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The foundation will keep records of all lost and found reports and attempt to match up people looking for dogs with folks who have found dogs with a similar description.  It is our hope that this will provide a much needed community service by helping dogs get safely home as soon as possible.

Remember - The Mosby Foundation is not a rescue group in that we do not take dogs in ourselves.

Call 540-939-4035 if you would like to report a lost or found dog.


Although the Mosby Foundation is not a rescue group in that we do not take and care for dogs ourselves, we do offer any assistance possible to promote communication and advertise dogs in need of placement. The following dogs are located in many different areas. Contact info. is given with each dog.  Please contact them directly. Thanks and please give these dogs a second chance!

All the following dogs are still available as of   

HARTLEY (#17170)

Female - @4 months old – 8 pounds (tiny)

Our Best Guess:  Beagle (miniature)

(entered shelter 9/19/14—starving, nearly dead, & without much hair!)


Hartley AIMG_7406

Hartley is still a little shy as she adjusts to her new surroundings but based on her love of treats and her playful tail-wagging she is already starting to settling in.  She is very sweet and well-mannered for such a young dog. She is recovering from a seed tick infestation which caused her to lose a lot of her hair but it is now growing back.  She is very friendly with all of the animals she has met.  She seems to be all beagle.  She LOVES to play with toys & was asleep on top of a pile of toys today!  So precious :) 


FRIZZY & GABBY (below) are siblings.  Their owner recently died & they entered our shelter on 9/22/14.  They are very sweet & social & need to be adopted together.  CURRENTLY IN FOSTER CARE WITH MARGE ORAM at 434-945-0945!

FRIZZY #17178

Male - @6 years old

Our Best Guess:  Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix (Blonde)

  IMG_20140922_132939_219  IMG_20140922_132906_366

GABBY #17177

Female - @6 years old

Our Best Guess:  Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix (White & Tan)

IMG_20140922_132955_986  IMG_20140922_133020_862


MISTY (#17174)

Female - @10 months old - @38 pounds

Our Best Guess:  Shepherd/Red Heeler (mix)

IMG_20140922_135112_099    IMG_20140922_134819_982

Misty wears a beautiful coat and sports the funniest ears!  She is very playful and sweet and she LOVES AFFECTION.  As you can see from the photos, she wants to be someone’s lap dog!  She is a great dog who is sure to make her new family very happy when they discover her!  SHE LOVES TO PLAY IN WATER.

CRYSTAL (#17176)

Female - @3 years old -@53 pounds

Our Best Guess:  Black Lab (mix)

(arrived shelter 9/22/14 – stray from AC)

IMG_20140922_140532_165  IMG_20140922_140129_382 



Crystal is a sweet black lab mix.  She wears a pretty black coat with a hint of grey.  She sits for a treat and takes it very gently.  She knows how to shake hands too.  She is missing some hair due to being infested with fleas when animal control picked her up as a stray but she is healing nicely.

Crystal is a VERY NICE GIRL and a great age to settle right into your loving home. 

ASH (#17167)  (arrived shelter 9/18/14)

Female – 10 months old - @25 pounds

Our Best Guess:  Shepherd/Basset/Corgi (mix)

Ash AIMG_6991  Ash BIMG_6976


Ash (head) AIMG_6988

Ash is a spunky young girl who appears to be a mix of Shepherd and Basset (or possibly Corgi).  She has reasonably good manners for such a young dog but with all dogs, particularly youngsters, continued training is very important.  Ash was reluctantly surrendered by her owners due to an unforeseen change in circumstance.  She accepts treats with a very gentle mouth.


MINDY  (#17153)

Female – spayed - @10 months old - @40 pounds 

Redtick/Shepherd (mix)  (entered shelter 9/10/14 – surrendered)

Mindy BIMG_6935    Mindy BIMG_6955

Mindy, 10 month, spayed female, medium (~40 lbs), Redtick / shepherd mix.  Mindy is a very sweet girl who gets along great with kids & other animals.  She was well loved & raised by her first family who bottle fed her when she was a young pup.  She has always been an inside dog and loves the comfort of snoozing on the couch or the bed - she was housetrained in her previous home & should adapt quickly to a new home.  Her mother is a purebred Redtick hound & her father is a shepherd mix.  She loves to play fetch & with her toys.  Her previous owners have provided their contact information to the shelter in case a prospective adopter has further questions.  MINDY IS GOOD WITH KIDS & OTHER ANIMALS.


