Bravo Archive

Bravo Winter 2017

PEYTON MOORE & SUE BERNTSON for setting up a table at both Petco, The Antique Mall, & Jakes in order to collect funds to help us help dogs in need…… two ROCK!!! BECCI HARMON, for putting together a matching fund drive in honor/memory of TUFFY, Jay and Andi Miner’s “little buddy.”  We also want to […]

Bravo Fall 2016

ALL OF OUR DONORS! YOU ARE TRULY OUR BACKBONE AND WITHOUT YOU WE COULDN’T DO ANY OF THIS….. YOU ALL ARE AWESOME! BECKY LANE for making a wonderful table cloth with our logo on it for all of our events. It’s so darn cute……….THANK YOU!! BECCI HARMON for generously volunteering to work an event at […]

Bravo Summer 2016

KENNY CRAIG, for volunteering to get us signed up with the Virginia CVC program. DAVID FITT, for volunteering to speak at the KIWANIS about our foundation, picking up and delivering pet food from Rescue Bank of the Blue Ridge , and attending several Community Foundation workshops. JENNIFER WOOD MONROE, for volunteering to attend several Community […]

Bravo Fall 2015

RENEE HERRELL for setting up our information booth at the Staunton Parks & Recs event in August.  THANKS so much Renee!! GAIL BROWN, for hosting our appreciation farewell to KATHRYN DOBYNS, who resigned after 9 years on The Mosby Foundation board of directors.  THANK YOU for you wonderful service and friendship Kathryn! CONNIE SPITLER, for […]

Bravo Summer 2015

CICI’S, Statler Boulevard, Staunton, VA for having a pizza night twice a month with a percentage of the night’s income coming to us!  Come on folks……….chow down!!  Thanks Cici’s!! JENNIFER WOOD MONROE for hosting our board of directors at a recent working retreat at her family owned NORTHWEST OUTFITTERS, SWOOPE, VA.   What a FUN […]

Bravo Spring 2015

CAROLE ADAMS, CAROL JACKSON, PAT GRIZZEL and BECKY ARCHER for rescuing sweet little Beau! And to Kathryn Dobyns, DVM and ANGELA BROWN for his vetting and kenneling. Plus, to all of our donors who helped with his medical care. Sometimes it takes an army to help a dog! WE LOVE ALL OF YOU!!! BILL & BEVERLY FAULKENBERRY for fostering and running Beau back […]


KENNY CRAIG, PHYLLIS CRAIG, DAVID FITT & CAROLE ADAMS, for getting up at 4:00am, driving to Dayton, VA and setting up and working the Dayton Days Fall Event all day. We love this event and ALL of you for doing this! The funds you raised will help a lot of dogs get the critical care they need! WOOO HOOO!! BEVERLY FAULKENBERRY & RENEE HERRELL […]