Dogs Available for Adoption


Although the Mosby Foundation is not a rescue group in that we do not take and care for dogs ourselves, we do offer any assistance possible to promote communication and advertise dogs in need of placement. The following dogs are located in many different areas. Contact info. is given with each dog.  Please contact them directly. Thanks and please give these dogs a second chance!

The dogs listed below are available for adoption now; our newest dogs are near the top.  If you are interested in any of them you may contact me, BUT if I don’t answer you within a day or two (I may not be available) PLEASE contact our shelter instead at 434-263-7722.  If you’d like me to remove you from my mailing list, please tell me and I will.  Thank you for your interest in helping our homeless animals.  Visit our GREAT website: to learn all about us!  Flower


Nelson County Humane Society/SPCA Almost Home Pet Adoption Center

29 Stagebridge Road (located at intersection of RT 29 & RT 624)

Lovingston, VA  22949 or 434-263-7722 (open 1:00-4:00 PM daily)

“Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight” (Albert Schweitzer) and DON’T SUPPORT BACKYARD BREEDERS or PUPPY MILLS!   ADOPT—DON’T SHOP!



Male – neutered – 2 years old – 55 pounds

Our best guess:  Yellow Labrador Retriever (arrived shelter 8/8/15)

Crawford (head) AIMG_6639Crawford BIMG_6671 


Crawford BIMG_6670 Crawford CIMG_6654

UPDATE 8/23/15:  Crawford is a very cute, 2 year old, 55 pound, neutered male, Yellow Labrador Retriever/Golden Retriever (mix) and his entire body lights up when he sees a ball. Today we played ball with him in the big grassy yard at the shelter and learned that he is a MASTER BALL PLAYER with very good manners.  Someone in his past taught him a lot of things and the sooner he finds his forever home, the sooner he and his new family will have reason to celebrate!  Words he already knows and responds to during “the games” are:  come, get it, bring it, drop it, catch it, take it, sit, and GOOD BOY!  He smiles from ear to ear when he is interacting with humans and we are pretty certain that he’d love to go swimming too.  Without a doubt, he could fetch balls from a lake! 


Crawford is a very polite, enthusiastic and friendly dog.  He accepts treats with a very gentle mouth.  Although he was picked up as a stray it seems like he’s been part of a family before.  If you love labs, and the playful and fun antics of labs, you are sure to love Crawford.  He enjoys receiving affection and butt rubs and he is going to be a real find for someone!  (He seems a little bit fearful of other dogs here, but that is often the case with the new arrivals at a busy shelter like ours.)



BELLA (#17584) – Black Labrador Retriever

Female – @5 years old – @57 pounds (entered shelter 4/20/15)

Bella AIMG_5837   Bella BIMG_5750 Bella CIMG_5749


Bella BIMG_6078

UPDATE 8/23/15: Bella is an elegant black Labrador Retriever, about 5 years old and 57 pounds.  She is a sweet, playful girl and she will SIT and SHAKE your hand when she meets you.  She will also “wait” politely and not rush out her door when you leave.  She doesn’t climb or dig but she does have energy that she needs to burn off every day—especially here where she can’t get the exercise that she needs.  She really loves attention and is a favorite of shelter staff.  Everyone always says “Ahhhh, Bella is a sweetheart!!!” 


We played with her in the big grassy yard today and she loved walking around with us.  She responded to “come” and “sit” when we asked her to, as she accepted treats with a very gentle mouth.  And then she taught us something.  She sat down, looked up at us with her kind dark eyes, and gently lifted her big black paw…because she wanted another treat.  She will always “sit” and “shake” for a treat and she will often lay “down” when you ask her to.  She enjoys being petted, getting ear massages, and receiving butt rubs too.  She probably even likes to swim because her previous home was next to a lake and she is a Labrador!)  When bored and unengaged, sweet Bella will pace in her room or in her outdoor run, and she is one to keep her eyes on our parking lot.  (She seems to be LOOKING for someone—could it be you?)  She is bored, bored, bored here and the sooner she finds her forever home the better. 


Before she arrived here, Bella was a “free ranging dog” and was surrendered with another dog because their owner could no longer care for them.  Bella was very good friends with the male dog she entered the shelter with, and she does sometimes enjoy running and playing with male dogs on the other side of a fence from her, but she can put on a “brave face” and snap at other dogs here too—not an uncommon thing for a new dog to do in this very close shelter environment.  She is getting better on a leash all the time too, and that will improve with practice.  She doesn’t have any experience with cats and probably can’t be trusted around them. 