WHISPER (#17148)

Female - @2 years old - @40 pounds

Our Best Guess:  Whippet/Lemon Hound (mix)

(entered shelter 9/4/14 – stray from Animal Control)

  Whisper CIMG_6879

Whisper is a graceful girl - approximately 2 years old.  She seems to be a sight hound mix - maybe whippet/lemon hound mix.  She is very sweet and social - she really likes playing with other dogs.  She also loves BUTT RUBS!  She was a stray covered in fleas & ticks so her coat is not as luxurious as it will be REAL SOON.  WHISPER IS VERY GOOD ON A LEASH!  GOOD WITH DOGS.


LINUS #17146

Male - @2 years old - @ 50 pounds

Our Best Guess:  Labrador/Plott Hound (mix)

(entered shelter 9/4/14 – stray from Animal Control)

Linus AIMG_6919

Linus is a very handsome lab/plott hound mix approximately 2 years old.  His sleek brindle coat is so dark you really have to look to see his stripes !  Linus is playful and loves affection.   He has a lot of energy and needs someone to help him improve his leash skills. 



CANDI (#15518)

Our Best Guess:  Treeing Walker/Blue Tick Coonhound (mix)

Spayed Female - @3 ½ years old - @40 pounds

(Candi arrived our shelter in Jan 2013 & was recently fostered for six months)

UPDATE:  9/3/14 – Candi, a very pretty little Blue Tick/Treeing Walker Coonhound mix, has lived in foster care (with many dogs) for the past six months.  Smaller than most hounds, she weighs in @40 pounds—a GREAT size—and she’s about 3½ years old now.  When she first came to the shelter she seemed to know nothing about human interaction and was quite shy.  But not anymore; not after being fostered! 


Candi was a very shy girl and her foster mom was a very dog savvy owner that has adopted and fostered shy dogs before.  Her small “pack of dogs” welcomes other dogs and helps them become more social, and that is what her dogs did for Candi too.  Lucky for Candi, she thrived in this home!  She is no longer shy and is quite social too.  She is house trained, does not counter surf, knows how to use a doggie door, and she walks fairly well on a leash too.


Unlucky for Candi, in her newfound boldness we realized that she is not friendly with all female dogs and she can be a "toy hoarder"!  She loves the boy dogs though and, of course, she loves her toys!  Sadly, Candi needed to be returned (because she didn’t get along with the female dogs in the pack” and she is now looking for a new home with other male dogs and a big fenced yard - because she loves to run and play.  GOOD WITH MALE DOGS



BUNNY (#17126)

Our Best Guess:  Sheltie/Shepherd/Chow mix

Female - @4 years old – 40 pounds (stray from Animal Control – 8/26/14)


Bunny has a beautiful long coat that unfortunately is extremely matted, especially on her back.  She has very much enjoyed all the brushing, petting and love she's been getting lately too.  J  She thinks she's at the spa!  She was an unclaimed stray picked up by animal control.  Unfortunately, she tested positive for heartworm, but she will be available for adoption or foster after her first treatment.  Bunny is a very affectionate dog and she loves to be doted upon.




NEUTERED MALE - @50 pounds - @2 ½ years old (as of 8/19/14)

OUR BEST GUESS:  Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler/Terrier (mix)

At the August 17, 2014 Save Our Animal Rescues “Every Pet is Perfect Parade & Show” at Sweet Briar College, our very sweet Petie WON

1st place BEST IN SHOW * 2nd place BEST KISSER

Petie (head) AIMG_6124  Petie CIMG_6115

Petie (#15932) has lived at Almost Home since July 2013.  He is a wonderful dog—beside himself with frustration because he is so darn smart & so bored because he doesn’t get enough exercise or leashed walks here!  He is a very well-mannered dog inside a home & house trained too.  He “sits” & “shakes” for treats & accepts them with a very soft mouth.  He is the STAR OF THE SHOW wherever he goes, & now he has a BLUE RIBBON to PROVE IT!  He excels at the Nelson County Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings & he looks GREAT in the “drive through” line at McDonald’s too.  He is a gentleman of a dog & someday a very special family is going to hit the jackpot with him!  You can’t help but smile when you look at him—he’s so darn cute!  2014-08-17 Best In Show Petie  2014-08-17 Best Kisser - 2nd Place - Petie

