Bravo Archive

Bravo Fall 2015

RENEE HERRELL for setting up our information booth at the Staunton Parks & Recs event in August.  THANKS so much Renee!!

GAIL BROWN, for hosting our appreciation farewell to KATHRYN DOBYNS, who resigned after 9 years on The Mosby Foundation board of directors.  THANK YOU for you wonderful service and friendship Kathryn!

CONNIE SPITLER, for her continued volunteer work as The Mosby Foundation’s calendar graphic artist.  This upcoming year’s 2016 calendar is AWESOME!

Bravo Summer 2015

CICI’S, Statler Boulevard, Staunton, VA for having a pizza night twice a month with a percentage of the night’s income coming to us!  Come on folks……….chow down!!  Thanks Cici’s!!

JENNIFER WOOD MONROE for hosting our board of directors at a recent working retreat at her family owned NORTHWEST OUTFITTERS, SWOOPE, VA.   What a FUN place to go and experience a true western time in Virginia.  Please check their site at …….. and have a fun day or weekend riding horses in the beautiful Virginia mountains!

MICHAEL SCHAFFER & JENNIFER WOOD MONROE for providing us all the food and beverages we could handle.  You two ROCK!!

WENDY MOLODICH and CLIENTS at PLAINFIELD VETERINARY HOSPITAL, PLAINFIELD, CT for donating funds to help us help dogs fight canine cancer.  THANK YOU!

Bravo Spring 2015

CAROLE ADAMS, CAROL JACKSON, PAT GRIZZEL and BECKY ARCHER for rescuing sweet little Beau! And to Kathryn Dobyns, DVM and ANGELA BROWN for his vetting and kenneling. Plus, to all of our donors who helped with his medical care. Sometimes it takes an army to help a dog! WE LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!

BILL & BEVERLY FAULKENBERRY for fostering and running Beau back and forth to the vet and giving him the best care any dog could ever ask for! PAWS CROSSED THIS BECOMES A PERMANENT HOME!

VIRGINIA VETERINARY SPECIALISTS, CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA for taking such good medical care of our little man Beau when he so badly needed it. We LOVE you guys!!!

CAROL JACKSON, for also fostering Beau! Woooo Hoooo!!

MIDDLE RIVER VETERINARY HOSPITAL, VERONA, VA, COMMONWEALTH VETERINARY CLINIC, WAYNESBORO, VA and TO ALL OF YOU who donated to Beau’s extensive surgeries, we simply couldn’t do this without you!! Especially we want to thank KIMBERLY TALIAFERRO who covered the entire cost of one of Beau’s multiple surgeries. WOW!!!

NATURAL BRIDGE HOSPITAL FOR ANIMALS, NATURAL BRIDGE STATION, VA for helping so much with sweet Molly. Please be sure to read Molly’s story……

SAM HOUSTON RURITAN CLUB, LEXINGTON, VA for stepping up to the plate for this sweet dog Molly and her family. You guys ROCK!


KENNY CRAIG, PHYLLIS CRAIG, DAVID FITT & CAROLE ADAMS, for getting up at 4:00am, driving to Dayton, VA and setting up and working the Dayton Days Fall Event all day. We love this event and ALL of you for doing this! The funds you raised will help a lot of dogs get the critical care they need! WOOO HOOO!!

BEVERLY FAULKENBERRY & RENEE HERRELL for taking over our very busy spay/neuter program. This program has helped keep many unwanted litters from being born. You two are AWESOME!!

JENNIFER KIRKLAND, who previously coordinated our spay/neuter program. You deserve a break after all you’ve done for us! THANK YOU!!

CICI’S, Statler Blvd, Staunton, VA and JASON SMITH AND MA’ANI for picking The Mosby Foundation as one of their charities to receive a portion of their receipts! These funds will get several dogs spayed or neutered! ROCK ON!!

KELLY VANDEVANDER, for distributing pamphlets about our organization during the summer months of 2014. THANK YOU!!!

BUDDY DEATON for being ”MOSBY” in the Staunton Christmas parade. And especially for taking the time to pay extra attention to the children in wheelchairs and the really shy ones! Mosby is so PROUD OF YOU!

MARCIA BUTLER who does all of our graphic design work for free! She works full time and never says she doesn’t have time to do something for us……….and we ask her almost on a weekly basis! Sometimes daily! You are simply AWESOME!

VICKI EDELMANN & CAROL JACKSON, two of our most treasured volunteers! You two ROCK!


HILL TOP BERRY FARM AND WINERY who support The Mosby Foundation with a donation from the sale of each bottle of their blueberry dessert wine “Little Heeler”….CHEERS! Please go to their website and order a bottle, it’s a limited production and delicious! We LOVE you guys!

DAVID FITT, our wonderful Vice President, who does all our office maintenance and chores without ever saying No! He deserves a giant WOOOOO HOOOOO!