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The foundation will keep records of all lost and found reports and attempt to match up people looking for dogs with folks who have found dogs with a similar description.  It is our hope that this will provide a much needed community service by helping dogs get safely home as soon as possible.

Remember - The Mosby Foundation is not a rescue group in that we do not take dogs in ourselves.

Call 540-939-4035 if you would like to report a lost or found dog.


Although the Mosby Foundation is not a rescue group in that we do not take and care for dogs ourselves, we do offer any assistance possible to promote communication and advertise dogs in need of placement. The following dogs are located in many different areas. Contact info. is given with each dog.  Please contact them directly. Thanks and please give these dogs a second chance!

All the following dogs are still available as of   

SUGAR RAY (#17287)

Male - @3 years old - @55 pounds

Our Best Guess:  Boxer (mix) (entered shelter 11/1/14)

IMG_20141103_121856_743   1 Sugar Ray IMG_1409

UPDATE:  11/28/14:   Sugar Ray is a handsome Boxer (mix)—in person you can really see the “BOXER” face that he wears.  He is about 3 years old and weighs in at 55 pounds.  He came to us a week ago as an unclaimed stray (from Animal Control) but he seems to have had a previous owner.  He has been very well fed, has an impressive “Boxer” physique and a cute little Boxer face, and he wears a nice, clean coat.  He is a VERY well-mannered dog, EXCELLENT on a leash (he walks right BESIDE YOU on a slack leash!!!) and he sits nicely to accept treats with his very gentle mouth.  He enjoys receiving affection too and will sometimes give a gentle paw to ask for more.  He is a very smart dog and when you meet him you can tell there is a lot of intelligence behind his alert and gentle brown eyes.  He seems bewildered by his new situation and always appears to be “looking for someone.”  How sad for him that whoever his people were, they seem to have decided they don’t want him anymore.  We are puzzled and saddened by his situation too.  Sugar Ray seems like such a perfect dog, we can’t imagine how he ended up homeless. 


Unfortunately, Sugar Ray tested positive for heartworm and will begin his treatment soon.  During that two month period, he would love to be adopted (or fostered) so he can recover in a calm home environment; he will need to be crated and leash walked only during his treatment and Almost Home will pay the bill.  If you are looking for a Boxer and/or simply a very good, easy to manage dog, Sugar Ray could be your guy and YOU could be THE family that will never, ever abandon him.   Good with Dogs.


BEAUTY  (#17325)

Female - Pit Bull - @6 years old - @55 pounds

Entered our shelter on 11/30/14

3 Beauty BIMG_1174 (3)


UPDATE 12/2/14:  Beauty is a 6 year old pit bull that has been used for breeding her whole life.  She is chunky in size, chocolate in color, and MELTS when you pet her.  When I spent time with Beauty today, a phrase came to me:  "Always a momma, never a puppy."  In just one short week she has learned to cherish her comforter on her dog bed.  She knows exactly where the door is that lets her inside where it is warm.  She now gets so excited when you talk to her and make over her, that her whole body wiggles until she lays over for a belly rub.  When she is outside and you call her, she runs to you as excitedly as her out of shape body will let her.


She is so gentle and loving.  She walks very well on a leash but needs time to lose a little weight and build up her stamina before she can enjoy really long walks with her new owner.  Beauty is such a sweet girl - she gets along with other dogs and is very respectful of cats.  Spend some time with Beauty and she will melt your heart!


SAMSON  (#12270)

Neutered Male – Husky/Shepherd (mix) - @5 years old - @50 pounds

(Has lived in foster care with Scott and Renee for the last 3 years)

1 Samson AIMG_1092


UPDATE 12/1/14:  Samson is a dog full of life!  He loves to play in water, he loves to go for walks, he loves affection, he loves his toys and rawhides :)   He is a handsome husky/shepherd mix, about 5 years old.  He has a look that will melt you - with one ear up, one ear down and those BIG BROWN EYES.  Samson is very smart and loves to learn new tricks.  He already knows: SIT, DOWN, LEAVE IT, WAIT, AND COME.   Samson is not fond of cats and is very choosy about what dogs he gets along with.  He would probably do best as an only dog.  If you are looking for a best buddy, look no further than Samson!