When Petie is AWAY from the shelter & gets enough exercise, he becomes a very mellow dog who is even good on a leash.  He very much wants & needs MORE EXERCISE than he gets here and he really NEEDS a BEST FRIEND to pall around with. 


Almost Home’s very own “PETIE”





BAILEY (Courtesy listing) – 8/2/14

English Foxhound (neutered male) – 1 year old – 40 pounds

Bailey is a handsome English Fox Hound—a wonderful dog who will weigh 65-75 pounds when full grown.  I would like to find a better LIFE for him – not simply a home.  He has a home and always will unless I can find a better LIFE for him.  He was a very sick puppy who would sit in my arms & lay his snuffly nose on my shoulder.  Early on, I noticed he would sit like a frog & then noticed his back legs were kind of wobbly.  I believe he has hip dysplasia, likely from poor nutrition in utero, which is common in this breed.  He knows how to sit & lay & sometimes he will come, but he’s still learning.  When he trots, he prances along like a horse & his tail curves over like a question mark slightly – impressive to watch.  Bailey is not in any way currently crippled.  He runs and jumps (while standing in place) but when he gets in the car or climbs up onto something, he basically uses his front legs to pull himself up.  He runs so fast sometimes that when he runs past, he sounds like a horse galloping!  He loves running!  I now have a very large dog crate that sits on the porch under my bedroom window, which has become his “guard post.”  He sits up there and monitors everything – it’s pretty funny but also reassuring.


I would love to see him have a life on a farm, with lots of room to run (he can really stretch it out when he runs!), & a pool or lake would be a real plus and helpful for his dysplasia.  He is an excellent guard dog (patrols the houses & grounds directly around me); however, he has taken a liking to getting in the road now.  He is especially interested in whatever he hears in the woods across the road & railroad tracks, though he hasn’t ventured further than the other side of the road yet.  So now, when outside, he must be on a lead/tie-out stake or leash, because he will take off after whatever he hears and won’t come when called.  Sometimes, if I turn & walk away or walk toward the car as if I’m leaving, he will stop & come back, as he very much enjoys riding in the car.  When we are at work, he lives in an extra-large dog kennel, which means up to 10 hours of kennel time.  He does quite well in terms of potty while in the kennel.  He gets along with cats (but doesn’t like them near his food so he gets fed outside) & he likes kids but needs to learn how to not get so excited around them.  For more information, please contact Melonie at




Male - @4 ½ years old - 42 pounds

(arrived shelter 7/15/14 – stray from Animal Control)

Our Best Guess:  Shepherd (mix) (he’s a rather small dog)

Cubbie BIMG_5264    Cubbie CIMG_5258  20140715_114134-1

Cubbie is the size of a bear cub & he seems to have a very gentle soul!  He came to Animal Control as a very scared, thin stray.  The kind folks there loved on him & taught him how to leash walk & he is coming around nicely in our shelter.  Still a little shy, after some "baby talk" his tail slowly wags & he now enjoys being brushed by those he trusts.  He has a little scar on his belly & he seems to be somewhat sensitive in his rear leg area.  It is possible that someone has physically hurt him but he isn’t fear aggressive at all.  Instead, he quickly bellies-up to show you that he doesn’t want any trouble.  This, alone, is heartbreaking.  Cubbie is going to make someone a very loyal companion & he will love being someone’s valued family member when his forever family finally finds him.  There is a sadness in his eyes that will melt your heart & confirm to you that he wants & needs to be loved.  Cubbie has heartworm & will begin his heartworm treatment soon.  During that 2 month period, he would LOVE to live in a calm foster home with kind people who would pamper him with lots of TLC & short leash walks, while the nasty ole heartworm dies.  Certain dogs seem to need our help a little more than others & sweet Cubbie is one of those.  There is something about Cubbie that touches me deeply & I think it will touch you too, if you go meet him.  THANK YOU for considering fostering and/or adopting him, helping him heal from the inside out, and loving him forever.  (Flower)