Bella may do best as an only pet in an adult household (with older kids) in a home in the country, and a big fenced yard, or acreage far away from a busy road, where she can stretch her gangly legs as she runs and plays.  She is very clean in her room (an indication she may already be housetrained) and she is smart enough to learn anything her new family would like to teach her.  If you have what it takes to be Bella’s family and have another dog, we can schedule a “meet and greet” outside the shelter.  For more info, contact Flower & Ed at434-361-0190 or . 



TED (#17905) – NEW ARRIVAL (8/18/15)

Male – 18 months old – 43 pounds

Our Best Guess:  Black and Tan Shepherd mix

IMG_20150821_173841_516  IMG_20150821_173854_275

Ted is a sweet black and tan shepherd mix.  He is about 18 months old and weighs a thin 43 pounds.  We think his ideal weight is closer to 50 pounds.  He is affectionate and walks well on a leash.  (Better pictures will follow.)

SHADOW #2 (#17902) – very cute puppy dog!

Female – spayed – 7 months old – 20 pounds

Our Best Guess:  BEAGLE mix (entered shelter 8/16/15)

Shadow BIMG_6804 Shadow AIMG_6779

NEW ARRIAL 8/16/15 – Shadow #2, spayed female, 7 month, medium (~20 pounds), Beagle mix.  Chance #2 & Shadow #2 are like two peas in a pod.  (Chance #2 was adopted yesterday!)  They are thought to be littermates as they were left in a box on a family’s doorstep when they were about 2 months old.  They lived happily with their new family for 6 months and regularly interacted with kids, cats and other dogs (they get along great with them all).   Unfortunately, the landlord would not allow the family to keep the dogs so they were surrendered to the shelter on 8/16/15. They are very sweet and have adapted very quickly to their new surroundings.


Although they do look pretty serious in these first pictures (taken only hours after they first arrived at the shelter) they were wagging & snuggling most of the time – it’s just hard to get pictures when they are that close.  GOOD WITH DOGS.  GOOD WITH CATS.  GOOD WITH KIDS.


SHADOW (#17723)

Male – @2 years old – 37 pounds

Our Best Guess:  Cattle dog/Hound mix

Shadow BDSCF1106  Shadow BDSCF1108

Shadow is a 37 pound, 2 year old cattle dog/hound mix, with nice proportions, long legs, and a stately gate.  He is very timid and fearful of all strange sounds, though he is not aggressive and can be touched anywhere, petted, etc., with no nipping or anything.  He eats well, is house trained, crate trained, and good with a regular dog bed in a bedroom.  He doesn’t seem to have separation anxiety and doesn’t seem destructive inside a home.  He is even good with a vet during vet appointments.


He is clearly intelligent but currently uses intelligence to avoid perceived dangers (normal sights and sounds (cars, doors, machinery noises, children playing, bicycles, etc.).  To cope with the above things, he retreats or hides (preferably in the woods) and he is willing to stay hidden for hours—and hard, or even impossible, to entice out with treats.  When approached while he is hiding, he either flees or cowers and collapses in a submissive heap.  Poor Shadow does not seem to be able to relate to humans at all.  We have no idea what his history is but he is the sweetest little dog and we are determined to help him find what he needs, and can get comfortable with, in order for him to thrive here on Earth.  (We know these above things about Shadow because a wonderful family (who does not have another dog) tried him for two weeks recently and Shadow was very frightened and timid there, though he did have very good house manners.  Around other dogs, Shadow seems like a normally happy and well-adjusted dog though.  He LOVES playing with his roommate Suzie here at the shelter and together they rush up to humans for affection!)


He LOVES and needs other dogs in his life.  His current girlfriend is his roommate—a little female version of him named Suzie—and without other dogs around she is as shy and fearful as he is.  You wouldn’t know it when you see them together though.  Together, they run, romp, wrestle and play like crazy, and make us all laugh with their very cute antics.  Together, they actually run up to people and ask for affection too.  Clearly, they get confidence from each other.


Neither Shadow nor Suzie have had any leash experience and they are not good on leashes.  Both are very good hearted dogs but have trouble being comfortable in domestic situations.  Both need very patient and understanding adult families in calm homes in calm settings.  It would be great if someone adopted them together but that isn’t yet a requirement for them.  Still, they each MUST HAVE another dog or two in their new families and securely fenced yards are necessary too.  (Invisible fencing probably wouldn’t work well for either of these very sensitive dogs.) 

GOOD WITH DOGS – and MUST HAVE a dog or dogs in his new home!