BRONX (#14486)

Neutered Male - @45 pounds - @4 years old (as of 4/8/14)

Our Best Guess:  Vizsla mix (entered our shelter March 2012)   1 Bronx AIMG_1366

UPDATE:  11/22/14 – Bronx is a very handsome Vizsla (mix) dog who is about 4 years old and weighs about 40 pounds.  He came to our shelter as a starving stray in March 2012.  His is long and sleek, wears a beautiful red coat close to his body, and his brown, curious eyes will melt your heart.  He’s an alert, energetic, and smart boy who is STILL WAITING to be discovered by the RIGHT family. 


Bronx is very well behaved when taken out for day trips.  He is always friendly and engaged with his handlers.   He can be possessive with his food but he learned, early in life, that he didn’t know where his next meal was coming from so his food is HIS FOOD.  He is a very smart dog & needs a dog savvy guardian who enjoys working with highly intelligent dogs like him; someone who can bring out his exceptional qualities.  He would love to go jogging with his new best friend every day and/or go hiking with his family members a lot.  He’d enjoy a big fenced yard too—because he does have some energy he needs to burn off.  He needs a structured home and some boundaries with dog smart people who will work with him and do reward based training with him.  Because he is very food motivated, reward based (not forceful) training, done properly, will work for him. 


Bronx gets along with submissive female dogs and he likes kids, but neither should mess with his food and/or what he feels are his possessions!  That said, he would probably do best in an ADULT household that has a female dog and/or no other dogs. 


Please don’t overlook Bronx as you search for a new best friend.  It isn’t his fault he nearly starved to death and had nothing to value at the beginning of his life.  If you take the time to HELP HIM, he’ll be your best pal in no time.  Adopt him, work with him, and make his dreams come true.  You’ll be so glad you took the time to give him the love and guidance necessary to enable him to thrive in this life.  More than anything, Bronx wants to be loved and valued AS he ENJOYS the finer things in life…just like we all do!  He would love to have a forever home FOR THE HOLIDAYS!


JODY  (#17266)

Female - @3 years old - @40 pounds

Our Best Guess:  Walker Hound (entered shelter October 2014)


  1 Jody IMG_1295

UPDATE:  12/2/14 - Jody is a very sweet Walker Hound that came to us with a litter of puppies.  She is still quite thin but we feed her very well and will fatten her up.  Jody has a striking coat, soulful eyes and those long pretty hound ears.  She loves to be petted and receive butt rubs.


She met Santa Clause recently and fell in love with him.  Not at all intimidated by “his unusual look” like some of our dogs were, she did her best to get on his lap for some good ole affection and managed to whisper into his ear that all she wants for Christmas is a FOREVER HOME.  She is really hoping that he makes her dream come true.  She plans to do her best to be a very good girl for her new family too!


She is good with dogs and good with kids.




Female (spayed) - @10 months old - @45 pounds

German Shepherd Dog


We just got Piper and she will be in foster care until she is adopted.  She is very skinny and rather small. Her biggest challenge, right now, is her extreme fear and distrust of new situations and people.  We are VERY optimistic about Piper's rehab—she is already seeking affection from us and playing with our other dogs. 


Piper is not ready to be listed for adoption yet, BUT if your are interested in adopting her when she is ready, please contact her foster mom, Denise, at .


KEIKO - Courtesy listing! - KEIKO

KEIKO - OCT 12, 2014:   Keiko is a 50-60 lb. spayed female, about 9 or 10 years old.  Her family must give her up as their child has developed an allergy to dog hair. Keiko is house trained and walks well on a leash.  She does well with children, cats and other dogs.  Her owners have had Keiko for about 1 1/2 years.  She is not currently up-to-date on shots.  The only negatives they said were that she has a sensitive stomach. They were feeding her Taste of the Wild. For more information, please contact her owners (Carla and Bob) at 434 282-8764.  KEIKO IS GOOD WITH DOGS, CATS & KIDS



Male (neutered) – Labrador Retriever (mix) (he has the face of a Chesapeake Bay Retriever)

@ 3 ½ years old - @ 55 pounds (entered shelter March 2012)



UPDATE:  12/2/14 - Buster is a stout dog who wears a beautiful, soft brindle coat.  He loves going on leashed walks, likes most other dogs, & is food motivated.  He loves belly rubs & can’t get enough of them from those he trusts.  He’ll turn upside down in a second if he senses a belly-rub coming his way and he will lay his head on your lap and tap you gently with his paw if you stop petting him.  He’s a very sweet dog who loves affection from those he trusts.   


