Author: The Mosby Foundation

ADDIE’S HOPE – Addison, AL

Need: $1500 to $2,000 Surgery:  Distal Physeal Fracture of the Femur & Contra lateral proximal tibual fractures On Sunday October 8th I got a call from our local police department. A dog had been found trapped in a culvert pipe.  The poor thing was trapped in the debris that had been washed into the pipe. […]

Help for Ellie – Aransas Pass, TX

Ellie is a 2 year old German Shorthaired Pointer that was diagnosed with MMM and quickly developed lock-jaw. The primary treatment was steroids and at the beginning of September she began to show signs of remission. Unfortunately, the medication that helped cure one disorder has caused another to develop. Ellie now has a hyperactive salivary […]

Vieques Humane Society Needs Your Help!

Folks, There is still no power, communications, or air conditioning on Vieques. This shelter has been donated a solar powered generator which struggles to provide the animals relief from the heat. Donations of food, water, medical supplies, and the basic necessities must be transported by air from the main island of Puerto Rico. They are […]

Mosby’s Mail Summer 2017

Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the grant for Jarvis’s leg amputation.  Jarvis had his surgery and I’ve been hoping his fur would grow back so we’d have some cute photos to send you soon, hence the delay. It’s still a little bald but he is fully recovered and able […]

A Huge Thank You!

We simply can’t thank everyone who helped with this special disaster fund drive for the animal victims of Hurricane Harvey.  Here is a list of the groups that were helped with your generous donations!

Hurricane Harvey Pet Donations

  Fund Drive Closed 10-8-17 Thanks to ALL of you who helped so much with this fund drive. We ended up sending down 2 tractor trailers stuffed to the brim with desperately needed supplies and raised $4,645 to help with the medical needs of animals affected by this hurricane and the floods that ensued. THANK […]

Penny – Lexington, SC

Penny greeted us like nothing had happened! They said she woke up from anesthesia happy! Makes us wonder just how much pain she’s been masking 😢 Her biggest complaint is the mandatory 2-week collar! It’s beyond obtrusive in our cozy house, but she’s managing. We should know the results of the biopsy within 2-3 weeks. […]

Sherman – Moses Lake, WA

Update: 10/23/17 We are so EXCITED to share an update on Sherman Gepherd the Service Dog He is celebrating day 6 after a very successful surgery! The doctors said everything went as planned and he is on his way to recovery! Thank you so much to all of our generous donors who helped this guy receive his […]

Shadow – Klamath Falls, OR

Update: will never forget your help with my sister’s baby Shadow who survived Dorinda’s Uhaul accident in NV. Whistle was also killed with my sis. She is now over 9 years old and I have had 2 great years with Shadow. She is slowing down with arthritis, like me. Coming up on 2 yr anniversary […]

Voting Has Ended

The Calendar Contest Voting Has Ended CALENDAR RESULTS 8/14/17 After a very busy last week for the calendar contest I’m so happy to announce the final calendar winners.  Actually, there were so many incredible photos this year, every dog entered is a winner in our opinion!  These are the rankings, but not necessarily in the […]

Mikado – Holiday, FL – Anal Tumor

Wow!! I really don’t have the words to express how very grateful my daughters and I are for all your assistance!!! We have all 3 been working hard today getting together used toys and household stuff for a garage sale this weekend in an effort to raise some cash.I will be calling Bluepearl on Monday to schedule […]

Jackie – Mass on Shoulder

Oh thank you so very very much!!!!!! I cannot begin to express how much this means to me and my girl… This honestly brought tears to my eyes because this has been such a fight trying to get her help.. and while I work through my own issues and guilt for even having financial issues […]

Shady – Garland, TX – Anal Gland Tumor

Thank you so much!! I’m so grateful to everyone that has helped me! Such an incredible blessing from the Lord to have so many beautiful people come into my life to help my sweet baby boy!  Katrina


PLEASE WISH HIM A HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Ted is a Florida dog that a dear friend of mine rescued many years ago.  You don’t see many dogs reach 18 years old!  He’s a remarkable dog and his “Mom” is equally as remarkable. Love to you both Tina! Mosby~

2018 Calendar Contest Voting

Voting Has Begun Calendar Contest results will be posted each Thursday until the end of the contest where we will post the results more often. Stay tuned for more updates and keep voting! The contest will end at Midnight on August 9, 2017. CALENDAR RESULTS 8/9/17 Here are the results as of 8-9-17 at 10:30 […]


“Taco” is so happy that the Mosby Foundation donated the last amount needed for his tumor removal surgery!