SUZIE (#17843)

Female – 10 months old – 25 pounds

Our Best Guess:  Bluetick/Pointer mix (entered shelter 8/1/15)

Suzie (head) AIMG_6633  Suzie CIMG_6631

Suzie is a 10 month old spayed female who weighs 25 pounds.  She has small feet and may not get much bigger than she is.  She seems to be a Blue Tick Hound/Pointer mix. She is still a bit shy in her new environment but she’s making progress every day.  She is very sweet and treat motivated so winning her over might not take too long! 


Because she is so shy, she’ll need a calm environment with patient adults who want to help her trust people.  Another dog in her new home is a must for her, as it will help her become more confident.  All this sweet girl needs in order to live her best life is patience, unconditional love, and a calm routine that she can count on.


Suzie’s current boyfriend is her roommate—a little male version of herself named Shadow—and he is as shy and fearful as she is.  You wouldn’t know it when you see them together though.  Together, they run, romp, wrestle and play like crazy, and make us all laugh with their very cute antics.  Together, they actually run up to people and ask for affection too.  Clearly, they get confidence from each other.


Neither Suzie nor Shadow have had any leash experience and they are not good on leashes.  Both are very good hearted dogs who aren’t comfortable in domestic situations.  They need very patient and understanding adult families in calm homes in  calm settings.  It would be great if someone adopted them together but that isn’t yet a requirement for them.  Still, they each MUST HAVE another dog or two in their new families and securely fenced yards are necessary too.  (Invisible fencing probably wouldn’t work well for either of these very sensitive dogs.)

Suzie is GOOD WITH DOGS and MUST HAVE a dog or dogs in her new home.


Male – neutered – 3 years old – 55 pounds

Our Best Guess:  Treeing Walker Coonhound (arrived shelter 8/8/15)

Preacher AIMG_6716 Preacher BIMG_6741 


Preacher AIMG_6701

Preacher is a 3 year old, neutered male, large (55 lbs), Treeing Walker Coonhound.  He is a very sweet and friendly dog that loves to be petted. He is fairly well mannered – which is impressive since it is doubtful that he’s had much prior training.  He was at the vet for 5 days and was so well behaved.  He was super clean in his kennel.  Super nice dog ! Handsome too!  He was picked up as a stray with a large neck wound that is healing nicely.  When you meet him you can tell that he very much wants to be loved AND live as someone’s best buddy!  (Treeing Walker Coonhounds make great house dogs!!!)

ROSEMARY (#17769)

Female – 1 ½ years old – 38 pounds

Our Best Guess:  American Bulldog (mix) (entered 8/2/15)

Rosemary (head) AIMG_6622  Rosemary BIMG_6596

Rosemary is about 1 ½ years old and weighs 38 pounds.  She seems to be an American Bulldog mix.  Rosemary is an outgoing and friendly girl that likes to be with people.  Although she likes to play she is well mannered for a young dog.  She has been microchipped.  Rosemary isn’t a fan of most other dogs.



Male – @7 years old – 55 pounds & gaining (entered shelter 7/25/15)

Our Best Guess:  Plott Hound (mix)
Lucky (head) CIMG_6455  Lucky AIMG_6435

Just LOOK at this boy’s sweet eyes!  Lucky is a very nice Plott Hound (mix) who has spent his entire life on a chain!  He is about 7 years old and weighs 55 pounds.  He was extremely emaciated when seized by animal control.  Thank goodness he is now in a wonderful place where his needs are met and he can relax, recuperate, and eat enough to gain his strength and energy back.  Finally, there is NOT a chain around his neck!


In fact, Lucky is now one of the happiest dogs you will ever meet.  He adores attention although his manners could use a bit of polishing.  (He is a very smart dog but he has been trapped by his circumstances on Earth and no one ever bothered to teach him anything.)  He is really enjoying being fed regularly too, and is gaining some much needed weight after being treated for some health issues that he came in with – his tail was docked for medical reasons.  His previous owners got him as a puppy.  Now that he is OFF of the chain he wore for 7 years, he is happy and energetic!


Lucky may not have been very Lucky up until now BUT his luck is changing.  YOU have the power to turn him into one of the luckiest dogs in the world!  Please remember that as you continue your search for your next dog and COME BACK and ADOPT Lucky.  He’s sure to be your most loyal dog ever.  (By the way, dogs who have always lived outside are usually the easiest to house train!  Contact Flower and Ed about that: or 434-361-0190.) 