Nelson County Humane Society/SPCA Almost Home Pet Adoption Center – 434-263-7722


Male - @4 ½ years old - 42 pounds (a rather small dog)

Our Best Guess:  Shepherd (mix) (arrived shelter 7/15/14 – stray from Animal Control)

Cubbie BIMG_5264    Cubbie CIMG_5258  20140715_114134-1

Cubbie is the size of a bear cub (he feels like one too) & he has a very gentle soul!  He came to Animal Control as a very scared, thin stray & he tested positive for Heartworm, Lyme, & Ehrlichia.  Now at our shelter, he’s warmed up to us & he loves to be brushed & petted.  He has an unusual little scar on his belly & he is sometimes sensitive in his rear leg area (possibly caused by the Lyme disease that he has now been treated for).  He isn’t fear aggressive at all; instead, he quickly bellies-up to show that he doesn’t want any trouble. 


Cubbie has heartworm & will begin his treatment (& get neutered) on September 18.  During that 2 month period (in which he needs to remain calm), he would LOVE to live in a foster home with kind people who would pamper him with lots of TLC & give him short leash walks only, while the nasty ole heartworm dies.  (Our shelter will continue to pay for his treatment.)


Yesterday, I laid on his bed with him & he cuddled in real close to me, bellied up, & fell asleep as I massaged him.  I stayed with him that way for 45 minutes—loving every moment of his trust in me. Cubbie is the cuddliest dog in the world, excellent on a leash & though I know he can bark, I’ve never heard him bark. He is going to make someone a very loyal companion & he will love being someone’s valued family member once his forever family finds him.  There is a kind sadness in his eyes that will melt your heart & confirm to you that he wants & needs to be loved & valued for who he is—a PRECIOUS little soul!


Certain dogs need our help a little more than others & Cubbie is one of those.  Please contact us if you feel that you are able to help Cubbie during this difficult time in his life.  Who knows?  Once his heart is physically healed, you might decide to keep him!  THANK YOU for considering fostering and/or adopting Cubbie, helping him heal & loving him forever.  Cubbie gets along with most other dogs but seems afraid of cats.




Male - @4 years old - @50 pounds

(arrived shelter 7/15/14 – injured stray from Animal Control)

Our Best Guess:  Treeing Walker Coonhound  20140715_113705

Animal control picked Doggie up as an injured stray.  No one can explain his injury, but it sure looks painful!  Doggie isn't holding any grudges though, and his back is healing quite nicely.  He looks you right in the eye as if to say “THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SAVING ME AND HELPING ME HEAL.”  DOGGIE has had a rough life—you can tell that by looking at him.  But he IS the sweetest dog in the world.  He will be forever grateful to whoever adopts him, so please come visit him often.  You just might be that person!  PLEASE CONSIDER CONTRIBUTING TO DOGGIE’S “HELP TO HEAL” FUND.

BARNEY – #16692

Male, @6 years old, @52 pounds – BARNEY IS A PERFECT DOG!

Our Best Guess:  Shepherd mix (arrived shelter on 4/25/14 – owner passed away)  IMG_20140506_124023_943 (2)

NEW UPDATE:  8/16/14 - Guess who the star of the Nellysford Farmer’s Market was today.  BARNEY!!!  He was admired by hundreds of people and he made some new dog friends too.  Kids?  He met them, loved them, and he kissed quite a few. 


Barney, a stubby, stocky, little shepherd mix (may have some Lab and Corgi in him too), came to our shelter on April 26, 2014.  His owner had recently passed away and we rescued him from Animal Control.  He is approximately 6 years old and 52 pounds, and he is one of the most well-grounded dogs we have ever met—especially when he is out at social gatherings like the Nellysford Farmer’s Market on Saturdays.  He is so adorable and sweet and he LOVES AFFECTION.  He will actually stand on his hind legs and very gently wrap his front legs around you—giving you a little bear hug, Barney style, of course.  He’ll also kiss you sweetly on your cheek if you let him; not a BIG sloppy kiss, but a soft, gentle one.  And he accepts treats with a very gentle mouth.  Yes, Barney is a gentleman in a dog’s body.  And what a cute body it is!