A little bit shy when it comes to trusting new people ,if you have some treats in your pocket and sit on the floor of his room (allowing him to come to you), he will eventually come to see what you are offering.  Soon, he will accept the treats with a VERY GENTLE mouth and eventually he will let you pet him. On your second visit with him, he’ll probably belly-up to invite you to get more personal with him.


Buster really likes to play with his roommates and he likes to run and explore in the big yard here.  He’s gentle with his toys and really enjoys laying on soft blankets on his bed.  He’s a kind dog who does not seem destructive in any way.  He is VERY CLEAN in his room (indicating he’s probably house trained himself) and he’s good on a leash too.  He loves leashed walks through trails in the woods. 


Buster needs patient, loving, adult people who have known and loved shy dogs before.  A calm home (in a quiet setting) and a securely (visibly) fenced yard would be best for him too.  His new family MUST HAVE at least one other dog and their dogs MUST live inside their home as valued family members.  Buster wants and needs to be someone’s beloved pet and hang out with another dog on a daily basis.  (Buster would not go anywhere near Santa to get a photo taken)   BUSTER IS GOOD WITH DOGS 

Please contact Flower and Ed @ 434-361-0190 or  if you want to know a lot more about Buster.  They can bring him to meet those of you we feel would be a good fit for him!



CHANCE (#17196)

Male (neutered) – @4 years old - @45 pounds

Our Best Guess:  Pit Bull (mix) (entered shelter Nov 2014)

Chance BIMG_7851

  Chance BIMG_7852  1 Chance CIMG_1260

Chance is good with kids, cats and dogs.  He was turned in by his owners when they were no longer able to keep him. He was still very new to the shelter when the pictures were taken.  While initially a bit shy & confused by his new home, he was always very sweet & eager to please.  He certainly enjoyed the back rubs that Santa gave him.  Chance is a great dog that just needs a new family!  


LINUS #17146

Neutered Male - @2 years old - @ 50 pounds

Our Best Guess:  Blood Hound/Plott Hound (mix)

(entered shelter 9/4/14 – stray from Animal Control)


  1 Linus BIMG_1333

Linus is a very handsome lab/plott hound mix approximately 2 years old.  His sleek brindle coat is so dark you really have to look to see his stripes!  Linus is playful and loves affection.  He has a lot of energy and needs someone to help him improve his leash skills.  He loves his roommate Macy and accepts treats with a very gentle mouth. 




CANDI (#15518)

Our Best Guess:  Treeing Walker/Blue Tick Coonhound (mix)

Spayed Female - @3 ½ years old - @40 pounds

(Candi arrived our shelter in Jan 2013 & was recently fostered)

UPDATE:  9/3/14 – Candi, a very pretty little Blue Tick/Treeing Walker Coonhound mix, and once lived in foster care (with many dogs).  Smaller than most hounds, she weighs in @40 pounds—a GREAT size—and she’s about 3½ years old now.  When she first came to the shelter she seemed to know nothing about human interaction and was quite shy but foster care helped her come out of her shell. 


Candi was a very shy girl and her foster mom was a very dog savvy owner that has adopted and fostered shy dogs before.  Her small “pack of dogs” welcomes other dogs and helps them become more social, and that is what her dogs did for Candi too.  Lucky for Candi, she thrived in this home!  She is no longer shy and is quite social too.  She is house trained, does not counter surf, knows how to use a doggie door, and she walks fairly well on a leash too.