Male – @18 months old – 33 pounds

Our Best Guess:  Beagle (mix) (entered shelter 7/27/15)

Opie3 Opie2


Opie4 Opie1


Opie, about 18 months old, is a cute little 37 pound free roamer that has taken matters into his own hands.  Last week he showed up at the front door of animal control and asked to be let in.  He patiently hung out there on his dog bed in the air conditioning until he could be transferred to Almost Home.  Now this handsome beagle mix is ready for the last chapter of his adventure…a forever home!!!  In person, he is a darling little guy!  So cute…and VERY SMART and alert.


(Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia & problems with hind legs & hips – the poor little guy!)

Male – @4 years old – 47 pounds  (arrived shelter 7/11/15)

Our Best Guess:  Golden Retriever/Lab/Chow/Leonberger (mix perhaps)

Yeti AIMG_6207  Yeti AIMG_6189 Yeti CIMG_6162

UPDATE 8/24/15:  Yeti is now living in a wonderful foster home so he can begin a long healing process.  Poor Yeti is heartworm positive, has Lyme disease, and Ehrlichia. He also has a severely deformed hip socket – either from injury, dysplasia or cancer. We will be treating him for all of these conditions over the next few months.  If you would like to help him, please contribute to his Help to Heal Fund by clicking on this:  Help To Heal Fund 


UPDATE 7/12/15:  My!  My!  My!  Just LOOK at this magnificent dog.  Though we don’t know the breed of this very cute mutt, he might have a little Lab/Golden Retriever/Chow in him (with a tad of Leonberger head maybe).  He may be around four years old and he weighs 47 pounds.  He came in as a stray from Animal Control yesterday. He seems like such a well-adjusted “young man” but the thing he loves more than anything is being with people!  A very gentle and polite dog, he is soft to the touch and can’t get enough affection.  He cuddles into every person he meets and he desperately wants to be someone’s dog!


His story:  Prior to coming here, Yeti was at Animal Control for 3 weeks because we were full.  He had been a free roaming stray for quite a while and being confined at Animal Control stressed him out.  At first he laid around like he was depressed and then he kind of panicked because he simply did not understand what was happening to him; totally understandable. The kind folks at AC got him used to a leash and walked him to help alleviate his stress—and it worked!  He is worlds better now and will make somebody a wonderful pet.  That said, he will need a fenced yard and/or a lot of leashed walks in his new home so he doesn’t free room again. 


Yesterday I spent an hour with this sensitive and cuddly boy in an attempt to let him know that everything is in the process of getting better for him.  He cuddled in so close to me that I could barely keep brushing him, but when I stopped brushing and cuddling he put a gentle paw on me and leaned into me with his total body weight.  My heart melted!   Yeti may have roamed free in the past but I can imagine that when he gets into a family who will value him and give him lots of physical love he will tend to stay right by their side once he knows he is AT HOME with them and that they love him.  The sooner Yeti gets a forever home, the happier he’ll be, because it is very clear that he wants and needs to be someone’s COMPANION ANIMAL.  

Yeti BIMG_6181  Yeti AIMG_6189


Yeti BIMG_6210 Yeti BIMG_6182


ACE #17435

American Bulldog (short coat) male

@6 years old – 50 pounds

JUL 17, 2015:  How can you not love that face?!  Ace was an owner surrender with his friend Keida (#17436) – due to no fault of their own. Ace is a 6 year old American Bulldog weighing 50 pounds. He is a very good boy, and is house trained and crate trained.  He knows sit, go nite-nite, inside, outside, bye-bye, go potty, and usually “down”. He loves to ride in the car, lie in the sun, and cuddle under blankets. 

Ace is very healthy, and loves to eat!  Ace has never really been around cats, so we don’t know what the temperament would be toward them. 

Ace will do well in a home with someone who has lots of time and attention to give him, as he wants to be “your buddy”. He stays right at your heels most of the time and wants to be involved in whatever is going on.   Good with some dogs but not all.


KEIDA  #17436

American Bulldog/Pit Bull (mix)

Female – @6 years old – 53 pounds


JUL 17, 2015:  Keida was owner surrendered with her friend Ace (#17435) due to no fault of their own.  She is a 6 year old American Bull Dog / pit bull mix weighing 53 pounds.  She is a very good girl, is house trained and crate trained.  She loves to ride, lie in the sun, and give tons of kisses.  


She knows sit, go nite-nite, inside, outside, bye-bye, go potty, and usually “down”.   

