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I want to thank all the fine people at The Mosby Foundation and their wonderful sponsors and contributors for helping my dog London for the operation she needed. She is a 10-year-old rescued Golden Retriever my husband and I adopted from Dallas-Fort Worth Golden Retriever Rescue two years ago. London is the sweetest loving girl […]


This is Tumble, a sweet pit bull in Alabama, that had never walked until The Mosby Foundation purchased this wheel chair for him. This is his first time adjusting to it and the sensation of walking.

Thank You’s

Today is an exciting day! It’s Libby’s Chemo Graduation Day! Thank you so much for your support! — Matt and Lacy, Orange Park, FL Thanks from Sybil and Billy First let me thank you again for The Mosby Foundation’s generous grant to help with Billy’s surgery. Surgery took an hour longer than they had anticipated, […]