Candi gets along with most dogs but she can be a "toy hoarder" because she loves to play!  She is Buster Brown’s roommate now and they have so much fun together.  She would thrive with a big fenced yard - because she loves to run and play.  Candi was afraid of Santa Clause so she did not get her photo taken with him. GOOD WITH MOST DOGS



BAILEY (Courtesy listing) – 8/2/14

English Foxhound (neutered male) – 1 year old – 40 pounds

Bailey is a handsome English Fox Hound—a wonderful dog who will weigh 65-75 pounds when full grown.  I would like to find a better LIFE for him – not simply a home.  He has a home and always will unless I can find a better LIFE for him.  He was a very sick puppy who would sit in my arms & lay his snuffly nose on my shoulder.  Early on, I noticed he would sit like a frog & then noticed his back legs were kind of wobbly.  I believe he has hip dysplasia, likely from poor nutrition in utero, which is common in this breed.  He knows how to sit & lay & sometimes he will come, but he’s still learning.  When he trots, he prances along like a horse & his tail curves over like a question mark slightly – impressive to watch.  Bailey is not in any way currently crippled.  He runs and jumps (while standing in place) but when he gets in the car or climbs up onto something, he basically uses his front legs to pull himself up.  He runs so fast sometimes that when he runs past, he sounds like a horse galloping!  He loves running!  I now have a very large dog crate that sits on the porch under my bedroom window, which has become his “guard post.”  He sits up there and monitors everything – it’s pretty funny but also reassuring.


I would love to see him have a life on a farm, with lots of room to run (he can really stretch it out when he runs!), & a pool or lake would be a real plus and helpful for his dysplasia.  He is an excellent guard dog (patrols the houses & grounds directly around me); however, he has taken a liking to getting in the road now.  He is especially interested in whatever he hears in the woods across the road & railroad tracks, though he hasn’t ventured further than the other side of the road yet.  So now, when outside, he must be on a lead/tie-out stake or leash, because he will take off after whatever he hears and won’t come when called.  Sometimes, if I turn & walk away or walk toward the car as if I’m leaving, he will stop & come back, as he very much enjoys riding in the car.  When we are at work, he lives in an extra-large dog kennel, which means up to 10 hours of kennel time.  He does quite well in terms of potty while in the kennel.  He gets along with cats (but doesn’t like them near his food so he gets fed outside) & he likes kids but needs to learn how to not get so excited around them.  For more information, please contact Melonie at




Neutered Male - @4 years old - @50 pounds  (arrived shelter 7/15/14)

Our Best Guess:  Treeing Walker Coonhound 1 Doggie Howzer IMG_1542

UPDATE:  11/27/14:  Doggie Howzer is a neutered, male Treeing Walker Coonhound (tri color), about 4 years old and 45 pounds.  He is a gentleman of a dog who often stands quietly and surveys his surroundings while other dogs bark and carry on at the shelter.  Doggie is good on a leash and seems to prefer female dogs that are about his own size.  He is a mellow fellow, affectionate (though a little shy at first), and he accepts treats with a very gentle mouth. 


He is a good age and seems comfortable with who he is.  He has a high prey drive and isn’t a fan of cats or small dogs (they must remind him of things he needs to chase like squirrels, rabbits, and other small varmints).  He loves to be outside and run and play in our big yard, and might do best with a big fenced yard and nice female dog to play with.  He does love the comforts of sleeping inside though.


Animal control picked Doggie up as an injured stray on 7/15/14.  He had a deep cut (or tear) all along his backbone from his neck down to his tail base.  (We have no idea what happened to him but as you can see in his photo above, it is all healed up now.)  It was a large wound (see photo) and looked very painful but being a stoic dog like he is, Doggie endured all of the healing treatments our vets and shelter staff gave him.  Not once did he growl and/or try to harm anyone.  He’s a kind soul all around—he doesn’t want trouble.


Doggie may have a scar or three (take a look at the ends of his very silky ears) but he would love to have a home for the holidays and we know from his disposition that he’ll be forever grateful to whoever sees beyond his scars, adopts him, and gives him enough love to enable him to forget all about his injuries.  Please take ONE MORE look into his eyes before you exit his webpage.  See that little bit of sadness there?  You could fix that!  How can you not LOVE this dog and give him a chance to thrive in this lifetime?  GOOD WITH DOGS.  GOOD WITH KIDS.