Keida would do wonderful in a home with someone who has lots of love and affection.  She loves to cuddle and kiss and is kind of in a world of her own!  She is pretty self-sufficient and is just as happy hanging out on the couch in front of the TV, as she is being in the middle of family activities.  Keida is a wonderful family pet who would like to be in a forever home soon.

Good with Dogs, Good with Kids



ZENITH (#17606)

Female – @2 years old (entered shelter 6/14/15)

Our Best Guess:  Labrador Retriever (mix)

Zenith1  Zenith BIMG_5253


  Zenith (head) AIMG_5248

Zenith – #17606:  Zenith is a young lab mix, around 2 years old.  She came to Almost Home as an owner surrender after she was found to be pregnant. She wasn’t in the best of shape, but managed to deliver and take care of all eight of her pups in a nice foster home.  Zenith is now ready for a home of her own where she can be a pampered pet.  She is quite friendly and happy to see people.  


HARVEY (#17685) – NEW ARRIVAL 6/10/15

Male – @3 years old – 50 pounds (entered shelter 6/10/15)

Hound (mix)

Harvey BIMG_5115  Harvey BIMG_5130

Harvey AIMG_5092  Harvey AIMG_5128

Harvey is a very nice, male Hound.  He is about 3 years old and weighs 50 pounds—he needs to gain 10 more.  Harvey is an incredibly sweet hound that really loves people & belly rubs.  He is VERY, VERY CUTE in person and he’s a great age to learn how to be your best boy!  Since he needs to gain weight, you could have a lot of fun training him with MANY delicious treats.  We can imagine he would love some ROASTED CHICKEN!


SPICE (#17565)

Female (spayed) – @10 years old – 62 pounds

Boxer/Shepherd (mix)

MAY 16, 2015:  Spice is a spayed female boxer/shepherd mix who is just waiting to "spice" up the lives of her new adopters with her winning personality.  Spice lived in one home her whole life but was surrendered to a high kill shelter because the people now have a child and no longer want a dog. She was slated to be put down, but we were able to gain custody of her, and she is now in foster care through our no-kill shelter.  Spice is good with other dogs and cats. 


She likes to play but doesn’t know that she weighs 62 lbs. and may play too boisterously for small children.  She loves to "lean" on people as she looks adoringly into their eyes while showing off her best smile. 


Spice is 10 years old but doesn’t know she is a "senior" dog. She still has energy to play and enjoys a nice walk but is also happy to relax quietly during the day.  Spice knows many fun tricks and several basic obedience commands.  She is happy to sleep in a crate or a dog bed on the floor by your bed. Spice is in good health.  She is up-to-date with all of her shots, has been wormed, and is negative for Heartworm, Lyme, and Ehrlichia.


Spice is currently in foster care in Sterling, VA just outside the Washington D.C. area.  For more information on Spice, please contact Bonnie or call the shelter.

Good with Dogs, Good with Cats, Good with Kids


GIDEON (#17227)

Male – 1 year old – @50 pounds – VERY ENERGETIC YOUNG DOG

Our Best Guess: Labrador/Terrier (mix) (arrived shelter in April 2, 2015)

  Gideon BIMG_4074 Gideon BIMG_4119

UPDATE 8/17/15:  Gideon, a one year old white Labrador/Terrier mix, arrived our shelter as a little puppy (we rescued him and his litter from being used as target practice for a B-B Gun).  He was immediately adopted but four months ago his family returned him saying he was too active for them. (Puppies are very active and at one year old Gideon is STILL a puppy—just a bigger version of one.) He weighs 50 pounds now and needs an outlet for his big puppy energy.  Very smart, he absolutely hates living in such a small space without anyone to play and interact with.  He paces constantly and needs much more exercise than he gets. 


To give him more mental stimulation, exercise, and training, several of us have been playing with him in the big yard here and he loves it.  We are working to teach him (using treats) that “getting leashed up isn’t a tug-of-war game” and he is beginning to learn that we won’t take him out to play until he calms down long enough to get leashed up. (Perhaps his previous family played tug of war with him and his leash.) Very treat motivated, he wants to please us and studies us when we ask him to do various things for us as we play with him.  Yesterday, he learned COME, SIT, TAKE IT, and DROP IT and he is learning to “FIND IT” as he discovers treats we have hidden around the yard and under a Frisbee.  He loves to play ball with us, and run back and forth between us when we ask him to. He accepts treats with a very gentle mouth and he bellies up for belly rubs too.  He “feels happy and special” when we play with him and we feel happy and special too.  It is a joy to help this big puppy get some good exercise and mental stimulation. 


