Dogs In Need

If for some reason the surgery for a particular dog doesn’t occur within 60 days, the funds donated for that surgery will go back into our general fund to help the next dog in need.  Thank you for helping us help all these dogs in need!

Link here for previous fundraisers for dogs in need.

Big Flood 2016….Baton Rouge Area, Louisiana

It seems like every couple of months there is a disaster where people are desperately in need of help.  Once again, the people and animals of Louisiana are in that kind of need for help.   Although the “Cajun Navy” has help thousands and thousands of people and animals get to safety, there still is a […]

Mr. Todoe “Baby” – Bronx, NY

Baby, an 11 year old Yorkie has recently been diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma. The surgery for this cancer is not curative, however the surgery can extend the survival rate and will improve Baby’s quality of life. Please Donate Today