmdale, CA

Simba is a 3 year old male shiba inu mix who was found as a stray three years ago.  Simba had a broken tooth that was causing her pain and discomfort.  Simba’s family had a fire that destroyed their home and they were living in a hotel, unable to afford the care that Simba needed.  The Mosby Foundation and Red Rover combined forces and were able to finance his tooth removal. 

cora nacman webster ncCoraWebster NC

In early 2006 Cora’s forever mom visited the Athens-Clarke County Animal Control dog shelter with the intent to just visit with the dogs. During her visit she met Cora.  Her mom says Cora “was adorable…really adorable. Like overwhelming puppy cuteness that is almost too hard to handle”.    However, Cora’s mom didn’t want to fall just for a puppy…she wanted to be a “responsible rescuer” that gave the older dogs a chance too. However, when they brought Cora into a big play area her mom “saw something in Cora that I see in myself;  a young and beautiful being with great fierceness on the outside yet love and fear on the inside. I still see so many characteristics in her that I see in myself, most notably her fierce loyalty and love of nature. “

Cora’s mom calls Cora her copilot because she is always by her side.  She has been with her mom through many life events and different phases, from Athens, Georgia to Rochester, New York and now Western NC, with different people, places, and preferences along the way, Cora has been her mom’s constant. Her mom has struggled with mental and emotional wellbeing throughout her life and Cora has helped her immensely. More recently Cora’s mom has been battling health issues that gradually left her unable to work, and unfortunately Cora’s health came under attack around the same time. The fear and panic that her guardian could not financially care for Cora was profound. Luckily, Cora’s mom was told about The Mosby Foundation and we agreed to help pay for Cora’s surgery.

Cora’s surgery went very well. Her surgeon said that the mass was well encapsulated and was removed quite easily, but he emphasized the importance of removing such a large growth in such a spatially sensitive area (especially at the rate it had been growing). Cora felt great after coming home from her short hospital stay and it was tough to keep her calm – especially because her mom was thrilled to see her feeling so well! The next week her surgeon called to report the pathology results were in and they were good: the mass was only a lipoma – nothing malignant.

Cora continues to thrive and she and her forever mom continue to enjoy their days together.

anna chamberlain dale city vaAnna – Dale City, VA

Anna is a 4 year old Boxer that had been brought to a local park by her previous owner and left there tied to a bench.  She ended up at a shelter in Northern Virginia.  She was diagnosed with Lymphoblastic Lymphoma in her stomach.  Although her Vet says that she is “the poster dog for good chemotherapy results” her owner was struggling with the overwhelming cost of her chemotherapy and contacted The Mosby Foundation for help.  Anna had lost a lot of weight but is now slowly regaining her strength and is able to run around a little and play catch with her grateful owner.

maggie Thompson frederick mdMaggieFrederick, MD

Maggie is a 19 month old Labrador Retriever whose mom is a disabled Air Force veteran.  Maggie was diagnosed with Lymphoma and needed the 22 week CHOP Protocol.  When told of The Mosby Foundation grant to help Maggie, her mom broke down in tears in the grocery store.  Thanks to our generous partners at Petco and Blue Buffalo, Maggie is currently getting the treatment she needs in order to go into remission.

Dollar An Los Angeles CADollarLos Angeles, CA

Dollar is a 4 year old mixed breed purchased from a Breeder.  Dollar was diagnosed with Lymphoma stage III-IVa with enlargement of multiple lymph nodes on both sides of his diaphragm with possible liver and spleen involvement.  His prognosis was poor without treatment and his guardian was unable to afford the chemotherapy regimen needed to keep him alive.  Because of generous grants from  Blue Buffalo and Petco Dollar is currently undergoing Prednisone and Cyclophosphamide chemotherapy. 


Gimme Shelter Fall 2015

Daisy Torres New Orleans LADaisy – New Orleans, LA

Newly rescued and adopted Daisy was diagnosed with severe glaucoma causing constant pain that the vet described as as “having a daily migraine.” Daisy needed major surgery to remove both of her eyes, and her new mom needed help. They turned to The Mosby Foundation as well as other organizations, and Daisy got her surgery. Now a different dog from the pain-wracked girl adopted a few weeks earlier, Daisy happy and healthy, and loves to sit next to her mom on the couch, being told she’s a great dog, and that she’s loved more and more every day.