BROWNIE (#16943)

Male - @4 years old - @54 pounds

Our Best Guess:  Beagle/Shepherd mix  (arrived shelter 7/2/14)  1 Brownie AIMG_1470

UPDATE 12/1/14:  Brownie is a 4 year old, neutered male Beagle/Shepherd mix and weighs 54 pounds.  He has teddy bear good looks and is a very friendly, social guy who walks well on a leash.  When he looks up at you with his big, brown eyes, his ears fly out like wings.  (We feel certain that he will learn to fly too, once he has a forever family who can help him reach his full potential.)  He wears a very soft coat, has gentle, soulful eyes, and is a very cute boy!  He accepts treats with a very gentle mouth.  Brownie is a gentle soul and doesn’t want trouble with anyone.  He met Santa Clause yesterday and wasn’t afraid of Santa at all!  (We heard him whisper that all he wants for Christmas is a forever home.)


When Brownie came to our shelter in July 2014 he tested positive for Heartworm.  He JUST FINISHED his treatment and is now ready to be ADOPTED.  (He still needs to be kept calm in a crate and taken for leashed walks only during the next two weeks.)  Brownie is such a sweet dog that it doesn’t take very long at all to fall totally in love with him and his nice manners.  With his mix of breeds he is sure to be a very fun and loyal family member too.   Good with Dogs, Good with Kids


SPANKY (#16948)

Neutered Male - @2 years old – 34 pounds (arrived 7/2/14)

Our Best Guess:  American Staffordshire Terrier (mix)   1 Spanky BIMG_1584

UPDATED 12/1/14:  Spanky is a 2 year old male American Staffordshire Terrier who strutted into Almost Home on 7/2/14 as only he can do.  He is so darn cute (and small) that when he gets his 34 pounds in true strut mode, people stop to admire him and adoring hearts flutter.  SPANKY LOVES PEOPLE!  He wears a handsome blonde brindle coat that is silky to the touch and boy does he love to be touched.  Spanky is SHORT, SQUAT, and ALL SMILES!!!  He DOES smile!


He walks well on a leash and absolutely LOVES to give and receive affection.  He sits for treats, enjoys belly-rubs, and Scott has been teaching him to roll over.  It doesn’t seem possible for Spanky to get enough affection but he is hoping to one day (soon) get a family who will at least try to give him enough.  He is very clean in his room—an indication that he’d be easily house-trained.


Spanky met Santa Clause yesterday and wasn’t afraid of him at all.  In fact, Spanky kissed Santa several times during attempts to climb up onto Santa’s lap.  In one photo you can see Spanky standing as tall as he can get on his tippy-toes to get himself into the best kissing range.  (See Spanky’s video with Santa.)  Santa was as smitten with Spanky as Spanky was with him and we can imagine that if Santa wasn’t about to get VERY busy he might adopt Spanky so that he and Mrs. Clause could enjoy many cozy nights by the fire with him.  A forever family IS the only thing on Spanky’s Christmas list this year and he is really hoping that his short time spent “kissing up to Santa” may make his dreams come true.  What Spanky wants and needs more than anything is to be someone’s own personal lap dog. 


Spanky does NOT get along with other animals so he wants and needs to be your only pet.  He likes kids but should not be around kids if other animals are in the area.





WINSTON (#16916)

Male - @1 ½ years old - @50 pounds (stray from Animal Control 6/24/14)

Our Best Guess:  Beagle/Hound mix

    1 Winston AIMG_1527 

Winston has the body of a big beagle, the coloring of both a red tick & blue tick hound, and he’s a very happy boy—READY for a full life!  He instantly fit in at our shelter and is friendly with all the dogs here.  He comes up to us and follows us around like he's known us all his life.  He’s getting better on leash every time he goes for a walk.  A very happy dog, he’s well behaved and ready to move in with YOU as soon as possible so he can make you happy too!


On Labor Day, Saturday 2014, Winston made his debut at the Nellysford farmer’s Market with Ed as his handler!   Winston arrived in a fire engine red Suburban, and more flamboyant than ever, he jumped out wearing a “hunter” green collar and an ear to ear smile.  Ready for the limelight, he trotted Ed from person to dog to person in an effort to meet, sniff, kiss, and gaze into the eyes of everyone in sight.  He sat on cue (for treats) and served up a “come hither” smile to everyone he met. 


This young and eager up and comer wears a coat of many colors and will fascinate his forever people with curiosity over what mix he is.  There is certainly some Beagle in there but he is mum about the blue and red “ticking” and his Rufus socks.  Eager to leave his childish ways behind, he’s waiting for someone to teach him about life outside our shelter.  He’s very smart and wants to please.  That said, he’d probably excel at an obedience class and he could use more exercise than he can get while living in our nice, but small shelter.   Winston is the PERFECT AGE for you to train to be YOUR DOG and he would love to be your boy!