Barney wears a very soft teddy bear coat and he loves to be brushed and fussed over.  When he looks up at us with those BIG brown eyes of his, he truly melts our hearts.  He’s clean in his room (seems to be house trained) and he is GREAT on a leash!  It is so easy to take Barney on a walk and he is so happy to go on one—the leash is slack the entire time—even when people and other dogs are passing by. 


Unfortunately, Barney tested positive for heartworm when we first got him.  He just finished his last treatment, so he’ll be ready to go into his new home soon.  The sooner, the better too, because he has a lot of love to give and no one to really give it to.  We are CERTAIN that his previous owner loved him dearly because Barney knows a lot about affection.  You can tell that, from the moment you meet him.  He’s a great age too, because he has matured into who he will be for many more years to come.  What you see with Barney is what you get.  He is truly an amazing and gentle dog!  And he LIKES CATS TOO!  (If Barney stays at our shelter much longer, we’ll have to vote him “Mayor” of Almost Home, because he is so politically correct!)  Good with female dogs.  Good with cats.  Good with kids.


BROWNIE (#16943)

Male - @4 years old - @54 pounds

Our Best Guess:  Beagle/Shepherd mix  (arrived shelter 7/2/14)

Brownie looks like a giant beagle!  He walks well on a leash & is very friendly & social.  When he looks up his ears fly out like wings—too cute!  Unfortunately, Brownie tested positive for heartworm.  He would love a foster home to go to during his treatment, as he’ll need to be kept calm and receive leashed walks only during that time.  Who knows, it could lead into a forever home for him.  He is good with dogs and kids!


SPANKY (#16948)

Male - @2 years old – 34 pounds (arrived 7/2/14)

Our Best Guess:  American Staffordshire Terrier (mix)

Spanky is a new arrival to Almost Home & he wears a handsome blonde brindle coat.  He is short, squatty and all smiles!!!  He walks well on a leash & loves affection.  He wants to be someone’s own personal lap dog.  Spanky does NOT like other animals & wants & NEEDS to be your only pet.  SPANKY LOVES PEOPLE!


FRISBEE (#16917)

Female - @2 years old - @ 40 pounds

(stray from Animal Control – 6/24/14)

Our Best Guess:  Boxer/Beagle (mix)


Frisbee has the cutest little under bite.....leading us to believe she may be a boxer beagle mix.  She is solid white except for a half brown face & a black ring around her tail where it attaches to her body—it almost looks like her tail is taped on :) She is very sweet & playful & a GREAT medium size.  She spent a Saturdayat the Nellysford Farmer’s Market and had a great time there, sitting on as many laps as possibly.  She really, REALLY wants someone to cuddle with and make her feel special.  She also did very well with the many other dogs there. 


Frisbee spent July 5th at the Wintergreen Craft Fair. She walks well on a leash and is very friendly with people, both adults and children.  She is sometimes challenged by dogs who are too energetic, but she LOVES TO PLAY with her roommates and other dogs she likes.  She definitely will benefit from an obedience class to teach her manners and help her gain confidence so she does not feel the need to go after dogs she feels are too energetic.  Frisbee walked without incident with Ranger, and never reacted to him. Frisbee enjoyed being petted and would love to be a lapdog.  She will need a fenced yard to run and play in, and an owner who is committed to helping her learn good social skills and manners.

Winston (#16916)

Male - @1 ½ years old - @50 pounds

(stray from Animal Control 6/24/14)

Our Best Guess:  Beagle/Hound mix

Winston entered our shelter on June 25, 2014, as a stray from Animal Control.  He has the body of a big beagle, the coloring of both a red tick & blue tick hound, and he’s a very happy boy—READY for a full life!  He instantly fit in at our shelter and is friendly with all the dogs here.  He comes up to us and follows us around like he's known us all his life.  He’s getting better on leash every time he goes for a walk.  A very happy dog, he’s well behaved and ready to move in with YOU as soon as possible so he can make you happy too!


