Big Flood 2016….Baton Rouge Area, Louisiana


Update:  Big Flood 2016: 10/27/16


Update:  Big Flood 2016……Baton Rouge Area, Louisiana

Hi Folks,

Again, I want to thank all of you who contributed to the wonderful people who have worked so hard helping the animals in Louisiana after the big flood last month.   We raised $1,985 and have mailed out a check to the Humane Society of Louisiana to help with medical expenses they are still incurring with all the animals in their care.  If you are not familiar with this group, they are a grassroots group, still working hard in the trenches, responding to the aftermath of the Louisiana floods.  They took the lead role in response in Livingston parish, one of the hardest hit areas.  According to several people who have traveled down there to help out, they believe it is accurate to say that this group took one of the most active roles of any local group in response to the storm from the earliest days.  They’ve taken an active role doing everything from water rescue and the evacuation of shelters, to now working on reunions and rescuing/caring for the animal victims of the flood at a new disaster relief shelter in Amite, Louisiana. They have also been managing adoption transports of animals across the disaster zone and distributing animal flood and care supplies both to families in need and to shelters and rescues assisting homeless animals. They are so appreciative of this donation, thanks to you, because there is an ongoing need for vetting, surgeries, and medications. 

According to a good friend of mine, with A Forever Home Rescue, the devastation suffered down there is equally as bad as it was after Hurricane Katrina.  Unfortunately with the Olympics and the Presidential Race, the media coverage for this disaster was next to nothing.  There is still a need if you would like to contribute.  We will also post updated photos once we receive them.

Again, thank you to those of you who contributed.  It means the world to us and to our neighbors down in Louisiana who are still helping all these poor animals. 


Carole Adams,

It seems like every couple of months there is a disaster where people are desperately in need of help.  Once again, the people and animals of Louisiana are in that kind of need for help.   Although the “Cajun Navy” has help thousands and thousands of people and animals get to safety, there still is a huge need for help.  That need is for medical care for the animals being taken in by shelters.  The shelters in the area that aren’t flooded are completely over-crowded and in need of everything.  We have been asked for help with medical care for the animals that are coming in faster than they can almost process.