RANGER #16841

Male (neutered) - @1 year old - @80 pounds (as of 6/17/14)

Our Best Guess of Breed:  Bloodhound/Hound mix

Ranger (head) BIMG_4317

  1 Ranger AIMG_1480

UPDATE 12/1/14:  Ranger is one of the sweetest “lap dogs” you’ll ever meet.  He is a BIG, goofy guy who likes to kiss and cuddle and he’s quick to present his belly for belly rubs and lay his big head on your lap as you stroke his long tummy.  He has no idea how big he is!


Ranger showed up as a stray on the farm of a nice family who fell in love with him and named him.  They have several other dogs and Ranger immediately got along with all of them BUT Ranger would not stop chasing their (indoor/outdoor) cat under the vehicles and barking at it so they had to give him up.  


Ranger is VERY handsome, wears a beautiful, brindle coat, & has a long, sleek, muscular body packed full of strength.  He can pull strongly on a regular leash but is quite good on a “gentle leader/head collar” type of leash.  The change it creates in his demeanor is impressive & tells us he (being a pup that is ready to learn everything) could do well in & benefit from an obedience class. 


Ranger spent July 4th and 5th at the Wintergreen Craft Fair and while there he spotted a groundhog and was ready for the chase.  He had a similar reaction to small dogs like Chihuahuas and Toy Poodles.  Mid-sized and larger dogs, however, didn’t faze him.  Given his high prey drive, Ranger would not do well with cats and/or other small animals.  Since a dog as handsome and capable as him ended up as a stray, we feel  certain that he failed at “Hunting 101” and really wants and needs to be a companion dog (not to be trusted around small animals).   


Ranger NEEDS a family capable of handling his size and strength and giving him enough exercise, play, and mental stimulation every day.  He is food motivated and wants to please people, so someone adept at reward based training could turn him into their best dog ever!  He also needs a proper fence to allow him to run safely and burn up some of his energy.  At the shelter, he sometimes barks with the other dogs for attention, but he stops barking when he has something else to do.  Still very much a big puppy, he is young enough and smart enough to learn what you’ll want to teach him.  He must live inside with his forever family and they must love him for being the big, goofy, loving, young dog that he is. 

Good with Dogs, Not Good with Cats, Good with Kids



BLING (#16767)

Spayed Female – @8 YEARS OLD (though she acts younger) - @45 POUNDS

Our Best Guess:  Cattle Dog/Beagle (mix) (entered shelter May 2014 – owner moved) 1 Bling AIMG_1133

UPDATE:  11/20/14 – Just in time for Thanksgiving we have an entirely NEW write-up for sweet Bling and YOU need to read it!  Bling may be a bit older than our other dogs, but she is one of our happiest dogs because her life in our shelter may be the best life she has ever known.  She's such a happy girl—so playful, a VERY GOOD ball catcher, EXCELLENT on a leash, and she is very food motivated (read that as easy to train)!

When she first arrived here in May 2014 she seemed to be about 8 years old but now that we know her we think she might be a little bit younger than that.  She does have a “sugar face” but she may have been born with some of those little white hairs.  An all American mutt probably, she seems to have quite a bit of tan and white Cattle dog in her.  She is a GREAT SIZE too—about 40 pounds.  When her owner left for college and the girl’s mom was not willing to take care of her, Bling she ended up at animal control.  Most likely, she had been an outside only dog up until then, but she sure does love the comforts of living INSIDE our shelter. 

She tested positive for Heartworm when we first got her but her treatment is complete and she is now ready for her forever home where she can live INSIDE the home as a valued family member for the rest of her life.  She was in foster care during part of her treatment and was almost completely housetrained there.  If her new family gets her outside often enough, they are sure to help her complete her training because Bling is a very smart girl.


Bling is very sweet, loves attention, and is very well behaved during outings from the shelter.  She loves to be brushed and fussed over!  When she looks up at you, her ears stick straight up and make her look just like a cattle dog. She is not aggressive with other dogs at all and she is very well behaved on a leash with other dogs at adoption events.  When she is loose with other dogs, she can sometimes get on their nerves because she constantly smells them (at first) and sometimes tries to hump them.  This behavior may calm after a while but most dogs get tired of her before that happens.


