2017 Calendars are Available for Purchase!

Calendars (Includes Shipping)

Front cover2017_2.indd

The Mosby Foundation calendars are ready for sale!  The cost of the calendar is $10/ea.  Shipping is $3.95 ea. for 1 to 2 calendars.   3 to 4 calendars will be $10/ea. and $ 8.95 shipping.  For any amounts of 5 or over please get in contact with us and we will go to the post office to find the most inexpensive way to ship.  We don’t try to make any money on shipping, we just need to cover our costs so we have more to spend on dogs needing our help.

The good news is we were able to get almost every dog that was entered into the calendar contest in the final calendar.  Please see the list below for the dogs and what position they made.  Also attached is the front and back cover for your viewing.   We think this is one of our best calendars EVER!

Our sincerest thanks to all of you who entered their dog’s photo and who also helped us raise much needed funds.  It is very difficult raising funds to pay for all of these surgeries and we simply couldn’t do this without your help.  Thank You!!

Enjoy…………..and start taking photos for next year.  Even if you entered this year’s contest you are welcome to enter again next year.

In honor of all Dogs!



  • Jan-Boots
  • Feb-Daisy Bernice
  • Mar-Astra
  • Apr-Greta
  • May-Mollie’s Gang
  • Jun-Four Amigos
  • Jul-Willie
  • Aug-Let’s Dance
  • Sept-Daisy & Sydney
  • Oct-Lola
  • Nov-Mikey
  • Dec- Maddie & Little Pup

Cover Pictures

  • Demi
  • Tumble
  • Sasha
  • The Gang
  • Bella & Baby
  • Lucky
  • Turbo
  • Diesel

 Smaller Pictures inside

  • January-Gracie
  • February-The Boys, Coco
  • March-Nikki, Emma
  • April-Fifi, Gigi, Kano, Odin
  • May-Bella, Huck, Marley
  • June-Bayley
  • July-Mickey, Yoyo, Zoey, Odin
  • August-Harley
  • September-Kuper, Lucy, Hershey
  • October-Chatty Jack
  • November-Autumn, Kylee
  • December-Hunter

Extra Page 1 

  • Dudley & Nikita
  • Sully, Coco, Dory & Dexter
  • Moosie
  • Jake & Gunny
  • Nanoke
  • Lilly Belle
  • Sumo & YoYo

 Extra Page 2

  • Sarge
  • Kodiak
  • Mickey & Minnie
  • Maggie & Buddy
  • Chico
  • Sahara & Cagney
  • Buddies
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