Gideon MUST HAVE an active guardian willing to give him a lot of exercise and teach him good behavior too.  He is too energetic to be around young children and he needs things to do that will keep him busy.  He is an excellent age to train and he enjoys training.  Outside the shelter he is better behaved too.  In an agility ring at a Bedford event, he walked well on a leash and had so much fun chasing balls and Frisbees with his human friend Holie.  He is often “reactive” with other dogs here, but he was friendly with other dogs at the Bedford event.  Gideon is very ready for you to teach him how to be the dog of your dreams. 




HAPPY (#17437)

Pit Bull Terrier (short coat)

Female – @ 1½ years old (entered shelter February 2015)

HAPPY is young, smart, energetic, funny, and she needs someone who truly wants to play with her and teach her new things.


UPDATE 7/20/15:  Happy came to Almost Home as a stray who showed up on someone’s porch in February 2015.  She didn’t want to leave that home but they weren’t prepared to keep her.  She is a very sweet girl with a lot of energy, but that is not surprising because at 1½ years old, all she wants to do is run and play.  She LOVES TOYS and creates games to entertain herself inside her room.  For hours, she will bounce a ball and play with it.  There is a constant “boing, boing, boing” coming from her room when she is in it.  She will also chase a ball and then run around proudly carrying it in her mouth.  After being given proper exercise and the ability to burn off her puppy-like energy in their big fenced yard, she was well behaved in her foster home.  It was only after she began to settle in that she decided she did not like their little dog at all, nor did she like their other female dog.  She ignored the old cat in her foster home but chased the young cat that taunts and runs.  Happy stood her ground with the other dogs to keep her toys, but her foster mom noted no food aggression at all.  Still, the family couldn’t keep the dogs apart, so they returned Happy to the shelter.


Some of Happy’s great traits are that she:

– is crate-trained and did not have accidents in the house at her foster home. 

– loves to ride in the car. 

– knows SIT and is working on other commands like WAIT, GIVE, DOWN, and COME. 

– is getting better on a leash all the time but she still does love to pull. 

– is a very smart, affectionate girl, who will make a wonderful companion. 


Happy NEEDs a fenced yard (or an extremely active jogging partner) and we do not recommend a home with preschool children due to her abundant energy level.  She must have an outlet for her very playful energy and she needs mental stimulation too.  She is smart, treat motivated, and WANTS to please her people, so she is an ideal dog to train to be your very own dog.  Most of all though, she is a dog you can have a lot of fun with for many years to come.



GARY (#17372)

Male – @2 years old – @44 pounds (medium)

Our Best Guess:  Mountain Cur (entered shelter Dec 2014)

Gary AIMG_2681  Gary CIMG_2631


Gary BIMG_2658

UPDATE 7/24/15:  Gary is a medium sized (44 pounds) 2 year old Mountain Cur mix.  He is a very social & active dog, who is also VERY SWEET and loves to cuddle.  He has the cutest little face and when you look into his eyes you can tell that he’s ready to lead a full and active life. 


In December 2014, Gary’s owner surrendered him and three other dogs because they had too many dogs to take care of.  Gary got along well with the dogs he came in with but he is choosy about which dogs he gets along with here; that is often the case in a shelter environment.  Gary does love his roommate and best friend Snowy and they run and play so well together.  Gary is good on a leash and MORE THAN READY to get on with his life and out of this shelter!


He has a lot of energy and needs a lot of exercise.  His manners need a little work but he is a willing student and treat motivated—very good traits that will help you train him to become a little gentleman!  He needs an active guardian and would be a great jogging partner.  He can and will climb most wire fencing (7’ tall fences even!) so an underground electric fence or a lot of leashed walks(or jogs) would work best for him.





Neutered Male – Husky/Shepherd (mix) – @5 years old – @50 pounds

Samson (head) AIMG_1092 Samson BIMG_1108  

UPDATE 7/19/15:  Samson is a cream colored, handsome Husky/Shepherd mix, about 5 years old and 50 pounds.  For three years he lived in foster care and peacefully shared his home with several other dogs until, a few months ago, one of those dogs and Samson got into a skirmish, and Samson came back to the shelter.  He is so smart and so bored here; he longs to be the cuddly couch potato he was in his foster home!  And he longs to go to places where he can swim again too.


With one ear up, one ear down, big brown eyes and a very sweet demeanor, he will melt your heart when you meet him and he will fall in love with you because he LOVES people to the moon and back.  He has MANY wonderful traits and he is a great, manageable size.  He:


– LOVES to ride in cars!