In addition to loving to be petted and brushed, Bling loves rocks!  Now and again, she will dig up and carry around a rock like it is a prized treasure.  At the Nelson County Farmer's Market in August, Bling entertained the customers by finding a rock as large as her head and proudly carrying it around.  When a wise child decided to toss a tennis ball her way, Bling caught it on her first try and we all ended up playing catch with her for about an hour.  Bling EXCELLS at playing “catch” and she loves it.  When we got tired of the game, Bling chose to carry the ball for the rest of the time, though she did sometimes put it down to accept a treat and/or kiss a customer or two. 


Bling is a VERY friendly with people and she likes children.  She’d do best with school age children, as her exuberance to get in close for affection is overwhelming for toddlers.  She does well with other dogs, as long as they respect her space, and she likes cats too.  She has been known to very gently pick up a cat and carry it around in her mouth too.  Her doing this presented a challenge for her foster kitty sister who didn’t enjoy the routine as much as Bling did.

Bling is long overdue for some good old fashioned love and a few toys (other than rocks) to call her own.  Though she may border on being a ‘senior' girl, she doesn't know it.  She's happy, healthy, and more than ready for her new family!    PLEASE consider making Bling a very special part of your family. 



SNOWY (#15768)

Spayed Female - @40 pounds - @2 ½ years old (as of 4/9/14)

(Entered shelter May 2013 – a man found her & her puppies living in an abandoned house)

Our Best Guess:  TERRIER mix  1 Snowy AIMG_1043

UPDATE:  11/26/14:  Snowy is a very sweet terrier mix, about 2½ years old, who weighs 40 pounds.  She loves to play with other dogs and is more confident when she is with them; she would do best in a home with at least one other dog.  She IS a very cute dog and ready to have a human family to call her very own.  She’s pretty good on a leash too. 


In May 2013 a man found Snowy and her four little puppies living in an abandoned house and brought them in to our shelter.  She was EXTREMELY THIN and so were her puppies (they were ALL in the process of starving to death!), but she was doing her best to be a good mom to them anyway.  Her pups were about 5 weeks old and poor Snowy didn't have enough milk to feed them so we weaned them as soon as possible.  Fonda fostered the little family for 2 weeks and in that time Snowy (who seemed to have been living on her own until then) began trusting people.  Being fed regularly helped.  From then on, it has all been uphill for Snowy.  Her weaned puppies were transported to another no-kill facility (and quickly adopted), and Snowy came to our shelter where she began to thrive. 


At first, Snowy was suspicious of the motives of new people (you could tell she had always fended for herself) but she soon began to trust people, once she was receiving the consistent love, care, and comfort our shelter provides.  She has a great smile, nice teeth, and a very soft pale coat that cleans up real well.  Today was the first time I actually went into her room to get to know her.  Within 10 minutes she was sitting right next to me (her choice) and nuzzling up to me for some love.  She loved it when I caressed her—even her belly and her ears—and she gave me a couple of kisses.  FOR SURE, unconditional love has made a new girl out of this once shy dog.  A calm, adult home with another dog would probably work best for her.  We have no doubt that she’ll make someone a very loyal pet.   GOOD WITH DOGS.  NOT GOOD WITH KIDS.




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She is at the Rockbridge, VA SPCA. Karen Beard at is the contact and the phone number at the shelter is  540-463-5123. This is Dottie's Petfinder post: Here is additional information: She has her shots and has been dewormed.  They are unsure if she is spayed or housebroken She is about 35-40 pounds and they believe she is seven years old, but that is an estimate.  She arrived at the shelter filthy. She gets along with other dogs and is currently housed with Petie, the Mountain Cur and is very, very sweet. I will help with transport if needed it just needs to be on a weekend or in the evening so you can always put my email and phone number: 540-421-4842 and
Dottie Dottie Dottie

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They are available at the Augusta County Pound, Lyndhurst, VA.


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Please check this link for some wonderful dogs that desperately want a second chance and a new forever home.  They are all at the Orange County Humane Society, in Virginia.

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