Jojo Brzytwa Lake OHJojo “Butter eater” – Lakewood, OH

JoJo is a Lab who was dumped on a street in San Francisco, probably because he had multicentric lymphoma which had spread to his lymph nodes and hind legs. His rescuer adopted him, but he was unemployed and could not afford the chemotherapy JoJo needed. Thanks to The Mosby Foundation, JoJo is receiving the needed chemo and is responding very well; his lymph nodes are stable and he has more energy to enjoy his life with his new dad.

Vienna Crain Liberty Hill TXVienna – Liberty Hill, TX

Vienna the Dachshund was found on her new family’s ranch, abandoned with a bb in her back. She recovered quickly and has been a great addition to her family for the last 6 years. A mischievous girl, Vienna gets into trouble constantly! Her latest adventure included climbing two chairs to get to a bottle of Vitamin D, ingesting 18 times the lethal dose. Thankfully, her family got her to the emergency vet in time. With the help of The Mosby Foundation, Vienna was able to get the long treatment necessary to get healthy.

Coconut Shippe St Augustine FLCoconut – St. Augustine, FL

Coconut is an 8 year old Goldendoodle who was diagnosed with lymphoma. Because of our canine cancer treatment grant from the Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo, we were able to contribute to Coconut’s treatment. Chemo wasn’t easy for Coconut during her first treatment, but after some adjustment with the meds, she has gained back the weight she lost, and is enjoying days at the beach with her mom and Labradoodle sister, Breeze.

Bear Pierce Villa Ridge ILBear Pierce – Villa Ridge, IL

Bear was found running loose with a broken chain. Despite repeated pleas, no one claimed this handsome boy, so the woman who rescued him decided that he would make the perfect playmate for her three young sons. Bear was taken to the vet for a check-up, and was diagnosed as heartworm positive. The Mosby Foundation was able to help his family with his heartworm treatment so that he can run and play with his three best friends in his new forever home.

Dipsie Chaves Knoxville TNDipsie – Knoxville, TN

Dipsie had been with her loving family for 12 years when she developed an ear mass that caused chronic ear infections. The University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine donated some of her medications and cytology, but she needed to have the mass removed and biopsied. The Mosby Foundation used funds from our Canine Cancer fund to help her grateful family get Dipsie the help she needed, and she has made a full recovery.

Jillian Lizana Baton Rouge LAJillian – Baton Rouge, LA

Jillian was found in a mud puddle with gunshot wounds to her face, feet and abdomen. She was also heartworm positive and full of intestinal parasites, and The Pit Stop Rescue of Baton Rouge asked The Mosby Foundation for help. Jillian is currently in a foster home with other dogs and children to play with, and she is in heaven! Once she finishes her HW treatment, she will be spayed and be ready for adoption.

Ellie Bone Meier Nunnelly TNEllie – Nunnelly, TN

Ellie was rescued from a breeder who called her “worthless” because of a small pink spot on her nose. Ellie found a wonderful new home, but then had an anaphylactic reaction to a bee sting. By the time she got to the vet, Ellie’s temperature was very high, her throat was swollen, and she was disoriented and panting. She was treated immediately, but her mom couldn’t pay the vet bill. Thanks to The Mosby Foundation, Ellie is back with her forever family and has made a full recovery.

Morgan Dresser Rockford MNMorgan, Rockford, MN

Morgan is a 9 year old Golden Retriever who, with a contribution from The Mosby Foundation, recently had surgery to remove some lipomas (benign fatty tumors) that were affecting his mobility. He was pretty sore and wobbly after the surgery, but is doing well now. Morgan and his very relieved mom are taking it easy as his recovery continues.

Onyx Powell2, Yucca Valley, CAOnyx – Yucca Valley, CA

Onyx is a 12 year old Newfie/Lab mix, and is the BIG brother in a household that also has two Pomeranians and a MinPin. Onyx developed a lipoma (benign fatty tumor) that was affecting his walk. His mom asked The Mosby Foundation for help paying for the surgery to remove the lipoma, and thanks to our generous donors, Onyx is now on his way to feeling better and walking with ease.