On Labor Day, Saturday 2014, Winston made his debut at the Nellysford farmer’s Market with Ed as his handler!   Winston arrived in a fire engine red Suburban, and more flamboyant than ever, he jumped out wearing a “hunter” green collar and an ear to ear smile.  Ready for the limelight, he trotted Ed from person to dog to person in an effort to meet, sniff, kiss, and gaze into the eyes of everyone in sight.  He sat on cue (for treats) and served up a “come hither” smile to everyone he met. 


This young and eager up and comer wears a coat of many colors and will fascinate his forever people with curiosity over what mix he is.  There is certainly some Beagle in there but he is mum about the blue and red “ticking” and his Rufus socks.  Eager to leave his childish ways behind, he’s waiting for someone to teach him about life outside our shelter.  He’s very smart and wants to please.  That said, he’d probably excel at an obedience class and he could use more exercise than he can get while living in our nice, but small shelter.   Winston is the PERFECT AGE for you to train to be YOUR DOG and he would love to be your boy!




RANGER #16841

Male - @1 year old - @80 pounds (as of 6/17/14)

Our Best Guess of Breed:  Bloodhound/Lab mix

Ranger (head) BIMG_4317  Ranger BIMG_4313

Ranger is a big, goofy dog - he is very sweet but doesn't seem to realize just how big he really is.  He is still very much a big puppy so he will need training and exercise to "be all that he can be."  Ranger spent July 4th and 5th at the Wintergreen Craft Fair.  Ranger is a very big, handsome dog, with a lot of strength.  He can pull quite strongly, so his handler used a training collar on him at the event.  The change in his demeanor & manners was striking.  This tells us that he will do VERY well with an obedience class or two.  He got a LOT of attention from the people attending the event, both adults and children, and enjoyed both.  Ranger is very affectionate and seems to want to please people.


Ranger is most definitely a hunting dog.  While walking the grounds of Wintergreen, he spotted a groundhog and was ready for the chase.  He had a similar reaction to small dogs like Chihuahuas, Lhasa Apsos, and Toy Poodles.  Dogs around 20 to 30 lbs. and larger do not faze him. In fact, he was perfectly well behaved with medium to large sized dogs.  We also know he does not do well with cats, again, owed to his hunting instincts.


Ranger has a ton of energy, and will require regular exercise.  When his handler stood still for too long, he would whine to go again. He will need to go to a home with a proper fence to allow him to run safely.   Ranger bays in typical hound fashion, particularly when riding in the van, but when he was taken out, he quieted down quickly.




BLING (#16767)

Spayed Female – @7 YEARS OLD (she acts younger) - @50 POUNDS

Our Best Guess:  Cattle Dog/Beagle (mix)

(entered shelter May 2014 – owner moved & couldn’t take her)

(prior to her owner moving, Bling spent her life chained up outside)

Bling is a nice little “sugar face” of a grey faced mutt.  She loves attention & is GREAT ON A LEASH!  For a middle-aged dog, she’s very playful & often wears a "smile" on her face!  She loves to play “catch” with a ball and she enjoys carrying a rock around too!  She will sometimes dig up a rock and carry it around like a prized treasure.  Sadly, she probably never had toys as a pup & rocks were the only things she could find to play with.  She tested positive for heartworm when we first got her but she’s finished her treatment & is ready to be the love of someone’s life!  Fostered during heartworm treatment, she was almost 100% housetrained by the time her treatment was up.  She is a VERY SMART DOG and learns quickly! 


She often attends the Nellysford Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings and entertains shoppers there.  She sits for snacks and catches rubber balls young children toss to her.  Once she’s tired, she enjoys getting very close to someone and she will gently climb into their lap if they will let her.   Bling is a true “lap dog” at heart and doesn’t seem to miss being chained up at all!!!

Bling is VERY friendly, really likes children, and would do well in a family with children over six years of age.  She gets along well with other dogs, as long as they respect her space, and she is okay with cats too, as long as they don't mind her carrying them around in her mouth!  That was a bit of a challenge for her foster kitty sister.  Bling also needs her own assortment of toys and she’d enjoy an assortment of laps too.



