Author: The Mosby Foundation

Saving Koda – Catersville, GA

“Koda is just goofy with great big puppy eyes,” Erica said with a laugh. “And he gets distracted easily. There are only two activities that keep him really engaged. One is playing tug of war with his brother; the other is Frisbee.” Andre, Koda’s brother, is the polar opposite. Erica and Nick, the guardian of […]

Zeke – Ft. Collins, CO

Update: 8-15-16 Hi there, I wanted to share an update.  Zeke is now 7 years old.  When he was 1 The Mosby Foundation along with their amazing donors allowed us to give Zeke the gift of surgery to relieve his pain caused by hip dysplasia.  The left ball joint was removed.  Zeke did great for […]

The Dogs Won Big in Florida Yesterday!

Yesterday afternoon, Florida history was made. The Greyhound Protection Act was passed by a vote of 4-1 by the Seminole County Board of Commissioners! Seminole County will now be the first in Florida to give greyhounds the same protections as other dogs. That’s right, racing greyhounds will now be individually licensed and their kennels will […]

Lola Doodle — Mesquite, TX

(Lola needed surgery for a broken jaw… was broken in 3 places) To our Angels of the Mosby Foundation, Thank you so much for helping us to fund some of Lola’s surgery.  She has a long recovery, but made it through surgery & is expected to make a full recovery.  We cannot thank you enough […]

Annie – Frederick, MD

Annie is an 8 year old German Shepherd from Frederick, MD with Anal Sac problems and needed it removed.  Annie had her surgery on 6/10/16.  She was having her pre-surgery tests and the  the vet found she had a bit of infection.  Dr. Gauthier stated all was well for surgery, but felt like it was […]

Romulus – Boston, MA

Romulus is a 9 year old Doberman with Bone Sarcoma who lives in Boston, MA, Romulus is needing an amputation of leg and then a cycle of Chemotherapy.  He is so handsome; Mom is a fellow studying to be a Oncologist and he is her companion in the good times and bad times.  His update […]