– is very laid back, easy to be around, and CLEAN in his room (meaning HOUSE TRAINED)

– loves to go for leashed walks and is very good on a leash

– LOVES to swim and play in water! (He’d love a pond or swimming pool to play in.)

– loves to play with his toys & rawhides too. 

– is very smart and loves to learn new things—he already knows: SIT, DOWN, LEAVE IT, WAIT, and COME. 

– LOVES to sleep on soft dog beds, etc., and he is more than happy to CUDDLE with his people.

– is NOT destructive with anything, doesn’t dig, doesn’t climb, and rarely barks.

– LOVES to snuggle in bed with you!


Samson has sensitive hind hips because he was hit by a car when he was a puppy and did not receive appropriate medical attention afterwards.  That said, he does not need to go on long walks and swimming is VERY GOOD for him and his cute little body. 


If you are looking for a best buddy who will be EASY to hang around with, inside and outside your home, YOU JUST FOUND HIM!!!  Since other dogs don’t seem to like Samson, he would do best as an only pet in an adult family with kids twelve or older.  For sure, he wants & needs to be someone’s best friend and he has waited for his “forever family” for too long already!




CHANCE (#17196)

Male (neutered) – @4 years old – @45 pounds

Our Best Guess:  Pit Bull (mix) (entered shelter Nov 2014)

Chance BIMG_7851  Chance BIMG_7852 Chance BIMG_3158

UPDATE 7/20/15:  Chance is a 4 year, neutered male, medium (~45 lbs) Pit Bull Terrier mix.  He is good with kids, cats and dogs.  In November 2014 he was turned in by his owners because they were no longer able to keep him.  A bit shy and confused when he first got here, he was always very sweet and eager to please and quickly became a favorite of shelter staff.  Everyone loves his coloring—flashy white background with a blanket of carrot-red brindle over his back and around his left eye.  He is a smart looking dog and smart in mind too—ready and waiting for a lesson to learn.  


Chance is no chance at all if you are talking about friendship.  He wants to be someone’s best pal in a most desperate way.  His entire being lights up when he notices that someone is going to notice him and spend a little time with him.  He is a dog who loves attention and will cuddle up by your feet, lay his head on your lap, and tell you he loves you with his soulful eyes…if you’ll just give him a chance.


He was very respectful of his female Blue-Tick hound roommate, Blue Girl (even when she was sometimes a little pushy and barky) and he behaved well when she tried to steal treats meant for him.  Blue Girl got lucky last week and was adopted into her forever home, so Chance is feeling extra lonely, sad and blue right now.  It is clear to see that he misses Blue Girl and is hoping to have another fun, female roommate soon.  Better yet, a FOREVER HOME would clear up his blues in a fine fashion!!!


Chance seems to understand that he shouldn’t mess with cats and, instead, give them their space.  Male dogs make him feel a little defensive, so he prefers not to be around them.  And though at first, he may seem a little shy around people, once he gets to know them his shyness quickly dissolves.  He’s pretty good on a leash too.  In Chance’s doggie dreams, he wishes more than anything for someone to come and take him home, so he can be the TRUEST FRIEND they’ve ever had.  He would do best with older kids.  He doesn’t necessarily need another dog in his life but if you happen to have a nice female dog, he just might fall in love with her too. with Dogs, Good with Cats, Good with Kids



Neutered Male – @4 ½ years old – @50 pounds (arrived shelter 7/15/14—one year ago)

Our Best Guess:  Treeing Walker Coonhound

UPDATE:  7/11/15:  Doggie Howzer is a neutered, male Treeing Walker Coonhound (tri color), about 4 years old and 45 pounds.  He is a gentleman of a dog who often stands quietly and surveys his surroundings while other dogs bark and carry on at the shelter.  Doggie seems to prefer female dogs that are about his own size.  He is a mellow fellow, affectionate (though a little shy at first), and he accepts treats with a very gentle mouth. 


He is a good age and seems comfortable with who he is.  He has a high prey drive and isn’t a fan of cats or small dogs (they must remind him of things he needs to chase like squirrels, rabbits, and other small varmints).  He loves to be outside and run and play in our big yard, and might do best with a big fenced yard and nice female dog to play with.  He does love the comforts of sleeping inside though.


HIS STORY:  Animal control picked Doggie up as an injured stray on 7/15/14—one year ago.  He had a deep cut (or tear) all along his backbone from his neck down to his tail base.  (We have no idea what happened to him but it is all healed up now.)  It was a large wound and looked very painful but being a stoic dog like he is, Doggie was a nice boy as he endured all of the healing treatments our vets and shelter staff gave him.  Not once did he growl and/or try to harm anyone.  He’s a kind soul all around—he doesn’t want trouble.