LACY (#16628)

SPAYED FEMALE - @70 POUNDS - @9 YEARS OLD (as of 4/8/14)

Our Best Guess:  Bluetick Coonhound (enter shelter April 2014)

Lacy spent most of her life on a chain and was abandoned last summer when her owner moved out of state. She now LOVES being able to run free & is thriving with all of the attention she is receiving here in the shelter.  She LOVES people & is good with children.  She knows basic commands like down, sit, stay, come, & she walks well on a leash. 


Lacy is a big girl who loves & needs to go hiking!  She also LOVES to be brushed and fussed over.  When you look into her eyes you can really SEE that she is a girl who has long needed someone to love her & make her feel special.


BRONX (#14486)

Neutered Male - @45 pounds - @4 years old (as of 4/8/14)

Our Best Guess:  Vizsla mix (entered our shelter March 2012)

Bronx spent July 4 & 5, 2014 at the Wintergreen Craft Fair.  On multiple occasions, people who owned Vizslas (a very smart, very agile, energetic, Hungarian Bird Dog) stopped to admire Bronx & stated how much he looked & acted like their dogs.  While it is always hard to know what a shelter dog really is, the description here: fits our boy, Bronx.  Many of the challenges his previous adopters had are known to a Vizsla enthusiast. 


Bronx had no end of energy both days of the event, but was happy, & friendly, & engaged with his handlers.   If you are looking for an energetic, alert, smart, dog – which many people will think is a Vizsla, Bronx might be for you.  Bronx is a very smart dog & he especially LOVES MEN!  He also loves treats, butt rubs, & soft bedding.  He may resource guard items he values, so he needs an adult family that can give him lots of love & some boundaries too. 


He’s a smallish, medium size & he very much wants a family who will love him dearly.  He may do best as an only pet.  (Staff member Renee says he’d love to be a male trucker’s sidekick and go on the road with him.)


MACY (#12524)

Spayed Female - @50 pounds - @4 years old (as of 4/8/14)

Our Best Guess:  Coonhound (entered shelter in 2012)

Macy is VERY SMART.  She is house trained, good on a leash, loves to go jogging, doesn’t bark a lot, & loves being the center of attention.  She was well behaved in a home from 2010-2012 but didn’t enjoy car rides & her family returned her because they wanted a dog they could travel with.


Macy attended an adoption event at a middle school this year and was the star of the show.  She loved all of the attention she got and seemed to really like the children there too.


Macy wants to be a “homebody” & needs a big fenced yard in which to run, play, & lounge around in.  She LOVES to sniff things out & has been trained to an invisible fence before.  She likes calm, male dogs but is NOT a fan of cats, so NO CATS, please!  She is VERY FOOD motivated & should be fed without interference from other dogs and/or children (which is good practice anyway).


SNOWY (#15768)

Spayed Female - @40 pounds - @2 ½ years old (as of 4/9/14)

(Entered shelter May 2013 – a man found her & her puppies living in an abandoned house)

Our Best Guess:  TERRIER mix

Snowy & her 4 puppies came to us VERY THIN.  The puppies were about 5 weeks old, so we weaned them as soon as possible, because poor Snowy didn't have enough milk to feed them.  She was fostered her for 2 weeks & in that time she learned to trust her foster family.  She was a fear biter at first (understandable because she knew it was her job to protect her pups), bust she showed no true aggression. 


She isn’t quick to trust people but she loves the people she trusts.  She has shown some food aggression, but since she was starving & living in the wild while taking care of herself & her puppies, that is understandable. 


Snowy LOVES TO PLAY with other dogs & is more confident when with them.  She would do best in an ADULT home with at least one other dog.  She’s long overdue for a family who loves her & would probably do best in a calm household without children! 



They are GREAT dogs—just very shy!  Shy dogs get adopted last & they have lived at our shelter since 2012!  Read “their full stories” on our website… 


Buster & Callen are in love with each other & they need to be adopted (or fostered) by patient, loving people who will work with them & give them the time they need to settle in.  A calm, ADULT home & a securely fenced yard are a MUST, because if they got away, they would not go to other people for help.  They are very clean in their room, indicating they’d be clean inside a home too.  Affectionate with shelter staff, they DO have it in them to trust people they KNOW they can trust, & they WANT to trust people. They accept treats with very gentle mouths & they like other dogs too.