Duke Runge Carmel INDuke – Carmel, IN

Duke was rescued just hours before he was due to be euthanized, and has grown to be his mom’s best friend. But in April 2015 Duke was diagnosed with two bone dissolving tumors in his face. His mom, a student, contacted The Mosby Foundation for help, and in July Duke had surgery to remove the bulk of the tumors. The surgery went well, and Duke recovered nicely. He began radiation treatment, finishing just in time to move with his mom to the Chicago area.

Snickers Manisco Key Largo FLSnickers – Key Largo, FL

The Mosby Foundation sponsored a Special Fund Drive to help Snickers, who had been suffering from a painful enlarged eye for quite a while. Because of his own medical issues, Snickers’ dad couldn’t afford to pay for the surgery needed to remove the eye. Snickers came through the surgery well, and is on the road to recovery. He and his dad want to thank everyone who donated to make this happen.

Ginger Nicol Mesa AZGinger – Mesa, AZ

Ginger the Beagle’s family got her 10 years ago as a wedding gift. Ginger was so cute and lovable, and quickly became their spoiled little baby. She was a healthy and a happy dog until she developed a tumor on her foot. With help from The Mosby Foundation, she was able to have the tumor removed so that she can run as fast as possible to cuddle with her owners.

Gunner Carlson Charleston SCGunner – Charleston, SC

Gunner, a German Shepherd, was rescued along with another dog after being abandoned in Charleston, SC. Because he was heartworm positive, Gunner’s chances of adoption were slim, so his rescuer, a police officer, decided to adopt him. Now free of heartworms thanks to funds from The Mosby Foundation, Gunner’s tail never stops wagging! He patiently waits at the door for his family to come home and is a loyal companion to the kids. The family sleeps well knowing that Gunner is on watch.

Jacob Hull, Toms Brook, VAJacob – Tom’s Brook, VA

Jacob, a 3 year old Pug/Pomeranian mix, was so tiny when he was found that he could be held in one hand. Jacob needed surgery to remove cysts on both sides of his jaw, and possible reconstruction caused by incomplete bone formation due to the cysts. He also had luxating patellas which needed to be fixed to prevent severe pain and crippling. Thanks to The Mosby Foundation, Jacob had his surgeries, and with the love and support of his forever family is on his way to recovery.

Quincey Trusssler Williams Bay WIQuincey – Williams Bay, WI

Quincey was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His family took him to the UW Veterinary teaching hospital in Madison, Wisconsin and were told that there was no cure, but it could be treated and Quincey’s life prolonged. Unfortunately, his mom could not afford the cost of treatment, so she asked The Mosby Foundation for help. Now Quincey has more time to spend being spoiled by his loving family.

Nannook Outenreath, Sierra Vista, AZNanook – Sierra Vista, AZ

Nanook is a 10 year old Siberian husky who was part of a litter that had been turned loose behind a fast food restaurant. Nanook had two tumors: one on a back leg and a smaller one on a front paw. Nanook’s mom contacted The Mosby Foundation because she was homeless and unable to afford the veterinary care necessary to treat the tumors. Because of the generosity of our partners at Blue Buffalo and the Petco Foundation, she was able to get Nanook the veterinary care she needed.

Gemma Huff San Antonio TXGemma – San Antonio, TX

Gemma, a 10 year old Sheltie, was diagnosed with oral papillary squamous cell carcinoma, a form of cancer that required surgery. Gemma did quite well after the surgery, and thanks to The Mosby Foundation, she will soon be frolicking with her Sheltie siblings Charm and Clay!

Rose – Roanoke, VA

Pretty little Rose was diagnosed with a severe heart murmur causing congestive heart failure. Her mom was unable to afford the $1500 estimate from the vet for her treatment, so she reached out to The Mosby Foundation for help. Because of our generous donors, we were able to help Rose’s family afford the veterinary care that Rose needed to continue to live a long and healthy life.