Doggie may have physical scars (even on the ends of his very silky ears) but he is still a very handsome guy.  He would love to have a loving home and we know from his disposition that he’ll be forever grateful to whoever sees beyond his scars, adopts him, and gives him enough love to enable him to forget all about his injuries. 


Before you leave his webpage, PLEASE take ONE MORE look into Doggie’s sweet brown eyes.  See that little bit of sadness in them?  You could fix that!  How can you not LOVE this dog and give him his BEST CHANCE at a living a great Earthly life!



SPANKY (#16948)

Neutered Male – @2 years old – 34 pounds (arrived 7/2/14)

Our Best Guess:  Staffordshire Bull Terrier (mix)   1 Spanky BIMG_1584



UPDATED 5/27/15:  Spanky is a 2 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier (mix) who strutted into Almost Home on 7/2/14 as only he can do. This is probably the happiest dog you will ever meet!!! He is so darn cute (and small) that when he gets his 34 pounds in true strut mode, people stop to admire him and adoring hearts flutter.  SPANKY LOVES PEOPLE!  He wears a handsome blonde brindle coat that is silky to the touch and he LOVES to be touched.  Spanky is SHORT, SQUAT, and ALL SMILES!!!  (He has a smile that only Alan Auglis of WSLS 10 can compete with!  And his nice brown eyes smile like Alan’s do too!!!)


Spanky walks well on a leash and LOVES to give and receive affection.  He sits for treats, enjoys belly-rubs, and responds to several other commands.  It doesn’t seem possible for Spanky to get enough affection but he is hoping to one day (soon) get a family who will at least try to give him enough.  He is very clean in his room—an indication that he’s most likely house-trained.  He is a great student and so far has learned down and wait, sit and wait, twirl to the right, twirl to the left.  Now he is working on learning catch, and leave-it.


When Spanky met Santa, Spanky wasn’t afraid of him at all.  He kissed Santa several times during attempts to climb up onto Santa’s lap.  In one photo you can see Spanky standing as tall as he can get on his tippy-toes to get himself into the best kissing range.  Spanky wasn’t fortune enough to get a “forever home” for Christmas but he is hoping that his time spent “kissing up to Santa” will make his dreams come true soon.  What he wants more than anything is to be someone’s own personal lap dog.  He would do best with older, respectful kids in a home with no other animals.



SNOWY (#15768)

Spayed Female – @45 pounds – @3½ years old (as of 7/1/15)

Our Best Guess:  TERRIER/LAB (mix?) (entered shelter May 2013)

  Snowy (head) CIMG_1067 Snowy CIMG_1065 Snowy BIMG_5833

UPDATE:  7/1/15:  Snowy is a very cute, shy, long legged mutt, @3½ years old and @45 pounds.  She has a great smile and wears a beautiful platinum blond coat that cleans up real well. 


Her story:  In May 2013 a man found Snowy and her four, still nursing puppies living in an abandoned house.   Snowy was very thin and her puppies were starving to death because she wasn’t producing enough milk for them.  They were all fostered in a loving home until her weaned puppies were transported to another no-kill facility and she moved in to our shelter.  That was two years ago!


At first, Snowy was suspicious of people’s motives (you could tell she had always fended for herself) but once she was receiving the consistent love and care our shelter provides, she began to like our shelter staff.  She is still shy when it comes to meeting new people.  A volunteer, I recently visited Snowy in her room and sat down on her bed.  For a couple of minutes, she stood in the corner and looked at me, but then she came over to sniff me and allowed me to pet her—she loved it when I rubbed her belly and massaged her ears.  It was clear to me that Snowy WANTS to trust people! 


She is very good on a leash.  Her room stays clean—an indication that she’d be easy to house train.


Snowy can be picky about the other dogs she likes but she loves to play with her roommate Gary. 


She’d do best in a calm, adult home (she doesn’t trust loud noises or sudden movements that kids create) with kind people who want to help a very smart dog who got a rough start in life.  She may want to be an only dog.


A securely fenced yard would suit her very well too.  We have no doubt that she’ll make someone a very loyal pet and she’s a great age, and smart enough to learn what you’d like to teach her. 



The following animals are all urgent.

They are available at the Augusta County Pound, Lyndhurst, VA.

Please check this link for some wonderful dogs that desperately want a second chance and a new forever home.  They are all at the Orange County Humane Society, in Virginia.