BUSTER #14307 (Labrador Retriever/Hound mix) Neutered male, 50 pounds, @3 ½ years old.

Buster enjoys leashed walks & loves to receive affection by those he trusts.  He will actually turn upside down for belly rubs once he trusts you—but it takes time.  He has more courage than Callen!

                                BUSTER                                                          CALLEN



CALLEN #14597 (Border Collie/Labrador Retriever) Spayed female, 35 pounds, @2 ½ years old. 

Callen gets her courage by being around Buster; she continually looks to him for guidance & hides behind him when she feels she must.  Like Buster, she has a very soft mouth when accepting treats, but as soon as she gets her treat, she will immediately back away from you until she trusts you.  She is getting more comfortable with people but her progress is slow.  Last week she saw Flower brushing Buster & she actually let Flower brush her too.  (It was about the 7th time that Flower had sat in their room with them.  Progress is happening!)


PLEASE HELP US SOCIALIZE BUSTER & CALLEN BY VISITING THEM REGULARLY & SITTING IN THEIR ROOM WITH THEM.  YOUR DOING SO WILL REALLY HELP THEM GET USED TO PEOPLE.  (Call Flower at 434-361-0190 if you’d like her help in working with them, because they will be VERY SHY with you, at first, and they have learned to trust Flower.)


Adopt “BESSIE” (ID# 14515)

Statuesque, Long, Lean, Elegant – with excellent house manners!




@5 Years Old – 73 Pounds –Very soft, shiny, easy maintenance coat

Bessie came to our shelter as an abandoned & starving in Oct 2011. We have fostered her for a year now & it has been a joy.  House trained from day one, she is very respectful of everything inside our home.  She’s shy (not aggressive) around new people (at first) but she loves those she trusts & leans into them for affection.  Very food motivated, she tap dances (in a River Dance fashion) for food or treats.  She LOVES food puzzles & is happiest when she is running as fast as she can while carrying a Beehive Kong filled with roasted chicken that she is about to enjoy.  She is a beautiful runner!  Some of the words she knows are:  COME!  SIT.  LET’S DRESS.  LET’S WALK. THIS WAY!  OFF!  EH!  LEAVE IT!  TAKE IT! STAY! SPEAK! LET’S DO SOME TRAINING!  She loves soft dog beds & has several throughout our home.  She doesn’t beg our food when we eat & she isn’t a digger, fence climber, or chewer.  She will stand with her paws high up against a tree if there is an animal in it—it’s that “Treeing Walker” thing! 


She likes other dogs but is apprehensive when meeting them & often asserts herself.  She barks anunusual bark to tell us things & is good on a leash.  She loves rolling in the grass & hanging out in our fenced yard with us!  She may enjoy another calm dog in her family & it might enable her to relax around unexpected noises.  Bessie is afraid of snapping/clicking sounds, she’s not a fan of car rides, and not good with cats. 


Bessie NEEDS a calm home in a RURAL setting with a large fenced yard & hound loving people patient enough to give her the time she needs to settle in.  She is a loyal, fun, goofy hound that is fun to hang around with.  To learn more, contact Flower & Ed at 434-361-0190 or .  We can bring her to meet you!


She is at the Rockbridge, VA SPCA. Karen Beard at is the contact and the phone number at the shelter is  540-463-5123. This is Dottie's Petfinder post: Here is additional information: She has her shots and has been dewormed.  They are unsure if she is spayed or housebroken She is about 35-40 pounds and they believe she is seven years old, but that is an estimate.  She arrived at the shelter filthy. She gets along with other dogs and is currently housed with Petie, the Mountain Cur and is very, very sweet. I will help with transport if needed it just needs to be on a weekend or in the evening so you can always put my email and phone number: 540-421-4842 and
Dottie Dottie Dottie

Adopt Bessie

The following animals are all urgent.
They are available at the Augusta County Pound, Lyndhurst, VA.


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Please check this link for some wonderful dogs that desperately want a second chance and a new forever home.  They are all at the Orange County Humane Society, in Virginia.

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